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Footgagging Training – Mistress Gaia

Footgagging Training   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures My slave is being punished for not cleaning my dungeon properly. I begin his punishment by getting him to lick my boots. However, he’s not doing a proper job. As I have him on his leash I lead him on his knees to the wall. Where I select a favourite riding crop that’s going to be used on him. As he kneels in front of me, I instruct him to continue to licking my boots, while I begin to whip his body. He then has to remove my boots, sniffing my socks and start worshiping my feet. I tell him he must get that nose of his into my sweaty socks. I continue to whip him, making sure I get his nipples with some really stinging whacks. This causes him to make too much noise. So I decide to shut him up with some deep throat footgagging. I so enjoy hearing that gargled sound, as I shove my foot to the back of his throat and he begins to choke and suffer. I continue his punishment and allow him to finish cleaning my feet with his tongue. Of course, my whip is at hand to make sure he is obedient…
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Colette’s Dirty Little Shoe Boy

Colettes Dirty Little Shoe Boy foot domination pictures Hot French girl Colette believes English boys belong on their knees at her feet. “Sort ta langue plus! Ca c’est parce-que tu ne parle pas bien francais!” she tells him insulting his poor French language skills, ordering him to stick out his tongue while laughing at the street dirt she wipes it!

Supremacy Footgagging – Mistress Gaia

Supremacy Footgagging   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures Tied by his hands and feet with his movement restricted. This slave wants to worhip my feet. However, not in the way he thinks as I’m going to make him suffer. I begin by getting him to open his mouth nice and wide. Then I put my foot to the back of his throat, he’s having some difficulty breathing and begins to choke. Of course I allow him some air, before giving him more punishment. The stupid slave falls over on the floor. This makes me angry, so I stand up and give him the full power of my feet in his mouth. I so enjoy that gargling sound as he gasps to catch his breath…
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My Personal Dirtlicker

My Personal Dirtlicker foot domination pictures I am trying out a new slave. This guy applied to be my slave so the first thing I had to check was if he can lick my dirty boots properly. These are my everyday’s boots. I wear them really often so the soles are full of streetfilht. I ordered the slave to clean every inch of the soles with his tongue. Really disgusting and humiliating.
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Foot Lust

Foot Lust foot domination pictures Not like other men would get turned on by my sexy curves. Not you, you are different you are special. You get turned on beneath my soft, bare soles. And my highly arched feet speak to you from the beginning. Your cock immidiatly reacts to them and is rock hard for my sexy feet. You can try as much as you want to deny it but you get turned on by my feet. You need them like the air to breath. And only they make you excited and full of lust. My feet are pretty much your eden. Give in to your lust, let your true desire show, let those feet seduce you. As soon as you start to just let it be it will be the place you ever wanted to be beneath my soft, sweet feet worshipping.
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Dirty boots and shoes cleaned on his tongue

Dirty boots and shoes cleaned on his tongue foot domination pictures I’ve ordered the slave to lie down and I sit down on his stomach – shoving my dirty brown boots into his face and making him lick the dirty soles – but this pair of shoes was the easiest to clean! Next up is a pair of block boots – and the tread is completely filled with all kinds of dirt. I sit down on the barstool and rub the dirty soles all over the slaves tongue. After he cleaned these boots as well it’s time for my running shoes – which are also pretty dirty after a few winter runs. It’s just so nice to have a living shoe-cleaning machine!
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Karos Footworship Pet

Karos Footworship Pet foot worship foot domination pictures Dominant redhead Lady Karo loves to treat her slave like and to use him to worship her feet and to suck her adorable toes. She slaps his face wit her bare soles and he has to get down and kiss her feet and heels.
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Breath control with my feet

Now I’ll control the slave’s breath with my feet. First I’ll try in nylons – then switch to bare feet! I press my feet on his face hard – and as long as I want! Once my feet are just above his mouth and nose he’ll submissively smell and lick them!

Breath control with my feet foot domination pictures
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Slave eats crushed cake off my feet

I’ve brought a small cake for the slave – but of course he doesn’t get to eat it like a normal person – he’ll eat it from my feet – like a slave deserves! I crush the little cream filled cake under my bare feet and make him lick and suck the crushed foot off my toes and foot soles. He should be thankful to get something to eat at all – and for getting to eat it off my feet even more!

