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Boot worship humiliation

Boot worship humiliation foot domination pictures This little maniac was literally begging incessantly to dive into our world and to get humiliated ad nauseam in out Fetish Institute. Hence, Mistress Amy and I handle the cowardly wussy-boy together – first I make him lick my luxurious leather boots, while Mistress Amy brings his muzzle down to make him suck my boots deeper inside of his mouth. It’s right where our piggy belongs! He’s permanently drooling and I understand it as a sign of pooch’s happiness, Haha! Afterwards Mistress Amy’s patent leather boots also cry for his flannel and he licks the black stuff with a motivated, circling tongue. Nice one! But we’re not about to quit, as we’re naturally voracious! We slap his face with out boots and laugh at him all the time! That sound is tremendous!! By the way – his heeled antagonists not only torture his shitface, but also his skin. After he’s blown them like tasty dicks, they dig into his slave nipples and leave him in urgent pain. His look gets refined by out divine spit on his ugly face!
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Brutal foot and boot worship

Mistress Katharina is sitting in a chair while slave lays beneath her feet and licks soles of her boots… then her girl friend Mistress Larissa arrives and start to trample and torches him without mercy and orders him to take of Katharina’s boots and to smell her feet… after that they switch places… Mistress Katharina now stands on slaves chest while he must clean Mistress Larissa’s boots an heel with his tongue!!! Very brutal Foot Domination clip!

Brutal foot and boot worship foot domination pictures

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Kinky Fun

My girlfriend Danielle is such a prude. All she ever wants to do is go out to normal clubs where people just drink and dance. Boring! I’m here to expand her mind and show her the kind of parties I goto — the fetish kind! Danielle is very hesitant, she thinks it’s just going to be a bunch of weirdos. I decide to warm her up by showing her how much fun it can be. I put a leash around her neck and tell her Im going to walk her in there on all fours like my little pet. Then I make her worship my boots with her tongue, explaining that this is going to be her job at the party. My own little slutty boot shiner. Its not long before Danielle is so turned on she can’t wait to go. Do I know how to convert them or what?

Kinky Fun lesbian footdom pictures

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Royal Mistress
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