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Under Bratty Soles

Under Bratty Soles foot domination pictures

Dorothy does again, what she loves the most: stomping her footslave into the floor! First in her red VANS, then barefoot, she tramples, kicks and stomps the footboy with no mercy at all. She jumps on him, stands on his throat and slaps him with his shoes, too. Her only goal is to be as painful, as possible. Her slave can’t take a beating like this, he cries out loundly in pain and behaves like a pathetic beginner.
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Barefoot on a Frozen Lake

Barefoot on a Frozen Lake foot fetish pictures

For the first time in her life, Candy Blade exposes her gorgeous, sensitive feet to extreme cold and you are just about to witness her shivering! She takes her warm boots and socks off, and walks on a frozen lake barefoot solely for our pleasure. Despite her feet get frostbitten and turn red, her little toes freeze numb, she willingly keeps walking on the ice and takes the freezing torture joyfully.
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Stomped into the Ground

Rosie and Dorothy have set the level of suffering really high for their footboy! Out in an abandoned surface coal mine they stomp him into the painfully sharp stones. With no compassion at all, they trample all over his body, jump on his chest and belly and stand on his face. They torture him in the steel-cap boots, in socks and barefoot, the footslave has to endure it all!

Barefoot Blonde Beauty – Toby & Blanche Bradburry

Barefoot Blonde Beauty   Toby & Blanche Bradburry foot fetish pictures Blanche Bradburry has the full package, platinum blonde hair, big beautiful breasts, and a pair of feet that could make any man melt. Her tender toes work up and down Toby’s tense member, and before he blows it all over her sweet soles, she reaches down and takes it into her eager mouth. Watch her deep throat lucky Toby, before she rolls over and lets him go deep inside her. Tasting those toes while thrusting away at such a woman might make any man lose his mind, but Toby stays true. He saves his load until she has caressed each inch with her sensual soles, and explodes.

Lick My Feet Pig

Christy’s feet sure do get filthy after she has walked around outside barefoot for a while. Fortunately she keeps a foot pig stationed near the door to lick all that gross stuff off her feet. Upon her arrival the slave instantly springs to action and his male tongue does what it does best, namely licking the bottoms of her feet clean. All that mud, grass and other debris needs to be completely removed to ensure that her feet are perfectly clean before she ventures back inside. His tongue in particular needs to focus on those tough to get to areas like between her toes.

Lick My Feet Pig foot domination pictures

Cleaning Princess Feet

This slave is happy because Princess Halle is home. Not only because he gets to adore and serve her again which gives him purpose in life, but also because it means that after a long barefoot walk her feet will need a thorough cleaning. So like a good man he lies on the floor and licks, licks her soles, toes, everywhere to get her feet as clean as they were when she left earlier in the day.

Cleaning Princess Feet foot domination pictures

Barefoot to the Bliss

Barefoot to the Bliss foot fetish pictures
Busty Allison Tyler has very sensitive feet. Long kisses, gentle strokes or the touch of a cock makes her all wet… and let’s be honest, who would say no to those beautiful toes and silky sole? Bill Bailey won’t for sure, and Allison gets the cock she was wishing for.

Smoking Barefoot Redhead Brat

Love redhead bratty chicks? Girls smoking? Flawless shaped 18 y/o soles? And what about using another girl’s mouth as an ashtray?

Smoking Barefoot Redhead Brat lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Samples of Dirt

Last time, when we were out in the abandoned coal mine shooting the clip Stomped into the Ground, we just could not resist to take the chance to give Dorothy some extra job! Rosie and Clarissa walked around barefoot, then they got their dirty soles cleaned by her tongue! They just watch her with a pityful smile, how pathetic is to be the dirt-licker of the production?

Samples of Dirt lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Tiny Little Dirty Soles

It was time for Rosie to have her dirty little soles licked clean for the first time ever – right in front of our cam, of course! So she left her shoes in the car and walked with us barefoot on hot asphalt to prepare those tiny beauties for the shot. In fact, I wanted to go back to our studio to shoot the scene itself, but she was insistent upon a public place. She spotted a relatively silent place next to a park, and just minutes later Clarissa was already on her knees tasting dirt!

Tiny Little Dirty Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Barefoot Blonde Darryl Hanna Fucking

Barefoot Blonde Darryl Hanna Fucking foot fetish pictures Blonde barefeet chick Darryl Hanna sits on her lover face while Kelli Kalen sucks him off.

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Barefoot Confidential 84

Barefoot Confidential 84 foot fetish pictures

Oh sweet feet! Why do we love you so? What is it about your look, your taste, your feel and your smell?! Take away a woman’s feet and you take away her power. They control us. We will do anything for them. Give them to us!

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Taste of the Street

Right after finishing the first scene with our new model, we decided to visit the local shop for some snacks and drinks. Surprising us both, Dorothy came up with the idea to take the walk barefoot, so Clarissa can lick her soles clean afterwards. Of course I agreed immediately, so we took our walk through the neighborhood and shot this scene right thereafter. Despite the relatively short distance, Dorothy’s lovely soles took up a considerable amount of dirt, they were all grey. Clarissa licked them totally clean without any hesitation.

Taste of the Street lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Repay in Dirt

Clarissa and Dorothy are just back from the superstore nearby where they had some barefoot shopping time! Since dirty soles are not allowed in our studio, they clean each other’s soles with their tongues. Clarissa licks first, then it’s Dorothy’s turn to swallow the dirt!

Repay in Dirt lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Barefoot Confidential 79

Barefoot Confidential 79 foot fetish pictures

The soles of a girls feet says much about her. Some might say they’re the real window into her soul. Does she take care of them? Does she rub lotion and massage them? Does she keep them neat and clean? How well does she paint her toes? The better she takes care of her feet says a lot about how confident she is of herself. In Barefoot Confidential #79 you’ll see just how wildly confident a girl can truly be.

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Barefoot Confidential 78

Barefoot Confidential 78 foot fetish pictures

A girl who gets off by using her feet knows she has to keep them nice and soft. She rubs them with lotion and paints her toenails all pretty like. That way when she’s rubbing her man’s cock with the smooth skin of her arches and she’s massaging the head of his dick with her toes he doesn’t go blowing his hot sticky load all over her dainty feet until she want him to!

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