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Foot slave pampers 4 nylon feet

Foot slave pampers 4 nylon feet foot domination pictures

The slave has to bring a small stool to Madison and me – so we can rest our feet on it. He has to kiss the soles of our sexy high heels before he’s allowed to take them off and pamper our nylon feet. He has to kiss them, caress them, smell them and massage them – while we relax and enjoy getting pampered like that. Then he has to lie down on the ground and we cover his face with our 4 nylon-clad feet – to make sure he gets the full odor!
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Slave has to smell my sweat odor

Slave has to smell my sweat odor foot domination pictures

I make my slave take off my sneakers – I just finished a workout and my sweaty feet hurt – that’s why he has to massage my stinky tired feet. Just what a loser is good for! But I won’t make it too easy for him – he’ll wear my sneaker on his face – with his nose sticking in it! He has to inhale my odor while he massages my feet and I get to relax and enjoy his humiliation!
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The stink of my feet

The stink of my feet foot domination pictures

It’s time to torture the pathetic slave again and humiliate him. I’m wearing extra-stinky socks in my sneakers – just for him! His head is trapped in the smother box and I press my sneakers on his face. He can already smell the socks in these shoes and that’s when the real action gets started. He has to take off my shoes and I press my stinky socks on his nose! He inhales the strong stink of my socks – just like a good slave is supposed to!
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Slave has to lick my high heels – and the toilet!

Slave has to lick my high heels   and the toilet! foot domination pictures

I’m going out tonight and my high heels need to be cleaned perfectly. While I finish my make up in front of the mirror the slave has to sit next to the toilet and clean my high heels with his tongue. But he isn’t doing it good enough! I grab the shoe from his hands and put the shoe sole into the water in the toilet – now he can lick it off my shoe soles! But that brings another idea to my mind – and I rub the sole of my other shoe on the toilet seat – which he has to lick as well of course. For the final humiliation I make him lick the top and bottom of the toilet seat before I push his head into the toilet and flush it!
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The complate foot odor

The complate foot odor foot domination pictures

The slave now gets to taste my dirty stinky feet – he has to lick every inch of my soles! You can clearly see the dirt in the sneakers’ tread and my slave also gets to taste it clearly. But that was only the first part – next he gets my stinky socks! He has to take off my sneakers and then press his nose into my stinky sweat-soaked socks. He inhales the foot odor deeply! I’m amused seeing him suffer so badly. That’s why I’m going to take it one more step further. After taking off the socks the slave has to lick my sweaty bare feet – and obviously he also has to lick between the toes – there shouldn’t be a single sweaty spot left when he’s done with his task!
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Morgan’s Private Footstool

Morgans Private Footstool foot domination pictures

Morgan feels like she needs to relax and watch TV after a long day with her lovely feet inside her sneakers but, it seems like she wants to do it with her footslave at her feet! She snaps her fingers and makes her slave lay down on the floor to use his face as a footstool! She takes her sneakers off, then immediately covers his face with her sweaty white socks! She has been wearing her socks for a few days now, so they are kind of sweaty and stinky! She just takes pleasure to rub her sweaty socks all over his face while watching her favorite TV show! She also makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks without really paying attention to him. Morgan also makes him take her socks off with his teeth to smother his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She rubs her smelly feet all over his face, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also stands up to make him lick her feet and she wants him to take her foot really deep inside his mouth! She wants to know how deep he can take it! Morgan thinks it’s the best way to clean her toes, with her foot really deep inside his mouth!
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My Feet are your Sexlife

My Feet are your Sexlife foot domination pictures

You rather pray and jerk to my feet then doing anything with your wifes pussy. You love my feet so much. You dont want to do anything else then just jerk your cick for my feet. You will dedicate your whole life from today on only at my feet only. My Feet are your sexlife Loser, your only Sexlife. Everything else is forbidden from now on. Footbitch just jerk for this happy day to finally obey and submit to my feet only.
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Wrathful Soles in Rage

Wrathful Soles in Rage foot domination pictures

Candy is just back from running, she’s been working out extensively to get as sweaty as possible for her foot fetish scene, but upon arrivar, she finds the producer wasting time watching previous pictures instead of getting the set ready for the shot. She goes incredibly mad at him, freaks out and shouts at him in implacable anger. She pulls him down to the floor and starts kicking the hell out of him. She grabs a belt and flogs him while constantly shouts at him in wrathful rage. She makes him lick the bottoms of her sneakers before she kicks them off to stomp his face with her sweaty bare feet. Her feet are sweaty beyond words, huge veins throbbing on the top, the soaked red bottoms are dripping wet. She brutally rubs them into the looser’s face and orders him to inhale their unbearable vinegary stink! No mercy for the pathetic sloth! She grabs his nose with her toes and doesn’t allow him to breathe until his face goes red then kicks him in the face and makes him smell the stink of her feet once again. She alternates back and forth between smothering the looser and making him her stink-sniffer. The beating, the shouting and humiliation never stops, she crushes his face with her bare soles and spits on his face. No matter how the looser begs for an apology, he has to stick his tongue out to be fed with the salty sweat of Candy’s soles!
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Slave has to lick muddy hunter boots

