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Choking & Foot Gagging Punishment – Mistress Gaia

Choking & Foot Gagging Punishment   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures Today, I asked my friend to assist me with a punishment. This slave has been dissobedient and didn’t clean my shoes properly. So he’s going to have the opportunity of cleaning them now. I’m going to make sure that tongue of his is busy. If not, he’ll be whipped into obedience. We begin by getting our slut to lick and clean our shoes. Of course we have to use the floggers to give him some incentive to obey. He’s making a lot of noise. So perhaps there’s a good way to shut him up. We remove our shoes and begin to get him to lick our feet. Then it’s time for some footgagging, I want to see him choke as I shove my foot down the back of his throat. I so enjoy that gargling sound he makes as he tries to breathe. The poor slave seems so be having some difficulty coping with both mistresses. That’s not going to worry us, as we continually flog him, and stuff our feet into his mouth. His pathetic moans for oxygen only make it worse for him, as we continue to enjoy our footgagging pleasure…

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