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Foot Gagging Competition – Mistress Gaia

Foot Gagging Competition   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I’m with my friend, and we have two slaves in the dungeon. We have decided to use them both at the same time, putting them to good use. The slaves were talking too much, so we decided that som footgagging would be a good way to shut them up. We also want our bitches to entertain us. so we are going to make this a footgagging competition. The looser slave will have to lick, and clean the feet of the other slave. We have the slaves on their backs and begin stuffing out feet deep into their throat. It’s great fun, as we are treated to a gargling symphony from our slaves, as they shoke and try to breathe. It’s not too long before the competition hots up, we have to footslap and shout at both our slave to do better. There will be no time for slacking, as we continue to abuse and punish them. During the competition one of our slaves complaines he can’t breathe and his nose is stuffed up. We allow him the undulgence of blowing his nose. He then returns to resume his position under my friends beautiful feet. Of course points will be deducted from his performance. We continue to choke and footgag our bitches until it’s finally time to end the competition and choose a looser. That’s right!! There are no winners with slaves. With both our bitches on their knees, we sit on their backs as the loser takes up his position for his punishment to lick the feet of the other slave. It’s been a great competition, and we had lots of fun!!

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