Dirty soles sweaty feet

I call over my devoted foot slave to lay down on the floor right in front of me. Then i make him kiss and worhip my boots just right before i trample him with my gorgeous high heels boots. I step all over his body even on his cock. Lateron i take a seat on the sofa, now the slave has to lick clean the dirty bottom of my boots with his tongue. This really seems to be a hard job for the slave as i weared those boots outside for a shopping trip and even in the metro. Uargh!! Disgusting. But thats the kind of job a slave exists for. Lateron i continue with some hard foot humiliation. The slave has to kiss and worship my sweaty pantyhosed feet. Because he does his job well he even gets a little reward: facekicks in his face. LOL.

Dirty soles sweaty feet foot domination pictures

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