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Honor Student-Cheerleader HUMILIATES student-athlete

This loser is a dumb “student”-athlete who needs Calculus tutoring in order to stay in school (and stay on the baseball team). The cocky loser gives major attitude to Miss Karen – an honors student, cheerleader, student body officer & overall superior student. She keeps reminding him how much smarter She is & what a moron he is. However, She refuses to tutor him due to his cocky attitude, so She decides to write him a pass for this tutor session if he gets on his knees and SUCKS Her sweaty feet! She’s been wearing these ugg boots all day during school, so She knows how sweaty ‘n stinky Her feet are. She laughs hysterically while the moron is sucking on Her sweaty socked foot, then makes him recite the ABCs while Her foot is in his mouth. he’s reluctant at first, but is desperate to get out of this boring math session. After foot-sniffing training & deep-throating of Her sweaty foot, She gets him to admit that he likes the smell & taste of Her sweaty ankle socks & sweaty bare feet. Gross! Maybe next time he’ll study so that he doesn’t have to get laughed at & completely humiliated by this cruel Asian Bitch. This is the mixture of students at University of Spoiled Classmates.

Honor Student Cheerleader HUMILIATES student athlete foot domination pictures

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  1. Oh i would be so humiliated in that situation also, i wish nobody would saw me sucking & enjoying that asian sweaty feet

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