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Piercing High Heels, Crushing Bare Soles

Piercing High Heels, Crushing Bare Soles foot domination pictures

Cruel Goddess Candy Blade tortures her slave by trampling him in her needle-thin high heels. The slave has to suffer extreme pain, he begs her Goddess to stop his torment but his cries are just fueling Candy’s kinky lust. She mercilessly deepens her heels into her victim’s belly and chest, leaving painful marks all over his skin. After 8 minutes she takes off her shoes and gives her slave a hard time with her bare soles. Fast steps into his guts, crushing jumps on his body, breathless throatstanding and walking tip-toe on his belly: Candy makes sure the slave does not have a moment of peace under her divine feet!
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Inhaling Emily’s Soles

Inhaling Emilys Soles footdom girls foot domination pictures

Emily’s running shoes are a beast, they instantly drench her feet within with the matured stench of her previous joggings. Given these sneakers, her synthetic socks and you can guess how Candy felt, when she learned, that she has to smell them for more than 10 minutes! We had to tie her up to ensure she won’t try to fight the stink destroying her lungs! Her arms taped to her chest she lied helpless under Emily’s chair and her sweaty-stinky smothering has begun! Emily thoroughly rubbed her reeking socks into her suffering face and made her fill her lungs with the putrescent, humid stink of her socks! Candy tried to dodge the feet pushed against her nose, but she had no chance to escape at all! She had to inhale just as she was told to! Later Emily took off the socks and gave Candy the opportunity to suffer the smell of her bare soles! Of course, all the sweat was rubbed into her face again! Miserable and defenseless, Candy gave up fighting the stink and let the sweaty soles cover her face and breathed the stink underneath as a good little girl!
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Smothered under sweaty feet

Smothered under sweaty feet foot domination pictures Lady Samantha takes off her high heel sneakers and sport socks after a day at the fair and starts smother him under her bare sweaty feet She controls. His breathing with her bare soles and her powerful toes!
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Gothic Queen smothers him under feet

Gothic Queen smothers him under feet foot domination pictures Gothic Mistress Absinthia takes off her boots, after she lets him worship her soles and smothers him under her bare soles. There is nothing better like getting smothered under a gothic queens bare, perfect soles!
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Ignored at her feet

Ignored at her feet foot fetish pictures Streetgirl Paola ignores you while you can whatch her bare feet. After she removes her sweaty, moist socks, you can now enjoy the view of her bare smelly soles and toes!
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Sucking Jenna’s Feet

Sucking Jennas Feet foot domination pictures Dominant Miss Jenna lets him worship her chucks and hot sweaty socks, before she wants him to lick every inch of her bare smelly feet. She orders him to suck each toe she she ignores him … “Lick the sweat off my feet, off my bare soles… lick between each toe slave!”
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Ultimative Foot Dom Session

Ultimative Foot Dom Session foot domination pictures The ultimative Footfetish Domination dream comes true for the slave. Miss Serena takes off her sneakers and dominates him under her bare warm, sweaty feet. She tramples his hands and face and she loves it. Great scenes as she crushes his face under her bare soles and she likes to slaps his face with her bare soles!

Serena’s cruel sweet foot domination

Serenas cruel sweet foot domination foot domination pictures Sexy Miss Serena dominates her slave tie her feet. She take off her sneakers and starts trample his face and body and hands under her bare soles and under her weight. She slaps his face under her cute bare soles und laughs about his pain. She loves most to squish his nose under her sexy feet.

Serena’s barefoot domination

Serenas barefoot domination foot domination pictures A lucky guy gets dominated by Lady Serena and her bare feet. She pus his face under her soles and she wants him to lick. She tramples his face under her sweet bare soles and she loves it. What a sweet, dominant Foot Femdom Girl!
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Karos Footworship Pet

Karos Footworship Pet foot worship foot domination pictures Dominant redhead Lady Karo loves to treat her slave like and to use him to worship her feet and to suck her adorable toes. She slaps his face wit her bare soles and he has to get down and kiss her feet and heels.
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Rosie’s Fate

It seems Rosie’s suffering under stinky feet quickly became a fan favorite. In fact, I also love to see her desperately trying to fight for fresh air, while other girls smother her with their sweaty socks! The funny fact, when she signed up to our team, she was hesitant about other girls’ feet. Even she developed some courige since then, the really foul stench of overworn socks still freak her out. Combined with our strict no-foot-wash-before-scene policy, it’s always a torture for her to be enslaved to extraordinary stink. But it seems it’s the hand of fate at work, fans love to watch her misery, I love to record it and the girls love to smother her, so here she is, once again tied up under Clarissa’s chair! Clarissa worn her socks for 7 days in a row, to give Rosie a sound reason to suffer! The strong and terrible odor of her socks were vinegary, putrid and moldy at the same time. Rosie was total hopeless trying to dodge the stink, she had ablsolute zero chance for fresh air! She had to fill her lungs on Clarissa’s orders, no matter how disgusted she was by the stench of dirty sock! And after that, she had to inhale her bare soles, too! By then, Rosie felt totally sick of this scene, but her suffering has not yet come to an end! She had to open her mouth, and submit her tongue to Clarissa soles! She had to lick it all clean and swallow the salty, vinegary sweat!

Rosies Fate lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Facerub FootSmother

As a welcome present for our new model Juliette, she got full control over her tied up slave for her first scene! She makes her smell her shoes and humiliates her by rubbing her socks and bare soles into her face. As the slave’s mouth is taped, she has no chance but to smell the stink of her toes!

Facerub FootSmother lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Four Soles and a Pink Cake

Esther and Rosie crush a white cake with berries under their bare soles until nothing left but a sweet, pink mess! Halfway through they stop for a while to lick a few mouthfuls off each others feet.

Four Soles and a Pink Cake footdom girls foot fetish pictures

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Emily’s Foot Toy

Emily enjoys full control of her slave! Under the Mistress’ chair, she has to do anything to please Emily, and she has high demands! Smelling her striped, long socks and later her bare soles are simply a must. Then, it’s time for tongue out, and lick those tempting shaped toes as long as Emily wants!

Emilys Foot Toy lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Feet #04 – Brooklyn Lee & Jada Stevens

Feet #04   Brooklyn Lee & Jada Stevens lesbian footdom pictures
In this collection of fetish clips, legendary porn craftsman John ‘Buttman’ Stagliano focuses on the lovely feet of some of his favorite ladies. Kinky hotties Brooklyn Lee and Sheena Shaw suck each other’s toes and do some mutual face mashing with their bare soles. Sheena and frisky slut Jada Stevens engage in sensuous foot worship, and naturally voluptuous Marina Visconti tempts Buttman with her sweet, manicured tootsies.

Angel Perverse #23 – Abbie Cat & Nathalie Von

Angel Perverse #23   Abbie Cat & Nathalie Von foot fetish pictures
Out on the city streets, petite, gorgeous brunette Abbie Cat leads slender blonde Nataly Von to an underground parking garage, where waits her perverted friend, director Christoph Clark. The curious young girls give the scary stranger an impromptu, semi-public striptease followed by a double-blow job! He pushes the tiny sluts against the concrete wall to fuck them from behind. Next, he brings both girls home for a session of anal rimming, hard-core butt fucking and ass-to-mouth training. The lingerie-clad babes stroke his pecker with their stockinged feet and bare soles. Christoph sucks their toes and cums onto Abbie’s feet.

Royal Mistress
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