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Lick My Shoes & Worship – Mistress Gaia

Lick My Shoes & Worship   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I arrive home to attend to some business and make a few phone calls. As I have another meeting to attend, I’m only staying for a short while. My slave has been doing his chores, and has been in his corner waiting for me to arrive to inspect his work. I notice he’s a little tense and shaking, as usual he’s probably forgot to do something and I’ll have to punish him. As I don’t have time now, I’ll get him to clean my shoes before I go back out. I sit at the table and summon him over to lie on his back and be ready for me. While I’m working, I want him to make sure he gets his tongue licking. Although I completely ignore him, there are a couple of times when I have to warn him to make sure he gets that fucking tongue of his going and licks the soles properly. Also, my beautiful stiletto heels. Eventually, it’s time for me to leave for my appointment. I get my slave to kiss my shoes, and crawl back to his corner. I will inspect his chores on my return. For his sake he had better not have missed anything. I so enjoy hearing him squeal…

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