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Clingfilm Smother Shoe Licker

Here I have my bitch on all fours ready to lick my shoes. He has been instructed to do a good job. I have wrapped his head in clingfilm with only a little hole to let his tongue out to lick my beautiful shoes. Because his head is tightly covered with the clingfilm, it will be difficult for him to breath. As he begins to lick my shoes, I can already hear his restricted efforts to breath. What a great way to make him suffer. As the licking continues, he makes more noise. I have to remind him of the consequences of not doing a good job. After a while of licking and trying to breath, he bocomes too noisy. I can’t stand it anymore. My timewaster bitch is going to suffer. I get the clingfilm and completely wrap some more tightly around his head and mouth. I then tell him to go away. His muffled attempts to breath are so amusing. I have to laugh as he crawls back to his cage to suffocate for me…

Clingfilm Smother Shoe Licker foot domination pictures

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