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You Really Like To Clean Feet

He sure does like to clean feet doesn’t he. Groveling, begging, pleading, this male will do anything for permission to put his mouth on the pretty feet of Dakota and Kelly. They permit him to do so, to adore their feet while they tower above him as he serves them on the floor like a good slave. It’s both amusing and pathetic at the same time.

You Really Like To Clean Feet foot domination pictures

Well Trained

Well Trained foot domination pictures Pretty blonde Missy is all dressed up and almost ready to go out. Her boyfriend, now at her service footboy, brings her stockings and heels. She no longer has to make demands of him; she trained her boyfriend turned footslave so well he asks to clean her feet with his mouth before he puts on her stockings and heels for her! Look how easy it is for a girl to get what she wants out of a boyfriend- eh hem, footboy…

Well Trained foot domination pictures

Royal Mistress
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