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Her first experience using a foot slave

My friend Virginia was totally psyched when I told her about the great pleasure of having a personal slave – and let’s be honest – every woman should have a male servant at her command at any time! I brought her over and told her to wait in the armchair while I went to get the slave. He has to start by kissing her sexy high heels – then lick them clean as well. Before I take off her shoes I make him kiss and lick mine as well – then it’s time to worship Virginias bare feet. She quickly isn’t satisfied by just getting her feet kissed – and shoves her toes into his mouth – making him suck her toes one after another. And of course he has to lick her foot soles as well. While he’s at it he obviously gets to kiss and lick my feet as well. I’ve a gut feeling we’ll see Virginia using the slave more often in the future.

Her first experience using a foot slave foot domination pictures

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The foot slave’s payment is due!

Obviously being my slave isn’t for free – and it’s time for the slave to deliver his next payment. I sit down on the couch and make him rub my feet before demanding the first money – but he can’t be serious! He hands me a 20 Euro bill – what am I going to do with that? Buy a pack of cigarettes? I’ll show him what 20 Euro are worth to me! I grab my lighter, light the money on fire and use the burning bill to light my cigarette – then just throw it into the ashtray to burn completely. Then he’s more cooperative and hands me 300 Euros – that’s better! I make him kiss and lick my bare feet while I continue to smoke my cigarette.

The foot slaves payment is due! foot domination pictures

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Dirty soles sweaty feet

I call over my devoted foot slave to lay down on the floor right in front of me. Then i make him kiss and worhip my boots just right before i trample him with my gorgeous high heels boots. I step all over his body even on his cock. Lateron i take a seat on the sofa, now the slave has to lick clean the dirty bottom of my boots with his tongue. This really seems to be a hard job for the slave as i weared those boots outside for a shopping trip and even in the metro. Uargh!! Disgusting. But thats the kind of job a slave exists for. Lateron i continue with some hard foot humiliation. The slave has to kiss and worship my sweaty pantyhosed feet. Because he does his job well he even gets a little reward: facekicks in his face. LOL.

Dirty soles sweaty feet foot domination pictures

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Asian footrest

There arent many things you can use this tiny asian slave for. He is so weak and he cries like a lil bitch when I walk over his fragile body with some hot stilettos, Now I found a way to use this slave dog. He has to serve me as a footrest. While I’m sitting on the sofa relaxing he has to lay on the floor at my feet. Of course this lil bitch moans when my spike heels scratch his skin. I handcuff him so that he can’t offer resistance.

Asian footrest foot domination pictures

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Foot gagged and smothered by her feet

After a long video shooting day, my beautiful feet got EXTRA dirty and sweaty (from wearing different boots for hours and so on…). Now I want this slave to lick my feet clean with his TONGUE haha! Of course the slave actually enjoys licking dirt off the bottom of my GODDESS FEET. And that is the closest he will ever get to being “with” me. Of course I torture the slave while he’s under my feet. I take his breathe by plugging the nose with one foot, the other one in his mouth. I make sure to foot gag him real good just so he knows I am superior and he is nothing to me.

Foot gagged and smothered by her feet foot domination pictures

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Worship her stinky sneaker feet

You know my little Turkish foot bitch Murat from other clips. This time I really showed him where his place is: of course kneeling on the floor at my feet. I make him lick and worship my dirty sneakers. He has to take off my shoes and smell the inside before I make him worship my sweaty socks. This loser adores my body, he wants to become my little toy, my little puppi. He does whatever I tell him.

Worship her stinky sneaker feet foot worship foot domination pictures

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Smell my princess feet

I trample this slave without any care, leaving my pretty feminine marks all over his male skin. I know that he is addicted to my smelly feet. I know all about his foot fetish and I know how bad he likes my sexy feet. I make him take off my shoes to completely cover his face with my sweaty tights. I bet the smell was really bad but I make him take some deep breaths.

Smell my princess feet foot domination pictures

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