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Daily Foot Domination Archives: April 10, 2018

Girl under Girl

Girl under Girl lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Goddess Candy enslaves our young Rosie under her feet and uses her as a carpet to walk on. The slavegirl has to suffer Candy’s full weight on her belly and in between her tits. Her tiny neck is not spared either, Candy steps on her throat to make her choke a couple of times. Rosie is not allowed to defend herself by any means, she has to suffer just as long as Candy wants her to. For the first time in her life, she also has to submit her pretty face to the game, too!
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Slaveboy’s Lucky Day

Slaveboys Lucky Day foot domination pictures

The footboy gets the chance to serve 4 girls’ feet at the same time! Anna, Esther, Lorena and Rosie sit around the slave, kick off their shoes and make him smell their stinky socks. After a short while, they take off the socks and smother him with their bare soles. After filling his lungs with their smell, he must lick the sweat off all of them!
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Hogtied Footsmelling

Hogtied Footsmelling lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Besides their perfect shape, Candy’s feet have another unmatched feature: their ability to produce incredible amounts of salty sweat, rendering her divine soles juicy wet all the time. This, combined with her habit of wearing her shoes without socks produces a distinct, strong and vinegary stink, which is a foot fetish dream on the one hand, and also a tool of ultimate humiliation on the other. No matter Rosie has been in a number of clips as a slave, a scene like this is a big time challenge for her mentally, every time. Such a young girl, full of visions for the future, suddenly finds herself in the spotlight, helplessly hogtied, smelling a perfect girl’s stinky feet for money while someone is filming it – yeah, that’s humiliating. And the stink of Candy’s feet is real. Very real. For she rubs her sweaty soles thoroughly into Rosie’s face, she makes sure that the poor girl will smell their stink long after the scene is completed. This is exactly what’s happening here: Candy takes off her stinky shoes and shoves them into Rosie’s face and makes her to inhale them deeply. She humiliates her by making her smell the overwhelming stink of her feet, she even pulls her toes apart to enhance the odour. Due to her hogtied position, Rosie even has to struggle for a breath from the reeking soles! Candy rubs all the sweat into her face and her hair, too! For a nice bonus, she orders her to suck the sweat off her big toes at the very end.
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Dorothy’s Hot Soles

Dorothys Hot Soles foot fetish pictures

Dorothy’s soles are simply amazing! This time she shows them off at the shores of a small lake. She starts splashing the water with her beautiful feet, then moves away from the pond and presents an amazing view of her charming soles! After a while she turns around and lets you watch them from behind, even making those pretty wrinkles that definitely brings water to your mouth!
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Inhaling Exercise

Inhaling Exercise lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Dorothy has to inhale the stink of Clarissa’s boots, sweaty socks and smelly bare feet. Even though her disgust is obvious, she takes deep breaths on command and fills her whole lungs as she has been ordered to.
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Royal Mistress
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