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Hard Licking Labour

Hard Licking Labour footdom girls pictures

It seems Rosie just can get off her suffering streak! This time her duty is to submit her servile tongue to Esther’s huge soles, deeply inhale their strong stink and clean off all the salty sweat! Esther orders her to smell her black socks first. Upon the initial sniffs she realizes how badly they reek and freaks out in total disgust. But Esther doesn’t give a fuck about her suffering, she takes the socks off and makes Rosie lick her feet, and they stink not a bit less! Even she can’t help loathing and constantly sruggles not to throw up for the entire scene, Rosie keeps licking Esther’s feet with submissive obedience, she presses her whole tongue hard against her soles, cleanses them from heels to toes and removes all the salty sweat!
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Don’t pull the tongue back!

Dont pull the tongue back! foot domination pictures Let’s see how long this slave can hold his tongue out! Again and again my feet will slide over his tongue – for as long as I want! And if he can’t hold his tongue out I’ll punish him – that’s for sure! Then I’ll just jump on his body and trample him – until he finally understood that he’s supposed to keep his tongue out! The slave’s only good for licking!

‘Psychological Facts’ – Foot Worship and Face As A Footstool – Lady Elizabeth

Breathtaking Elizabeth relaxes on the chair and she rests her feet in the face of her human footstool. She makes him lick her perfect feet and she massages them on his face, as she totally ignores him, checking her phone. When Elizabeth notices him, she runs her soles on his tongue or her feet all over his face. This is totally natural for her to have an older man as her footstool! Amazing style and attitude from a real high class young Domina!

Psychological Facts   Foot Worship and Face As A Footstool   Lady Elizabeth foot worship pictures

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‘Don’t Mess With The Dancer’ – Foot Domination And Humiliation in Fishnets – Lady Abbie Cat

Breathtaking Abbie Cat is a luxury dancer for gentlemen and she visits for first time this customer that paid a lot of money for her to the Agency. She starts her show, but he didn’t call her there for the dance, but for sex, as he thinks that all dancers are prostitutes! This type of people makes Abbie sick, but of course he has a lesson for these losers! When he tries to pull her near him to kiss her, she tells him that downstairs waits a big bodyguard and if he will not do what she says, he will come up and cut his throat. The loser becomes white from the fear and he begs Abbie not to do it. And the fun for stunning Abbie Cat begins!
Abbie commands her new slave to kneel in front of her and to lick her feet. He tries to resist, but she reminds him of the bodyguard and he starts to lick her beautiful feet. Abbie laughs at the loser and starts to humiliate him verbally as she dominates him under her feet. She footslaps him and spits on his face and makes him suck her beautiful feet again and again, fucking his mouth and gagging him! Lady Abbie is in total control and this macho guy is now just a pathetic slave with his face covered under her feet!

Dont Mess With The Dancer   Foot Domination And Humiliation in Fishnets   Lady Abbie Cat foot domination pictures

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My Girlfriend’s Feet

Eva likes to share her pets with her girlfriends fairly regularly, in this case her good friend Cherry. Cherry often uses her friends slaves to get herself off by face grinding them, but here she is having her feet licked. The girls chit chat while his tongue performs, with Eva applying the whip as needed to keep him attentive. Occasionally Eva puts her foot forward to be licked as well, making the slave have to jump back and forth between licking two sets of feet. He performs well and it seems to put a smile on Cherry’s face, but that won’t save him from the whip.

My Girlfriends Feet foot domination pictures

Dirty Feet Need Licking

You know girls, when they get together then tend to talk about fucking guys. But that doesn’t mean their slaves are useless, as Vanessa lends her slave to Amy as a foot licker. Holly, Amy and Vanessa then continue to talk about all manner of perversions while the slave licks at the bottom of Amy’s feet, doing his best to get them clean.

Dirty Feet Need Licking foot domination pictures

Her Feet Are Filthy

Dirt, dust, cat hair, there is all manner of filth on the stairway Lexia is on. Fortunately, slave tongue is very good at removing such filth from female feet. So Lexia takes a few steps and has the slave lick the bottom of her bare feet clean. A few more steps, and more foot lapping from the slave is demanded. Lexia finds the whole thing hysterical and laughs while the poor slave licks away all the debris from the bottom of her feet.

