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My boot licking slave

My boot licking slave foot domination pictures

I want to go to a party tonight – but my boots are still dirty. Good thing to have a slave to change that. It’s his destiny to clean my boots – to be my personal boot licking slave. He has to clean every dirty spot with his tongue and he looks so ridiculous!
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You must lick my boots

You must lick my boots foot domination pictures You’ve heard right! You have to lick my boots, piggy! Escaping is not an option for you here… when I want something, you have to go along with my command unconditionally! Start licking – and don’t forget about the mud on my heels and the soles!
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Degraded to a boot licker

Degraded to a boot licker foot domination pictures My slave’s now degraded to be my boot licker. I want him to lick my boots clean completely – I want to wear them to a party and of course I want them clean for the party! To make it perfect he’ll also clean the soles completely!
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Boot worship humiliation

Boot worship humiliation foot domination pictures This little maniac was literally begging incessantly to dive into our world and to get humiliated ad nauseam in out Fetish Institute. Hence, Mistress Amy and I handle the cowardly wussy-boy together – first I make him lick my luxurious leather boots, while Mistress Amy brings his muzzle down to make him suck my boots deeper inside of his mouth. It’s right where our piggy belongs! He’s permanently drooling and I understand it as a sign of pooch’s happiness, Haha! Afterwards Mistress Amy’s patent leather boots also cry for his flannel and he licks the black stuff with a motivated, circling tongue. Nice one! But we’re not about to quit, as we’re naturally voracious! We slap his face with out boots and laugh at him all the time! That sound is tremendous!! By the way – his heeled antagonists not only torture his shitface, but also his skin. After he’s blown them like tasty dicks, they dig into his slave nipples and leave him in urgent pain. His look gets refined by out divine spit on his ugly face!
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Loser licks my dirty riding boots

Loser licks my dirty riding boots foot domination pictures My sexy riding boots are all dirty – and I’m going to make the slave clean them with his tongue! He has to lick the dirty soles and swallow all the dirt and mud underneath. To humiliate him even more I spit on the boots and order him to lick the spit off as well. Obviously he’s disgusted and struggles to swallow all the dirt – but he should thank me for making him lick just dirt! When he whines too much I threaten to walk over the dung hill next time – he surely doesn’t want to lick my boots then.
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Boot licking and nylon smelling in the parking garage

Boot licking and nylon smelling in the parking garage foot domination pictures As I return from a day in the mall the slave’s still waiting in the locked trunk of my car. I let him out, only to make him sit down on the ground right away. I sit down on the edge of the trunk and order him to kiss and lick my boots – he has to lick all the street dirt off my sexy boots before I take them off to reveal my sweat-soaked nylons. Then I make him kiss and smell my nylon feet as well – while there are cars and people passing by in the background – always so much fun to expose this loser as a foot slave in public!
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My Personal Dirtlicker

My Personal Dirtlicker foot domination pictures I am trying out a new slave. This guy applied to be my slave so the first thing I had to check was if he can lick my dirty boots properly. These are my everyday’s boots. I wear them really often so the soles are full of streetfilht. I ordered the slave to clean every inch of the soles with his tongue. Really disgusting and humiliating.
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Dirty boots and shoes cleaned on his tongue

Dirty boots and shoes cleaned on his tongue foot domination pictures I’ve ordered the slave to lie down and I sit down on his stomach – shoving my dirty brown boots into his face and making him lick the dirty soles – but this pair of shoes was the easiest to clean! Next up is a pair of block boots – and the tread is completely filled with all kinds of dirt. I sit down on the barstool and rub the dirty soles all over the slaves tongue. After he cleaned these boots as well it’s time for my running shoes – which are also pretty dirty after a few winter runs. It’s just so nice to have a living shoe-cleaning machine!
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We enjoy coffee and cake – he gets dirty cake from boots!

Madame Madison and I sit down on the couch with cake and coffee – and use the slave as a foot rest. You can see how dirty our boot soles are – so we order the slave to sit down in front of us and clean them with his tongue! We’re in a good mood and throw some big pieces of cake on the floor, crush them under our dirty boot soles and then make the slave eat the cake-dirt mix from the boot soles – while we lean back and enjoy the rest of the cake and our coffee.

We enjoy coffee and cake   he gets dirty cake from boots! foot domination pictures

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He’ll obey Lady Sue

Strict Lady Sue’s wearing a really hot lacquer outfit and holding a crop in her hands. This guy, with his bare chest, is totally at her mercy as she hits his back with the crop and orders him to kiss her shoes. He has no chance to get away, he has to obey and submit to her completely!

Hell obey Lady Sue foot domination pictures

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Wait for you’r turn, slave

Mistress Sonia and mistress Larissa are having a conversation and a glass of wine. The slave awaits to be called to clean their shoes…

Wait for your turn, slave foot domination pictures

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Boot Shining Slut

My slave girl, Cheyenne, has a lot of work to do. Im getting ready for a fun night out and I want to see my boots shining. What better way to polish them than with her tongue? This bitch wants to be just like me, but god knows that will never happen. The only way she gets bestowed the honor of being in my perfect life is by licking my leather boots clean! Sure, she hates it. But what do I care? She’ll do ANYTHING for me.

Boot Shining Slut lesbian footdom pictures

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Kinky Fun

My girlfriend Danielle is such a prude. All she ever wants to do is go out to normal clubs where people just drink and dance. Boring! I’m here to expand her mind and show her the kind of parties I goto — the fetish kind! Danielle is very hesitant, she thinks it’s just going to be a bunch of weirdos. I decide to warm her up by showing her how much fun it can be. I put a leash around her neck and tell her Im going to walk her in there on all fours like my little pet. Then I make her worship my boots with her tongue, explaining that this is going to be her job at the party. My own little slutty boot shiner. Its not long before Danielle is so turned on she can’t wait to go. Do I know how to convert them or what?

Kinky Fun lesbian footdom pictures

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Filthy tongue

Spending a whole day shopping on high heels is pretty exhausting, so Mistress Claudia and Mistress Veronica drop by to Foot Cleaning Cafe… they are relaxing and keeping their legs on a slaves back… until Mistress Claudia orders him to polish her boots with his tongue.

Filthy tongue foot domination pictures

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Let me see your tongue on my boots!

Slave girl Alena is at her Mistresses disposal at all times for anything they need. This time her job is to clean and polish their boots and carefully wash their tired feet after that.

Let me see your tongue on my boots! lesbian footdom pictures

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