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Daily Foot Domination Archives: April 9, 2018

Enslaved to Clarissa’s Workout Sweat

Enslaved to Clarissas Workout Sweat lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Clarissa is just back from lengthy jogging sockless in her Adidas Superstars. Those shoes are legendary in rendering her feet unbearably stinky, even just by wearing them, but she ran miles in them now! She arrived totally soaked in sweat, red skin and she could barely catch her breath. Rosie already awaited her lying under the chair. She was pretty scared: even she had her hard times smelling almost all the FeetExtreme girls’ feet, a workout without socks in Superstars is not the stink one can be ready for! When Clarissa kicked her shoes off and shoved her ultra-sweaty soles right into Rosie’s face, she immediately freaked out in disgust! But we have rules here, she had no chance but to submit her lungs to the devastating stench! Clarissa’s feet were just incredible: visibly hot red with big, swollen, throbbing veins! That’s how feet after workout meant to look like! Rosie suffered big time with every breath she took, Clarissa did not tolerate any attempts to dodge the stink! She rubbed her sweat into the face of her victim and ordered her to keep breathing. When Rosie’s lungs were tortured enough, she had to stick her tongue out and lick all the juicy, salty sweat off Clarissa’s hot soles!
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An Awful Meal

An Awful Meal lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Only to satisfy our kinky needs, Rosie hadn’t done her pedicure at home, rather did it in the studio, with Clarissa serving as her wastebin! Rosie filed her heels and soles, cut her toenails – all into Clarissa’s mouth, who had to swallow them all!
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Oily Relief

Oily Relief foot fetish pictures

Dorothy gets her weary feet massaged with a great dose of baby oil. She just relaxes and enjoys the oily treatment to her lovely soles. Mostly shot in POV style, great close-ups of the details of her soles!
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Choke on the Stink, Gag on the Sweat

Choke on the Stink, Gag on the Sweat lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Goddess Candy wore a set completely unmatching these days’ hot weather: she had her fluffy winter socks on with her smelly old black boots. Her slave Rosie is supposed to inhale the damp stink of her feet with utmost obedience, however, she failed to do so. She tooks Candy’s boots off, and started to fill her lungs with the smelly warm, moist breaths from her socks, but she eased her nose way too often, and took breaths through her mouth, too. This is a behavior absolutely unacceptable, Candy scolded her every time, she noticed. Rosie kept smelling her socks, then took them off to reveal the Goddess’s perfect bare feet and gorgeous sweaty soles, then went on taking smelly breaths from Candy’s stinking toes. The malodorous humid are was too much for her again, even though she could have treasure her situation, that she was chosen to inhale the divine smell, she choose to misbehave again, she wasn’t breathing through her nose exclusively. Enough is enough, Candy stopped reading the book and now gave her full attention to the disobedient slave, she stuffed her mouth with her foot and ordered her smell the other. This could have been the best moment of her life, but impudent Rosie just did not know, that some lines are never meant to be crossed: she started to choke immediately and took Candy’s superb foot out of her mouth. This was the end of the Goddess’ patience, she got totally pissed off, grabbed the slave’s hair and rammed her foot down her pathetic throat. Deeper and deeper the divine foot was intruding Rosie’s mouth, she totally lost her mind, started to cry and beg Candy to stop her punishment, but she was way too late. It was time to give her a lesson for good and Candy is really extensive at punishing misbehaving slaves! She made Rosie choke and gag on her divine, sweaty feet, almost retching by every stroke. Candy’s toes were a huge pain in her throat, but without mercy her mouth was stretched, the gorgous feet were up to destroying her oral orifice. Candy pulled her head as deep onto her foot as could, and kept her down there releasing her just the moment before throwing up unevitably. Rosie was crying in vain, this lesson ended only when the Goddes wanted it to!
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Under Gorgeous Weight

Under Gorgeous Weight foot domination pictures

Beautiful inked Goddesses Candy and Emily team up once again to give the footboy some hard time under their divine soles! They jump onto his obedient body from the top of the coach, trample his belly, chest and throat, and stand on his loser face, too!
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Royal Mistress
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