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Daily Foot Domination Archives: April 11, 2018

Candy’s Ashtray

Candys Ashtray foot domination pictures

Sitting on the footslave’s stomach, Candy lights up a cigarette, and starts to abuse the slave with her reeking stinky feet. She rubs the sweat into his face and stuffs her heel deep into his mouth until he starts to gag. He also has to submit his pathetic mouth as an ashtray for the Goddess, swallowing it all. But ashes of a single cigarette is way too little, so Candy tips off an ashtray onto the floor, steps right into the pile of ash and makes her sorry footslave lick it all off! She makes his face a total mess, rubs the dirt into it well. She keeps stepping into the pile, then on his tongue over and over again and orders him to swallow it all. She turns him around and makes him suck the dirt off her toes as well as up off the floor!
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Bonnie’s First Time

Bonnies First Time lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Fresh out of high school, our 18 y/o Bonnie is here! Her size 38Eu(7’US,5UK) feet are getting worshipped by two of our beauties: Candy and Rosie. She just sits in the armchair and enjoys as the girls make their tongue dance on her soft soles! No story, no talk, just pure foot worship!
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Stink Conditioned Air

Stink Conditioned Air lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

With her hands tied back and her mouth taped shut, Emily lies exposed under Candy’s chair. Even though she had been introduced to foot slavery, this is the first time her free will is taken away, she is obliged to inhale the stink of Candy’s feet. Now she learns, that voluntary foot smelling and being helpless against a pair a sweat-socked socks covering her face is completely different! The video was shot on one of the hottest days of summer, the room temperature reached 40 degrees celsius, or even above. Since we have no air condition, Candy found a rather unique way of cooling herself during the shot: when she took off those stinky socks, she used them as ventillations fans. Almost instantly the whole room was filled with the vinegary smell of her sweaty feet! Candy took advantage of this immediately, she twirled her socks above Emily’s face, in addition to the stink of her bare soles, she gave them an enhanced foot smelling experience!
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Flattened Footslave

Flattened Footslave foot domination pictures

Bonnie is new to trampling, she has never stepped on anyone before. She teams up with Candy for her first experience! They flatten the slave in shoes, sock and mostly barefoot. They take all the fun in trampling: walking all over the footslave, high jumps, tip-toe and one-foot cheststanding, hard stomping, throat- and facestanding. They’re up for anything that hurts the guy below and make sure it really does, specially Bonnie’s technique to land from jumps full weight on her heels only!
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Awesome Pink Soles

Awesome Pink Soles foot fetish pictures

Amazingly beautiful Anna & Elsa kick off their shoes, and shove their silky soft, pink soles right into your face! They play with their feet, wiggle their toes and show off their perfect soles for gazing pleasure.
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