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Daily Foot Domination Archives: April 14, 2018

Slave has to lick muddy hunter boots

Slave has to lick muddy hunter boots foot domination pictures

With all the rain lately the forest trails are completely muddy – and my red hunter boots get muddy as I walk through the mud and puddles. And maybe I made them a little dirtier on purpose. I ordered the slave to wait for me at the car and immediately push him down on his knees – so he can lick my muddy boots before I get into the car. You can see perfectly how his tongue brings back the shiny red of my boots while the other half is still covered in mud! But of course he’s going to clean them both completely!
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Eat waste from my shoe soles, slave!

Eat waste from my shoe soles, slave! foot domination pictures

Get over here, loser! Watch closely as I pour some food for you out of the trash. Some good food, some spoiled food, some dirt and some ash – just the right mix for you. I top it off with some of my spit and then crush it under my converse soles – where you may eat it off. Come on! What are you waiting for? Get your tongue out and start licking! I speak some German in this clip – but it’s easy to understand and the actions speaks for itself as usual.
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Stroke to my feet

Stroke to my feet foot fetish pictures

Foot addicts like you are always very welcome to me because it’s such a great pleasure to see how easy it is to manipulate you and make you become a puppet to do whatever I demand. Just a little look on my sexy bare soles or that wiggling of my toes and your mind is gone. It’s literally melted beneath my feet. I love using them to do this to you because it will bring you to reveal your deepest inner and that makes you vulnerable to me. Of course I abuse this vulnerability to make you become more addicted to my perfect feet and make you pay for them. You will stroke your dicklet to my instructions and you will pay. Let’s see if I will let you cum as you watch my goddess’ feet.
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Fed from 4 dirty sneaker soles

Fed from 4 dirty sneaker soles foot domination pictures

And once again Madison joins me to humiliate the slave. We enjoy some cake while the loser crawls at our feet – and every now and then we spit some cake on the floor for him and crush it under our dirty sneaker soles – so he can lick it off our shoes! We just love how disgusted he is by swallowing all the dirt, spit and crushed cake from our shoe soles – and obviously in the end he has to lick the floor clean as well!
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My feet are your addiction

My feet are your addiction foot fetish pictures

You need your daily dose – your daily dose of my feet. It makes you crazy when you can’t look at my hot feet. Watch them close! That’s just what my little addict needs. I give you what you need and you’re in a feet frenzy!
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