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Ultimative Foot Dom Session

Ultimative Foot Dom Session foot domination pictures The ultimative Footfetish Domination dream comes true for the slave. Miss Serena takes off her sneakers and dominates him under her bare warm, sweaty feet. She tramples his hands and face and she loves it. Great scenes as she crushes his face under her bare soles and she likes to slaps his face with her bare soles!

Serena’s cruel sweet foot domination

Serenas cruel sweet foot domination foot domination pictures Sexy Miss Serena dominates her slave tie her feet. She take off her sneakers and starts trample his face and body and hands under her bare soles and under her weight. She slaps his face under her cute bare soles und laughs about his pain. She loves most to squish his nose under her sexy feet.

Double Shoeworship

Double Shoeworship foot domination pictures Fetish Liza and I are sitting together with our hot Louboutin Heels. The little slavepig is kneeling in front of us and is allowed to kiss our shoes. It is a very special honor with this shoes. This little jerk overdoes it and gets laughed. Before he spoil our shoes with his tongue he is only allowed to kiss them and to absorb the smell of the expensive leather. I use this little loser as a footrest while he starts licking hat Fetish Liza’s Heels. He needs to lick the hot shoes very clean befor he is allowed to go further with mine. He gets the heels very deep in his slaveyap. Because he spoiled our beautiful shoes with his dirty tongue he must to go now and buy new Louboutins for us!

Lick My Sweaty Feet

Lick My Sweaty Feet foot domination pictures Miss Serena wants him to kiss her shoes before she allows him to take off her sneakers and to smell inside her shoes (She was wearing her sneakers without socks). After that she wants him to lick the sweat off her bare warm, sweaty soles and to suck her smell toes.

Don’t pull the tongue back!

Dont pull the tongue back! foot domination pictures Let’s see how long this slave can hold his tongue out! Again and again my feet will slide over his tongue – for as long as I want! And if he can’t hold his tongue out I’ll punish him – that’s for sure! Then I’ll just jump on his body and trample him – until he finally understood that he’s supposed to keep his tongue out! The slave’s only good for licking!

Foot Gagging Torture – Mistress Gaia

Foot Gagging Torture   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures Today I have my slave on his knees waiting for me. He has been in a stressful position with his arms bound for a long time. It’s part of a punishment I am giving him. He is also going to worship my feet and learn to obey me in future. I begin by getting him to lick the soles of my sandles, he seems to be having some difficulty and mumbled something as I press them hard against his face. It’s time to shut him up, so I decide on some foot gagging. He must keep his mouth open wide, and enjoy the power of my foot as I shove it to the back of his throat. However, the stupid slave keeps moving his head so I have to put a stop to that. I get my leather belt and whip his nipples before pulling it tight around his neck to keep his head in place. If he moves too much he will choke himself. I continue to push my foot to the back of his throat while pulling tightly on the belt. What a great pleasure to see him suffer, and so amusing as his gargled squeaks are stifled by my beautiful feet at the back of his throat…

Slave licks my dirty converse on public parking lot

Slave licks my dirty converse on public parking lot foot domination pictures Damn, these shoes are dirty – far too dirty to ruin my car with them! I stick them out of the driver’s window and order the slave to lick them clean. He has to suck off all the dirt from the nasty soles while I get comfy and light up a cigarette. Some people walk on the trail next to the parking lot – but I don’t care if they see us. To make the slave’s job even worse I use my own shoe soles as an ashtray and make the slave lick the ash off as well. When he finally managed to properly clean the sneaker soles I just drive off and leave this loser behind!

Foot slapping and made to lick

Foot slapping and made to lick foot domination pictures How hard can I slap the slave with my feet? I’m having fun and the loser suffers as my feet hit his face! Of course he has to smell and lick my feet in between as well! And if he doesn’t lick them good – he gets more slaps with the foot – until he finally understood how to properly lick feet!