Slave has to lick muddy hunter boots foot domination pictures

With all the rain lately the forest trails are completely muddy – and my red hunter boots get muddy as I walk through the mud and puddles. And maybe I made them a little dirtier on purpose. I ordered the slave to wait for me at the car and immediately push him down on his knees – so he can lick my muddy boots before I get into the car. You can see perfectly how his tongue brings back the shiny red of my boots while the other half is still covered in mud! But of course he’s going to clean them both completely!
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Eat waste from my shoe soles, slave!

Eat waste from my shoe soles, slave! foot domination pictures

Get over here, loser! Watch closely as I pour some food for you out of the trash. Some good food, some spoiled food, some dirt and some ash – just the right mix for you. I top it off with some of my spit and then crush it under my converse soles – where you may eat it off. Come on! What are you waiting for? Get your tongue out and start licking! I speak some German in this clip – but it’s easy to understand and the actions speaks for itself as usual.
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Fed from 4 dirty sneaker soles

Fed from 4 dirty sneaker soles foot domination pictures

And once again Madison joins me to humiliate the slave. We enjoy some cake while the loser crawls at our feet – and every now and then we spit some cake on the floor for him and crush it under our dirty sneaker soles – so he can lick it off our shoes! We just love how disgusted he is by swallowing all the dirt, spit and crushed cake from our shoe soles – and obviously in the end he has to lick the floor clean as well!
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Cassandra’s Limitations

Cassandras Limitations foot domination pictures

Cassandra loves to humiliate and dominate this loser slave all the time, but sometimes she also loves to tease him with her feet! She just bought a brand new album on the music store from her cell phone, and she wants to listen to it without being disturbed! She really needs to make sure this loser slave will not disturb or make any noise while she is enjoying this new album, so she grabs a piece of duck tape, and sticks it on his mouth! She also asks her slave to take her heels off, then she covers his face with her sweaty nylon feet! This loser slave just have no choice now to sniff her sweaty nylon feet, while she is dancing on her chair and just enjoys the music! She can’t even hear him complaining about the smell of her feet, because the music is just too loud! She just rubs her sweaty nylon feet all over his face, with her usual sexy smile of satisfaction. Cassandra also wants to make him lick and clean the bottom of her soles, so she just removes that piece of duck tape on his mouth, to cover his face again with her sweaty nylon feet! This time, she makes him take some deep breaths in her feet and smell them, but she also wants him to stick his tongue out, to lick the sweaty bottom of her nylon soles! Her feet are really sweaty and very stinky, but she wants him to lick them with his tongue until they are perfectly cleaned! This is just what she deserves, the best attention on her feet!
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Suck my sweaty toes and soles

Suck my sweaty toes and soles foot domination pictures

Miss Kitty removes her ballet flats and wants her footslave to worship, to lick and suck her sweaty bare feet. She loves to watch him sucking her her sweaty toes and lick off the sweat between her toes. Pure amateur footworship session / Great Point of Vies incl.
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Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam

Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam foot domination pictures

Miss Serena removes her chucks and and orders the footslave to worship her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty soles and toes and she wants him to lick off the sweaty toe jam between her toes. The sweet Mistress loves to fuck his mouth with her sweaty feet finally.
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Candy’s Ashtray

Candys Ashtray foot domination pictures

Sitting on the footslave’s stomach, Candy lights up a cigarette, and starts to abuse the slave with her reeking stinky feet. She rubs the sweat into his face and stuffs her heel deep into his mouth until he starts to gag. He also has to submit his pathetic mouth as an ashtray for the Goddess, swallowing it all. But ashes of a single cigarette is way too little, so Candy tips off an ashtray onto the floor, steps right into the pile of ash and makes her sorry footslave lick it all off! She makes his face a total mess, rubs the dirt into it well. She keeps stepping into the pile, then on his tongue over and over again and orders him to swallow it all. She turns him around and makes him suck the dirt off her toes as well as up off the floor!
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Flattened Footslave

Flattened Footslave foot domination pictures

Bonnie is new to trampling, she has never stepped on anyone before. She teams up with Candy for her first experience! They flatten the slave in shoes, sock and mostly barefoot. They take all the fun in trampling: walking all over the footslave, high jumps, tip-toe and one-foot cheststanding, hard stomping, throat- and facestanding. They’re up for anything that hurts the guy below and make sure it really does, specially Bonnie’s technique to land from jumps full weight on her heels only!
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