Foot Worship

Gasping For More – Mistress Gaia

Gasping For More   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I have my slave in a stressful position. He is hooded, and on a bench with his arms and feet bound in chains. I have made sure his head is well back and ready for my pleasures. I have some phone messages to attend to, and I’m going to make him worship my feet while I’m working. If he doesn’t do a good job he’ll be punished. I begin with him licking my feet. Then I decide to have some fun with him. I want to see how long he can last without air. So some foot smother should do nicely. As I press down hard on has face he can’t breathe, and begins to wriggle and squirm. Of course he can’t escape his bondage, and I’m going to continue making him suffer. It’s time for some more breathtaking moments, as I use hand over mouth smother. His gasps for air get more desperate as I tighten my grip over his mouth. I so enjoy seeing that look of panic in his eyes as he tries to get free from my hands. Eventually, I have to go out and will leave my bitch chained and helpless. However, when I return I have another breathtaking treat in mind that will leave him gasping for more…

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