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Asian footrest

There arent many things you can use this tiny asian slave for. He is so weak and he cries like a lil bitch when I walk over his fragile body with some hot stilettos, Now I found a way to use this slave dog. He has to serve me as a footrest. While I’m sitting on the sofa relaxing he has to lay on the floor at my feet. Of course this lil bitch moans when my spike heels scratch his skin. I handcuff him so that he can’t offer resistance.

Asian footrest foot domination pictures

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Humiliated under feet

Haha watch this this tiny asian loser slave. Isn’t he ridicolous? This worthless piece of shit does everythin to please his Godess. I started to trample him under my flat everyday booties. Then I order him to remove my shoes so that I can put my feet in his face. I laugh about him while he has to smell my stinky socks. I slap his face with my feet and he cries like a lil girl. That was awesome.

Humiliated under feet foot domination pictures

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German Goddess, Asian slave

This Little asian guy is one of my favourite victims because he always cries like a little girl Girl when we humiliate him. For that reason we just call him “bitch”. In this part the bitch has to lick the bottom of my high heels. He really sucks the heels as if his life depends on it. LOL. Of course he also has to lick the bottom of Lady Faye’s boots. Lateron we use his mouth as our ashtray. Because we think a little disgusting slave like this one should do the maximum disgusting work we make him lick the floor with his TONGUE! Thats really disgusting because the floor is full of filth and dirt. But of course the Little bitch does what he is told. We have a lot of fun while he almost cries. LOL. Content: foot domination, humilation, human ashtray, verbal humiliation

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