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Cruel Shoe Domination – Lady Ingrid

Ingrid calls her victim, puts a leash on his collar and commands him to lick her high heel sandals clean! She looks amazing in her sexy dress, black pantyhose and elegant sandals and she makes her shoebitch lick the dirt from the soles of her shoes. She crushes his mouth with her shoe and she kicks him and whips him to do better. Ingrid fucks his mouth with he heel and when the job is done, she kicks him some more times in the face because he was terrible!

Cruel Shoe Domination   Lady Ingrid foot domination pictures

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Foot washer for ladys

Mistress Maria orders slave to take off her girlfriend’s shoes and to do job as best as it is possible… Mistress Maria is really demanding and always insist on maximal dedication and top service when it is about her feet… she doesn’t tolerate even a slightest mistake and she knows to be very cruel with punishment… THIS TIME SHE IS NOT SATISFIED!

Foot washer for ladys foot domination pictures

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Suffer my Feet

Gorgeous and cruel Eryss demands total devotion from her slave. Merely licking her soles is far not enough for her this time! She wants to demonstrate her, that her feet are in total control! Clarissa obediently licks her Mistress’ soles, but she is not satisfied with her at all. She tries to please her, but when she hears the order to open her mouth, she starts to panic: she knows what’s coming! Her gag reflex will be tested, her throat will be punished by Eryss’ toes and she can do nothing but endure it! She cries real tears of desperation and helplessness, while Eryss never stops to humiliate her!

Suffer my Feet lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Summersweat Bully

In the sweltering heat of a hot summer day cruel and merciless Candy stalks her prey in the park. She takes her to a solitary, yet well visible spot, makes her on her knees and the total humiliation begins. Clarissa must lick the bottoms of her sneakers clean for start. She begs for mercy but Candy’s heart is colder than ice, much unlike her feet! Her throbbing veins on the top her feet, the reddish shade of her soles, the salty sweat shimmering in sunlight tell how hot it is within her sneakers and she had no socks on to sponge up the sauce! Cheesy footstink is one thing but that fetid stench rotten in her shoes are completely different. Clarissa couldn’t really tell which is worse: the suffocating smell of Candy’s feet she has to inhale or the fact that everybody watches her humiliation! Faces of shame and disgust are all she can do, there is no escape from Candy! And the worst is yet to come: she has to lick that vinegary sweat off those perfect soles, moreover Candy’s other foot is still sweating in her sneakers! She wipes all the sweat into Clarissa’s face before making her licking feet again! For to enthrone this bully, Candy orders this poor girl to a lengthy shoesmelling to make sure she will throw up every time this day comes back to her!

Summersweat Bully lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Still Love my Feet?

Eryss is about to teach this pathetic footguy a lesson: never state love for foot before experiencing the utmost servitude to a sadistic girl’s cruel feet! She tests her slave’s devotion by shoving her foot down his throat, kicking him in the face and humiliating him, while Clarissa assists her all along by holding this fool looser’s head and making sure his gag reflex is put to the proof!

Still Love my Feet? footdom girls foot domination pictures

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Cruel Mistress Eris

Cruel Mistress Eris foot domination pictures

Cruel Mistress Eris is humiliating connor again.

Cruel Mistress Eris foot domination pictures

Bitch in red latex

It is definitely more than hard to resist Lorena Bitch’s high heels as she is teasing her slave and making him lick her feet, and she didn’t even take off her heels. She is about to do that, for sure, but before that all this guy can do is hope that she is not going to hurt him bad. His dick is getting rock hard, and that is not going to change if she continues using her feet to tease him all night long. Lorena Bitch just wants to have some fun and the thing about this babe that he loves the most is that she is into foot worship. Even though he has never tried it before, there is something interesting in licking girls’ feet and sucking toes, and that is what he is doing in this gallery? Oh, she is very cruel and merciless and that is something guys love about girls the most. Her tanned Latina butt is made for face sitting and she is basically choking him with her round ass cheeks. It is hard for him to breathe and that is why he loves Lorena Bitch even more.

Bitch in red latex foot domination pictures Bitch in red latex foot domination pictures Bitch in red latex foot domination pictures Bitch in red latex foot domination pictures

Liberty’s Slavery

Liberty is really in control of her slave from now and it seems like she just takes advantage of it! She tied one of her smelly shoe around his nose with a belt for 24 hours to make sure the smell of her feet is well stick in his mind! She had another long day with another pair of shoes so she’s ready to give him a little break! She removed the shoe from his nose to let him give some attention to her feet! The slave must take her shoes off to give her a good foot massage! Liberty’s feet are all sweaty but she rub them all over his face to entertain his addiction! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles and suck on her toes to clean all the dirt! She ties up today’s shoe around his nose for another 24 hours! Your life is all about my feet from now and nothing else! Keep that in mind! What a Cruel and Sexy Goddess! This Clip is a Real Must!

Libertys Slavery foot worship pictures

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Royal Mistress
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