Inhaling Emily’s Soles

Emily’s running shoes are a beast, they instantly drench her feet within with the matured stench of her previous joggings. Given these sneakers, her synthetic socks and you can guess how Candy felt, when she learned, that she has to smell them for more than 10 minutes! We had to tie her up to ensure she won’t try to fight the stink destroying her lungs! Her arms taped to her chest she lied helpless under Emily’s chair and her sweaty-stinky smothering has begun! Emily thoroughly rubbed her reeking socks into her suffering face and made her fill her lungs with the putrescent, humid stink of her socks! Candy tried to dodge the feet pushed against her nose, but she had no chance to escape at all! She had to inhale just as she was told to! Later Emily took off the socks and gave Candy the opportunity to suffer the smell of her bare soles! Of course, all the sweat was rubbed into her face again! Miserable and defenseless, Candy gave up fighting the stink and let the sweaty soles cover her face and breathed the stink underneath as a good little girl!

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Royal Mistress
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