Shoe-licking all the time

I have two pairs of shoes over here, which my slave has to lick completely clean now! Understood, he will do it properly – even the soles! After the first pair is clean, he has to dedicate himself to the second pair quickly! Everytime he’s working his tongue on the first shoe of the pair, I’m holding it’s equivalent close to his nose!

Absorb the foot smell

Absorb the foot smell foot domination pictures My slave will now absorb the smell of my feet. His mouth is kept shut with tape to make sure he can only breathe through his nose. I make him inhale my foot odor and laugh at the pathetic foot slave!
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Serena’s barefoot domination

Serenas barefoot domination foot domination pictures A lucky guy gets dominated by Lady Serena and her bare feet. She pus his face under her soles and she wants him to lick. She tramples his face under her sweet bare soles and she loves it. What a sweet, dominant Foot Femdom Girl!
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Felicia’s Business Side

Felicias Business Side foot domination pictures Felicia is coming back from a long business meeting downtown and it seems like she needs some attention on her feet after a couple of hours with her feet inside her high heels shoes! she makes her slave bow down on his knees, and she wants him to obey all of her instructions as a good loser slave! She first makes him take her shoes off, and she wants him to put his nose right in between her big toe, and her second toe! She wants him to take some deep breaths in her feet, and just enjoy the smell! Felicia also thinks that her feet should be cleaned so she makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants him to lick the bottom of her feet from heel to toes! She also wants to feel his wet tongue right in between each of her toes! Felicia also wants him to take some deep breaths inside her shoes so she just hold them on his face with her foot while he is taking some deep breaths inside her shoe! Another amazing clip!
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Licking boots

Licking boots foot domination pictures Today the slave has to clean my latex boots properly until they’re shining like new ones. He’s constantly licking, but this unbelievably stupid jerk stuck on one single area of my boot. After I gave him the instruction to also care for the rest of my boots, his tongue still keeps running back to that one area again. What’s your fucking problem to understand me, you stupid son of a bitch? I’ve never had a slave so bad at licking boots like him! Clearly a reason for punishment. His face suffers from my hard face slaps – then he shall get his ass out of the room! Now it’s your turn. You can’t be worse than this miserable loser. Start licking, slave – come on! Yeah, you can play your dick while you lick my boots. I’ll coutn down from 30 and at ZERO you’ll jerk off straight onto my boots!
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Breathtaking Moments – Mistress Gaia

Breathtaking Moments   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I want to relax a little… So I decided to bring my slave from his cage and use him as my footstool. I have him bound and on the floor. He is going to remain beneath my feet until I decide what I’m going to do with him. He’s not to speak, and I have warned him I will punish him severely if he tries. I place my feet over his face and mouth, making sure he understands that I he is going to experience some breathtaking moments. As I look down on him I decide to have some fun. It’s so amusing watching his pathetic gasps as he continually tries to escape from under my feet. He is totally helpless, and I’m going to make sure he suffers. I’m sure I did detect a murmer from him, making his severe punishment inevitable. Perhaps the plastic bag is going to come in very handy…
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Foot slave pampers my nylon feet

Foot slave pampers my nylon feet foot domination pictures I’m sitting in the office and rest my sexy legs on the table. I order the slave to massage my nylon feet – and of course he has to smell and kiss them as well. I guess they smell pretty bad judging by his face and his hesitation – but this isn’t going to get him anywhere – he needs to continue to pamper my nylon feet!
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Our Footlicker Slut – Mistress Gaia

Our Footlicker Slut   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I’m with the other mistresses, and we have been walking around barefoot in the yard to get some sunshine. We come back into the dungeon and our feet are dirty. What better way to have them cleaned is to use our four slaves. We have one each to use as our foorstool, while the other slut is given the task of putting his tongue to good use, and lick our feet clean. He gets a bit too lazy, so we give him some footslaps to help give him some incentive to pay attention. He has to continue to sniff, and lick all our feet until we tell him to stop. We are then going to decide what to do with our footstool slaves. Perhaps we will allow them to share in the pleasure of some whipping…
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