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The complate foot odor

The complate foot odor foot domination pictures

The slave now gets to taste my dirty stinky feet – he has to lick every inch of my soles! You can clearly see the dirt in the sneakers’ tread and my slave also gets to taste it clearly. But that was only the first part – next he gets my stinky socks! He has to take off my sneakers and then press his nose into my stinky sweat-soaked socks. He inhales the foot odor deeply! I’m amused seeing him suffer so badly. That’s why I’m going to take it one more step further. After taking off the socks the slave has to lick my sweaty bare feet – and obviously he also has to lick between the toes – there shouldn’t be a single sweaty spot left when he’s done with his task!
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Wrathful Soles in Rage

Wrathful Soles in Rage foot domination pictures

Candy is just back from running, she’s been working out extensively to get as sweaty as possible for her foot fetish scene, but upon arrivar, she finds the producer wasting time watching previous pictures instead of getting the set ready for the shot. She goes incredibly mad at him, freaks out and shouts at him in implacable anger. She pulls him down to the floor and starts kicking the hell out of him. She grabs a belt and flogs him while constantly shouts at him in wrathful rage. She makes him lick the bottoms of her sneakers before she kicks them off to stomp his face with her sweaty bare feet. Her feet are sweaty beyond words, huge veins throbbing on the top, the soaked red bottoms are dripping wet. She brutally rubs them into the looser’s face and orders him to inhale their unbearable vinegary stink! No mercy for the pathetic sloth! She grabs his nose with her toes and doesn’t allow him to breathe until his face goes red then kicks him in the face and makes him smell the stink of her feet once again. She alternates back and forth between smothering the looser and making him her stink-sniffer. The beating, the shouting and humiliation never stops, she crushes his face with her bare soles and spits on his face. No matter how the looser begs for an apology, he has to stick his tongue out to be fed with the salty sweat of Candy’s soles!
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First Timer Footlicker

First Timer Footlicker lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

When we recruit a new model, her first few scenes will feature her in the dominant role, of course we’re much more intereseted in her beautiful soles than her nose or tongue. However, if a girl decides to stay with us for future sessions, she can’t get away without inhaling stinky feet and licking the juicy sweat off them. I constantly persuade them to explore the fun of the other side, to learn how in feels to kneel before a girl and serve her soles in a submissive worship. Emily was very reluctant to do this, every time I tried to convince her, she strictly refused the idea. However, over time curiosity won and her resistance weakened, today, finally she accepted! It took more than 9 months to get her into submission! Today was her very first time, she has never licked anyone’s feet before in her life. Never ever! Smelling a girls smelly shoes, submissively filling her lungs with the stink of her feet and tasting the sweat of her soles were all new for her. It was Candy, who introduced her into foot worship, so she got the real thing for her first time! Candy’s feet are incredibly stinky in summertime, she wears her VANS shoes almost exclusively without socks, so all the summer sweat is conserved within! It was more than 39 degrees celsius today and we shot the scene immediately upon their arrival, in the very outfit they came. Candy kept her shoes on until camera roll, to ensure an authentic experience for Emily! She had to smell those shoes, Candy’s sweaty bare feet, and she had to lick all the sweat off those divine soles! Even she was nervous and grossed out by the stink, Emily got used to it pretty fast in this who experience turned out fun for her. Unusual for a first timer, Candy was also satisfied with her foot worship skills, specially when Emily sucked on her tempting toes as a real pro!
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Izzy’s sweaty feet

Izzys sweaty feet foot fetish pictures

Sweet, blonde Miss IZZY takes off her smelly bare socks and orders you to smell and lick her sweaty bare feet. She feeds you wit her stinky socks and then you are allowed to lick the top of her feet, her soles and each toe. She wants you to stick your nose between her smelly toes.. the most sweaty part of her feet size 39 EH. Great sweaty feet worship POV’S!
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Suck my sweaty toes and soles

Suck my sweaty toes and soles foot domination pictures

Miss Kitty removes her ballet flats and wants her footslave to worship, to lick and suck her sweaty bare feet. She loves to watch him sucking her her sweaty toes and lick off the sweat between her toes. Pure amateur footworship session / Great Point of Vies incl.
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Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam

Lick my sweaty soles and swallow my toe jam foot domination pictures

Miss Serena removes her chucks and and orders the footslave to worship her sweaty bare feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty soles and toes and she wants him to lick off the sweaty toe jam between her toes. The sweet Mistress loves to fuck his mouth with her sweaty feet finally.
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Inhaling Exercise

Inhaling Exercise lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Dorothy has to inhale the stink of Clarissa’s boots, sweaty socks and smelly bare feet. Even though her disgust is obvious, she takes deep breaths on command and fills her whole lungs as she has been ordered to.
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Choke on the Stink, Gag on the Sweat

