Cassandra’s Financial Control

It seems like Cassandra completely control and manipulate this loser slave for now! She teases him all day long about her feet with sms messages during classes and just drive him crazy! She was really short of time that day but thought it could be funny to let him smell and worship her feet in trade of cash! How much would you pay to smell my nasty socks after ten hours in my favorite pumas? They should smell horrible! This could be a real pleasure to rub them all over your face!

Cassandra asks for the money before she gives him the honor to take her shoes off then immediatly cover his face with her dirty white socks! She also makes her own film to show all her friends how bad she treat him! She asks for extra cash before she let him take those socks off to rub her smelly bare feet all over his face! Stick out your tongue and lick the bottom of my feet! I want them to be cleaned! She also makes him suck her toes while all the people passed by and wonder what the fuck is going on in this car? Another classic to add to your collection!

Cassandras Financial Control foot domination pictures

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