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Daily Foot Domination Archives: April 8, 2018

Tongue Training of the Footslave Girls

Tongue Training of the Footslave Girls lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Anna, Esther and Lorena use their footslaves to clean off their sweaty soles! They’re ordered to take the shoes off, get their noses ready with a short sock smelling, then lick all the six soles with no pauses allowed! Clarissa and Rosie do everything they can to please the other three girls, they lick their beautiful soles and suck on their pretty toes. However, the huge soles of Esther and Lorena are kinda challenge in themselves, let alone the salty taste they have!
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Rosie’s Revenge

Rosies Revenge lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Enough is enough, Rosie is just fed up with being enslaved and humiliated all the time. At least a dozen times she had to suffer Candy’s stinky, sweaty feet in her face, now it’s her time to avenge the abuse! She tricked her into bondage, all Candy’s limbs and neck are tied by leather straps and chains to the pentagram on the floor, leaving her more defenseless than she has ever been! This could have been more than perfect to begin her torment, but Rosie had even better plans! She simply left Candy in the empty room, tied to the floor with no idea where she has gone, and when she’ll come back. Rosie ran for like half an hour around the block, sockless in her stinkiest old VANS, in the deadliest of summer heat! She arrived back totally socked in her sweat, red face and veins throbbing on her neck. She took off the shoes and instantly made Candy smell the stink of her feet. She rubbed the salty sweat into her face and laughed at her. Candy tried to maintain her dignity, but vainly, her humiliation went on record! She had no chance but to inhale the reeking stench of Rosie’s soles. But she hasn’t been tied up for a few sniffs, she had to put her tongue into work, too! Rosie made her lick all the salty sweat off her soles, and according to Candy, they had a terrible taste!
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Foot Flattened Face

Foot Flattened Face foot domination pictures

Rosie tramples the footslave’s head in her VANS shoes and barefoot. The slave gets his first purple mark on his face from the shoe in the very first minute, those things are not meant for these kind of use…or do they? She takes them off quite soon, then goes on trampling the slave’s face barefoot. She steps on his nose, on his mouth and whole face with both feet and with only one supporting his entire weight, too! She keeps standing on the footboys face until it turns totally purple and he whines in pain! The area just around his ears gets more and more swollen with every time and also more purple! It just remains so, it seems that the footboy has to deal with long-term effect of face-destruction! 10 minutes of exclusive, uncut facestanding, nothing more, nothing less; so if you love disgustingly flattened men’s face under young soles, seek no further!
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Smelling her Stinky Pantyhose

Smelling her Stinky Pantyhose lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

This clip is from the first sessions of Candy and Rosie together. Candy spent her day on a business meeting and came over to shoot a scene right after. It’s very rare to see her in such an outfit, it’s very unlike her normal style, however she looks very hot as a businesswoman, too, and the shortage of these kind of moments just enhance their thrill. We planned something different, she even brought a bag of clothes to change, but once she took off her shoes and the stink of her feet instantly filled the room, I was totally mesmerized by the scent, and insisted her to use those reeking pantyhose in the scene. Rosie hasn’t got used to such a strong foot odor like that of Candy by that time, so I thought it was a great opportunity to shoot something really authentic. Rosie lied beneath Candy’s chair and her abuse began! Candy shoved her shoes into her face and made her smell them, but that was just the warm-up, the hot, moist stink within those high heels was no match for the stink of her pantyhose. She rubbed her feet into Rosie’s face, knowing that the smell will stick to her face hours after the smothering ended! Rosie tried to fight off Candy’s feet, but she yelled at her to keep her hands behind her back. Rosie is just too easy dominate, even though see was disgusted by the stench, she kept filling her lungs with it. Candy was constantly laughing at her and intensifying her humiliation by abasing words. She took pictures of her with her phone, and even threated her, that she will send the pics if she fail to inhale in utmost submission!
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Foot Worship Competition

Foot Worship Competition footdom girls foot worship pictures

Our amazing foot fetish girls, Candy and Elsa show us some unbelievable action again! This time around, they show off to each other how an excellent foot worship they can give! And they really into besting each other! I mean, I’ve never seen Elsa to lick a sole with such passion as she licked to soles of her very sis here! With her skillful tongue she worshipped Candy’s soles with utmost enthusiasm, licking every inch of her perfect soles and sucking on her gorgeous toes! And Candy gave her little sis no less: joyfully she caressed her wonderful soles and sucked her heels and toes like a real champ! Anytime these divine girls go on each other’s feet, it’s a guarantee for an ultra-hot clip, but this time around, they both outshined themselves as they tried to excel each other!
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