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He licks my dirty boots – or I’ll drive over him!

He licks my dirty boots   or Ill drive over him! foot domination pictures I take the slave to the parking lot, pull him out of the car and make him lie down in front of it – then I get back into the car and drive towards him. Of course the little loser is already afraid that I’ll just drive over him and crush him under the tire – but I’m not THAT cruel. I stop just as the front tire hits his shoulder, get out of the car and then make him lick the muddy soles of my boots. He struggles to swallow the massive amount of dirt – but as he’s still afraid to be overrun he tries his best. Will it be good enough?
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Boot fetish and slutty blowjob

Seems my lawyer has a thing for boots, he can’t stop licking them. I reward him with a very wet blowjob. So HOT!

Boot fetish and slutty blowjob foot domination pictures

Boot Shining Slut

My slave girl, Cheyenne, has a lot of work to do. Im getting ready for a fun night out and I want to see my boots shining. What better way to polish them than with her tongue? This bitch wants to be just like me, but god knows that will never happen. The only way she gets bestowed the honor of being in my perfect life is by licking my leather boots clean! Sure, she hates it. But what do I care? She’ll do ANYTHING for me.

Boot Shining Slut lesbian footdom pictures

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Royal Mistress
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