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Wrathful Soles in Rage

Wrathful Soles in Rage foot domination pictures

Candy is just back from running, she’s been working out extensively to get as sweaty as possible for her foot fetish scene, but upon arrivar, she finds the producer wasting time watching previous pictures instead of getting the set ready for the shot. She goes incredibly mad at him, freaks out and shouts at him in implacable anger. She pulls him down to the floor and starts kicking the hell out of him. She grabs a belt and flogs him while constantly shouts at him in wrathful rage. She makes him lick the bottoms of her sneakers before she kicks them off to stomp his face with her sweaty bare feet. Her feet are sweaty beyond words, huge veins throbbing on the top, the soaked red bottoms are dripping wet. She brutally rubs them into the looser’s face and orders him to inhale their unbearable vinegary stink! No mercy for the pathetic sloth! She grabs his nose with her toes and doesn’t allow him to breathe until his face goes red then kicks him in the face and makes him smell the stink of her feet once again. She alternates back and forth between smothering the looser and making him her stink-sniffer. The beating, the shouting and humiliation never stops, she crushes his face with her bare soles and spits on his face. No matter how the looser begs for an apology, he has to stick his tongue out to be fed with the salty sweat of Candy’s soles!
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Beneath stinky soles

Mistresses continue to have fun by crushing the slave brutally all over his body and face and orders him to kiss and smell their feet at the same time..

Beneath stinky soles foot domination pictures

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Mistress Eris brutally steps on connor’s face

Mistress Eris brutally steps on connors face foot domination pictures

Mistress Eris brutally steps on connor’s face with her Doc Marten shoes and makes him lick the soles clean

Mistress Eris brutally steps on connors face foot domination pictures

Royal Mistress
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