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Proper Care And Worship Of Female Feet

Proper Care And Worship Of Female Feet foot domination pictures

There’s nothing like enjoying a good book. That’s what Harmony here is doing, sitting back and enjoying a leisurely afternoon read. She likes having her feet tended to though, so she has a slave lick her feet while she chills. The slave is extremely aroused as he slathers his tongue all over her feet and toes, getting it into every possible crevice. Harmony though has his penis locked up tight in chastity so the poor slaves cock is bulging against it’s prison with no where to go. This comforts Harmony as it lets her know that he will be focusing on her needs instead of his own. As usual, Harmony looks ridiculously hot without even trying. Great footdom clip for foot worship fans!

Proper Care And Worship Of Female Feet foot domination pictures

Lick My Feet Pig

Christy’s feet sure do get filthy after she has walked around outside barefoot for a while. Fortunately she keeps a foot pig stationed near the door to lick all that gross stuff off her feet. Upon her arrival the slave instantly springs to action and his male tongue does what it does best, namely licking the bottoms of her feet clean. All that mud, grass and other debris needs to be completely removed to ensure that her feet are perfectly clean before she ventures back inside. His tongue in particular needs to focus on those tough to get to areas like between her toes.

Lick My Feet Pig foot domination pictures

Foot Bitch

‘I want them spotless’ Vanessa commands and the slave complies. You can’t expect her to watch TV with dirty boots now can you? Of course not, so the slave uses his tongue to make sure her boots shine. Those nipple clamps he is wearing don’t look very comfortable, but neither are those deep whip marks Vanessa inflicted on him earlier, so he knows better than to complain.

Foot Bitch foot domination pictures

You Really Like To Clean Feet

He sure does like to clean feet doesn’t he. Groveling, begging, pleading, this male will do anything for permission to put his mouth on the pretty feet of Dakota and Kelly. They permit him to do so, to adore their feet while they tower above him as he serves them on the floor like a good slave. It’s both amusing and pathetic at the same time.

You Really Like To Clean Feet foot domination pictures

Cleaning Princess Feet

This slave is happy because Princess Halle is home. Not only because he gets to adore and serve her again which gives him purpose in life, but also because it means that after a long barefoot walk her feet will need a thorough cleaning. So like a good man he lies on the floor and licks, licks her soles, toes, everywhere to get her feet as clean as they were when she left earlier in the day.

Cleaning Princess Feet foot domination pictures

He Put Her Foot In His Mouth

Parker’s feet are particularly filthy today, so the logical thing for her to do is to shove them as deep into her slaves mouth as she can. He almost chokes on numerous occasions but she could care less as she keeps jamming them in there making him clean all the filth. ‘That’s so fucken pathetic’ Parker comments as he struggles to get both her and Brooke’s feet into his mouth. ‘Suck’ Parker then demands because there is more filth to be cleaned, and his tongue does his best to remove it all from Parker’s feet while at the same time massaging Brooke’s.

He Put Her Foot In His Mouth foot domination pictures

Birthday cake for my slave

It was my slaves birthday and he deserved a present from me – a piece of cake, served in a dog bowl. I crushed the cake with my foot and my slave was allowed to eat his birthday cake from the foot of his goddess.

Birthday cake for my slave foot domination pictures

Click here to download the Birthday cake for my slave video clip

Three bullies humiliation

These three girls know how big a looser Charlie is and they start to bully him by taking all his stuff and make him go on all four to beg for it. They smash his phone glass and kick his stuff around from one girl to the others and kicking him on the ground so he can’t catch his stuff. Charlie is absolutely hopeless and when girls want him to kiss their feet for it, he does it. Charlie is turned into their personal foot stool, rug and foot slave who has to worship their feet and obey to every of their wishes otherwise he can say goodbye to his car keys and home keys. These three bitches are mean today and they want to have as much fun out of this looser as they can.

Three bullies humiliation foot domination pictures

Click here to download the Three bullies humiliation video clip

Follow Me Home Footboy

Sybil is in the hallway with her foot slave following her. She has him drop to his knees and tells him to follow her up the stairs, kissing the heels of her boots on each step.

Follow Me Home Footboy foot domination pictures

Trampling Sweat

Rosie showed up with an interesting new footwear she’s been given as a gift recently. What’s so special about ’em? They’re sandals made of 100% rubber! Just a few minutes walk in them, and her soles are dripping wet! Moreover, their bottoms are almost as painful, as high heels, yet balanced enough to let Rosie jump in them! We instantly put them into action. After a few painful minutes Rosie takes them off and rubs all the sweat into the footboys’s face and orders him to lick her salty soles clean! As a reward, she tramples him barefoot, too!

Trampling Sweat footdom girls foot domination pictures

Click here to download the Trampling Sweat video clip

Leashed slave smells and worships sweaty feet

I put my slave on a leash before I take my stinky black sneakers off – and press it on his nose! He’s trying to get away from the stinky shoe – but thanks to the leash I can easily hold him in place. Next up are my stinky socks – after a full hot day in these shoes they’ve quite a flavour as well! I stuff one sock into his mouth before he gets to smell my bare feet. When I got enough of the foot smelling I make him lick all the foot sweat of my bare feet as well!

Leashed slave smells and worships sweaty feet foot domination pictures

Click here to download the Leashed slave smells and worships sweaty feet video clip

Clean my muddy boots

It’s been raining all day long and Mistress Maria’s boots are all muddy. She wants to go inside but you must clean the mud off her boots first!

Clean my muddy boots foot domination pictures

Click here to download the Clean my muddy boots – POV video clip

Slave-jumping on the bed

When Mistress Amanda feels the need to trample some slave, she always makes it interesting. It’s time for the slave to go on to the bed and get ready for her high heel boots. If he thinks the bed will make it easy on him – he is very, very wrong…

Slave jumping on the bed foot domination pictures

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Stuff evaluation

As the new cafe manager, Mistress Victoria must evaluate the stuff. Today is one of the slave’s turn. She wants to make sure he is up to the everyday tasks in the cafe…

Stuff evaluation foot domination pictures

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Mistress Mia’s massage preparation

Before the massage of her body Mistress Mia demands her feet to be worshiped in the proper way. Sometimes she likes it to last longer than the massage itself.

Mistress Mias massage preparation foot domination pictures

Click here to download the Mistress Mia’s massage preparation video clip

Outdoors cum in leather boots

Outdoors cum in leather boots foot domination pictures
Fetish Liza loves spunk in her leather boots.

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