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Dirty Feet Humiliation

Dirty Feet Humiliation foot domination pictures Miss Serena prepares her feet for her footslave today. She walks around at the backyard with bare feet and walks through the dirty part of the ground and looking forward to the following foot worship session. Then she starts using the young of her footslave. He has to clean her dirty soles and dirty toes with his worthless tongue and she enjoys the game …
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Crushed under Lady Samantha

Crushed under Lady Samantha foot domination pictures Lady Samantha caught you behind the pillow, you little tiny victim. She puts you on the floor and starts to crush you under her heels. She tries to flatten with her ass and with her feet, with sitting on you and trampling. She takes off her heels an and finish you under her bare feet. The last thing you will see is her bare dominant sole!
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Young Sweaty Feet

Young Sweaty Feet foot fetish pictures 19 yo streetgirl Paola removes her moist socks and wants you to lick and sniff her bare sweaty soft feet. Like to lick her young toes and to smell the sweat of her sweet feet? Perfect sweaty soft feet!
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Ignored at her feet

Ignored at her feet foot fetish pictures Streetgirl Paola ignores you while you can whatch her bare feet. After she removes her sweaty, moist socks, you can now enjoy the view of her bare smelly soles and toes!
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Smothered under bare feet

Smothered under bare feet foot domination pictures Streetgirl Paola removes her sweaty chucks and presses both sweaty moist soles on her victim’s face. She covered his nose and mouth with her young smelly feet and controls his breathing. She likes the game of smother him with feet and lets him kiss and smell her sweaty bare feet.
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Footslave for Miss Serena

Footslave for Miss Serena foot domination pictures Sweet Miss Serena plays a sexy footfetish game with him. She first wants him to lick her filthy sneakers and after taking off the sneakers she rubs her bare goddess like soles ver his face and tongue. She loves the he licks and smells his bare feet and enjoys it!
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Worship Cherry’s bare feet

Worship Cherrys bare feet foot worship pictures Miss Cherry Preston takes off her Heels and order her slave, who still can not see because of his mask, to lick and kiss her bare feet and toes. She wants him to suck each toe and get down on the floor to become her human footstool. She rubs her bare sexy feet again and again on his worthless slave face !

2 foot slaves humiliated at once

2 foot slaves humiliated at once foot domination pictures One of my online foot slaves gets a pair of my sweaty socks – and to make them extra smelly I put some plastic bags over my feet for a whole day. In the evening I call for another slave and take the plastic bags and socks off in front of him. The socks are wet and sweat-soaked by then – ready to be packed and shipped to the online slave. But of course my bare feet are sweaty and stinky as well – so I make the slave lick them clean. As you can probably tell by his face the smell is extreme this time – but he has no chance – he has to smell and lick them!
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Teased with Kittys Feet

Teased with Kittys Feet foot domination pictures Lady Kitty N. is teasing her footslave with her extreme heels and her bare feet. She wants him to lick and suck her heels and she fucks his mouth with her bare feet!
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YOU are Angelas Footslave

YOU are Angelas Footslave foot domination pictures You are leashed and its time to become Lady Angelas new footslave now. You are on your knees and she will tell you whats to do. You will worship and adore her heels and her bare feet now, thats your work for the next weeks.
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Lovely White Sneakers

Lovely White Sneakers foot fetish pictures I got this white canvas sneakers from a fan and in this clip I’m presenting them to you. First I caress them with my bare feet, then put them on and show them to you up close. I rub them over the leather stool and the rubber sole on the leather makes a nice sound. Of course you get to see the well-worn soles as well. This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan.
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Breath control with my feet

Now I’ll control the slave’s breath with my feet. First I’ll try in nylons – then switch to bare feet! I press my feet on his face hard – and as long as I want! Once my feet are just above his mouth and nose he’ll submissively smell and lick them!

Breath control with my feet foot domination pictures
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Slave eats crushed cake off my feet

I’ve brought a small cake for the slave – but of course he doesn’t get to eat it like a normal person – he’ll eat it from my feet – like a slave deserves! I crush the little cream filled cake under my bare feet and make him lick and suck the crushed foot off my toes and foot soles. He should be thankful to get something to eat at all – and for getting to eat it off my feet even more!

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Her first experience using a foot slave

My friend Virginia was totally psyched when I told her about the great pleasure of having a personal slave – and let’s be honest – every woman should have a male servant at her command at any time! I brought her over and told her to wait in the armchair while I went to get the slave. He has to start by kissing her sexy high heels – then lick them clean as well. Before I take off her shoes I make him kiss and lick mine as well – then it’s time to worship Virginias bare feet. She quickly isn’t satisfied by just getting her feet kissed – and shoves her toes into his mouth – making him suck her toes one after another. And of course he has to lick her foot soles as well. While he’s at it he obviously gets to kiss and lick my feet as well. I’ve a gut feeling we’ll see Virginia using the slave more often in the future.

Her first experience using a foot slave foot domination pictures

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The foot slave’s payment is due!

Obviously being my slave isn’t for free – and it’s time for the slave to deliver his next payment. I sit down on the couch and make him rub my feet before demanding the first money – but he can’t be serious! He hands me a 20 Euro bill – what am I going to do with that? Buy a pack of cigarettes? I’ll show him what 20 Euro are worth to me! I grab my lighter, light the money on fire and use the burning bill to light my cigarette – then just throw it into the ashtray to burn completely. Then he’s more cooperative and hands me 300 Euros – that’s better! I make him kiss and lick my bare feet while I continue to smoke my cigarette.

The foot slaves payment is due! foot domination pictures

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My Footslapper Slut

My slave wants a footjob. So I decided to allow him a little treat and give him one. He’s been waiting a while and his cock is not ready. So I begin by stroking it with my stiletto heels and it’s not long before my slut begins to respond. I remove my shoes and stroke his cock with my bare feet. As I continue to massage it putting it between my feet, my slut begs me to allow him to cum. I tell him no.. He must wait until I allow it. After a while I tell him he can cum. He makes such a mess of my feet. I get him to clean them. He’s such a dirty slut, is now going to be punished. I get him to stand in front of me and begin giving him some good hard kicks in his balls. He squeals as I continue to increase the power of my kicks. Eventually I kick him so heard he falls to the ground. What a wimp! I tell him to stay down and and kiss the feet of Mistress Gaia.

My Footslapper Slut foot domination pictures

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