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My boot licking slave

My boot licking slave foot domination pictures

I want to go to a party tonight – but my boots are still dirty. Good thing to have a slave to change that. It’s his destiny to clean my boots – to be my personal boot licking slave. He has to clean every dirty spot with his tongue and he looks so ridiculous!
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Boot licking and nylon smelling in the parking garage

Boot licking and nylon smelling in the parking garage foot domination pictures As I return from a day in the mall the slave’s still waiting in the locked trunk of my car. I let him out, only to make him sit down on the ground right away. I sit down on the edge of the trunk and order him to kiss and lick my boots – he has to lick all the street dirt off my sexy boots before I take them off to reveal my sweat-soaked nylons. Then I make him kiss and smell my nylon feet as well – while there are cars and people passing by in the background – always so much fun to expose this loser as a foot slave in public!
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Licking boots

Licking boots foot domination pictures Today the slave has to clean my latex boots properly until they’re shining like new ones. He’s constantly licking, but this unbelievably stupid jerk stuck on one single area of my boot. After I gave him the instruction to also care for the rest of my boots, his tongue still keeps running back to that one area again. What’s your fucking problem to understand me, you stupid son of a bitch? I’ve never had a slave so bad at licking boots like him! Clearly a reason for punishment. His face suffers from my hard face slaps – then he shall get his ass out of the room! Now it’s your turn. You can’t be worse than this miserable loser. Start licking, slave – come on! Yeah, you can play your dick while you lick my boots. I’ll coutn down from 30 and at ZERO you’ll jerk off straight onto my boots!
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Mistress Eris is brutal with Matt

Mistress Eris is brutal with Matt foot domination pictures

Mistress Eris is brutal with Matt, beating him with a whip, kicking and trampling him and making him lick her boots.

Mistress Eris is brutal with Matt foot domination pictures

Royal Mistress
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