Choke on the Stink, Gag on the Sweat lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Goddess Candy wore a set completely unmatching these days’ hot weather: she had her fluffy winter socks on with her smelly old black boots. Her slave Rosie is supposed to inhale the damp stink of her feet with utmost obedience, however, she failed to do so. She tooks Candy’s boots off, and started to fill her lungs with the smelly warm, moist breaths from her socks, but she eased her nose way too often, and took breaths through her mouth, too. This is a behavior absolutely unacceptable, Candy scolded her every time, she noticed. Rosie kept smelling her socks, then took them off to reveal the Goddess’s perfect bare feet and gorgeous sweaty soles, then went on taking smelly breaths from Candy’s stinking toes. The malodorous humid are was too much for her again, even though she could have treasure her situation, that she was chosen to inhale the divine smell, she choose to misbehave again, she wasn’t breathing through her nose exclusively. Enough is enough, Candy stopped reading the book and now gave her full attention to the disobedient slave, she stuffed her mouth with her foot and ordered her smell the other. This could have been the best moment of her life, but impudent Rosie just did not know, that some lines are never meant to be crossed: she started to choke immediately and took Candy’s superb foot out of her mouth. This was the end of the Goddess’ patience, she got totally pissed off, grabbed the slave’s hair and rammed her foot down her pathetic throat. Deeper and deeper the divine foot was intruding Rosie’s mouth, she totally lost her mind, started to cry and beg Candy to stop her punishment, but she was way too late. It was time to give her a lesson for good and Candy is really extensive at punishing misbehaving slaves! She made Rosie choke and gag on her divine, sweaty feet, almost retching by every stroke. Candy’s toes were a huge pain in her throat, but without mercy her mouth was stretched, the gorgous feet were up to destroying her oral orifice. Candy pulled her head as deep onto her foot as could, and kept her down there releasing her just the moment before throwing up unevitably. Rosie was crying in vain, this lesson ended only when the Goddes wanted it to!
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Lick her dirty soles

Lick her dirty soles foot domination pictures

Are you a footslave without limits? Miss Jenna wants you today to clean her dirty bare soles with your tongue. Its a honor to be allowed licking a real Mistress’ bare feet. Mistress Jenna orders you finally to swallow the dirt.
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Hang in the Stink

Hang in the Stink lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Candy brings us a whole new level of footsmelling and footslave exploitation! She suspended Rosie by a chain to a hook in the ceiling and tied her hands back. Totally exposed and defenseless, she has to breath in the stink of Candy’s fluffy pink socks and sweaty bare feet while being completely at her mercy! Candy wore her old, red steel-cap boots for this event, with a well saturated, foul odor within. Her thick socks boosted the sweat, and thus the stink, too, just for Rosie’s suffering. Hanged by her ankles and her hands tied back, Rosie has absolutely zero chance to dodge the stinky feet reeking right in her face! Socks or bare feet: it’s up to Candy, and her alone to decide the source of the aroma, Rosie has to inhale them all! Goddess Candy has great fun playing with her desperate victim, frightening her and making her say how she lover to be footsniffer. She even makes her hold her breath a few times, of course, with the cheesy stink of her feet in her lungs! At the very end, Candy makes her suck the sweat off her big toes, just for the sake of total humiliation.
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Worship in Anguish

Worship in Anguish footdom girls foot worship pictures

Lorena demonstrates what foot domination means according to her dictionary! She terrorizes Rosie with her socks and bare feet, rubs them into her face and makes her smell and lick them. She shoves her long toes into her mouth and doesn’t leave the poor girl a minute of peace!
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Dirty Feet Humiliation

Dirty Feet Humiliation foot domination pictures Miss Serena prepares her feet for her footslave today. She walks around at the backyard with bare feet and walks through the dirty part of the ground and looking forward to the following foot worship session. Then she starts using the young of her footslave. He has to clean her dirty soles and dirty toes with his worthless tongue and she enjoys the game …
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Crushed under Lady Samantha

Crushed under Lady Samantha foot domination pictures Lady Samantha caught you behind the pillow, you little tiny victim. She puts you on the floor and starts to crush you under her heels. She tries to flatten with her ass and with her feet, with sitting on you and trampling. She takes off her heels an and finish you under her bare feet. The last thing you will see is her bare dominant sole!
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Young Sweaty Feet

Young Sweaty Feet foot fetish pictures 19 yo streetgirl Paola removes her moist socks and wants you to lick and sniff her bare sweaty soft feet. Like to lick her young toes and to smell the sweat of her sweet feet? Perfect sweaty soft feet!
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Ignored at her feet

Ignored at her feet foot fetish pictures Streetgirl Paola ignores you while you can whatch her bare feet. After she removes her sweaty, moist socks, you can now enjoy the view of her bare smelly soles and toes!
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Smothered under bare feet

Smothered under bare feet foot domination pictures Streetgirl Paola removes her sweaty chucks and presses both sweaty moist soles on her victim’s face. She covered his nose and mouth with her young smelly feet and controls his breathing. She likes the game of smother him with feet and lets him kiss and smell her sweaty bare feet.
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