Her Feet Are Filthy foot worship pictures

Proper Care And Worship Of Female Feet

Proper Care And Worship Of Female Feet foot domination pictures

There’s nothing like enjoying a good book. That’s what Harmony here is doing, sitting back and enjoying a leisurely afternoon read. She likes having her feet tended to though, so she has a slave lick her feet while she chills. The slave is extremely aroused as he slathers his tongue all over her feet and toes, getting it into every possible crevice. Harmony though has his penis locked up tight in chastity so the poor slaves cock is bulging against it’s prison with no where to go. This comforts Harmony as it lets her know that he will be focusing on her needs instead of his own. As usual, Harmony looks ridiculously hot without even trying. Great footdom clip for foot worship fans!

Proper Care And Worship Of Female Feet foot domination pictures

Lick My Feet Pig

Christy’s feet sure do get filthy after she has walked around outside barefoot for a while. Fortunately she keeps a foot pig stationed near the door to lick all that gross stuff off her feet. Upon her arrival the slave instantly springs to action and his male tongue does what it does best, namely licking the bottoms of her feet clean. All that mud, grass and other debris needs to be completely removed to ensure that her feet are perfectly clean before she ventures back inside. His tongue in particular needs to focus on those tough to get to areas like between her toes.

Lick My Feet Pig foot domination pictures

Anny Gets Her Feet Dirty and Has Boyfriend Lick Them Clean

Anny Aurora is making her before a peanut butter sandwich the old fashioned way. She is crushing peanuts with her feet. Her boyfriend gets too hungry and eats the peanuts right off her perfect toes. Then she strokes his cock with those creamy feet before they fuck. He gets so turned on he has to blast his load all over her feet.

Anny Gets Her Feet Dirty and Has Boyfriend Lick Them Clean foot fetish pictures

Dirty fun

Dirty fun foot fetish pictures
Brittany found her way into a filthy old toilet and started masturbating. she thought the bathroom was completely deserted, but she was wrong. Leslie was after her hot ass and he found Brittany just when she was fingering herself. Soon Leslie started licking Brittany’s sexy toes, feet, and legs, and fucked her on the dirty bathroom floor. Finally his load exploded on Brittany’s hot feet.

The Taste of her Sweat

For a long time I was looking forward for a scene with Rosie, where I can really enjoy the vinegary stink of her young feet and taste the salty sweat of her soles. As you all probably know, summer heat and sockless worn shoes are a decent solution for these needs. The time has finally come, she promised me she’ll wear her VANS with no socks all day to ensure that authentic smell I’m really into. She kept her word, those 18 y/o soles just smelt amazing! Strong and vinegary, as it should be! She just watched contented knowing that letting a few sniffs is the only thing she has to do to totally enslave guys like us. When she finally let me lick the tasty sweat off her soles, I’ve honored her with an enthusiastic foot worship, swallowing as much of the salty sweat as possible.

The Taste of her Sweat footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Feet Licked for the First Time

It’s always a thrill to see a girl getting her soles licked for the very first time in her life. Our lovely 18 y/o Nancy was no different. When I’ve told her, to have her Superstars on for a while with no socks before shooting, she could not believe, that someone will smell or lick her feet for real. She obviously haven’t even imagined a situation like this before! However, by every motion of Clarissa’s tongue, she loved it more and more!

Feet Licked for the First Time lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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A Treat for the Soles

Elsa enjoys her feet being worshipped more and more, yet she still can’t deal with the situation without laughter. A girl kneeling at her sweaty feet, smelling a licking them clean – that’s so weird, she has to laugh at it constantly.

A Treat for the Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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It’s amazing what Jana can do with her feet…

Its amazing what Jana can do with her feet... foot fetish pictures
This beautiful girl feels so alone in the bar! She plays with her pussy and tits, with her legs and her feet when a guy shows up and drills her right on the bar counter. In the end, she makes him cum with her feet…

Hot Feet Licking

Hot Feet Licking foot fetish pictures Blonde beauty Adriana Nicole unleashes her mean foot fetish and later starts sucking her toes.

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