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Happy Feet

Happy Feet foot domination pictures
Mistress Summer, in black lingerie and black high heels stomps about as the trample slut lays on his back beneath Her. She does a good job walking on six inch heels on him as he lays next to the wall. She removes Her shoes halfway through and proceeds to tread on him like a carpet. The bare feet of Mistress Summer finish stomping on the trample salve and then he is moved in front of the couch. She, now topless, clutches his cock in between Her feet and uses the vibrator on Herself. She gets horny but he never gets very hard, not that She cares. She works Herself up to a fever pitch with the vibrator then gets up and stomps him hard. It seems the horny She gets the meaner She becomes. Mistress Summer climbs up on the couch and jumps onto the naked slave a number of times. Her jumping is not that high and a finger is showing in the camera lens but She is topless and looks super hot. She stomps him and then climbs up on him and Her feet fmash his chest. Just watching Her in panties only is exciting and She gets worked up and punches him a bit. She moves to sit on the couch and positions him so Her bare feet are on his cock. She uses the vibrator again and this time has a real orgasm (She confided it is the first time ever on camera). His cock pays no attention but neither She nor the audience care as we watch Her cum.

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