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Daily Foot Domination Archives: April 7, 2018

Lick her dirty soles

Lick her dirty soles foot domination pictures

Are you a footslave without limits? Miss Jenna wants you today to clean her dirty bare soles with your tongue. Its a honor to be allowed licking a real Mistress’ bare feet. Mistress Jenna orders you finally to swallow the dirt.
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Sweet & Salty

Sweet & Salty foot fetish pictures

Beautiful Elsa crushes a cake with her smelly bare soles. Great closeups of the sweet cake being mixed with her salty sweat.
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Hang in the Stink

Hang in the Stink lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Candy brings us a whole new level of footsmelling and footslave exploitation! She suspended Rosie by a chain to a hook in the ceiling and tied her hands back. Totally exposed and defenseless, she has to breath in the stink of Candy’s fluffy pink socks and sweaty bare feet while being completely at her mercy! Candy wore her old, red steel-cap boots for this event, with a well saturated, foul odor within. Her thick socks boosted the sweat, and thus the stink, too, just for Rosie’s suffering. Hanged by her ankles and her hands tied back, Rosie has absolutely zero chance to dodge the stinky feet reeking right in her face! Socks or bare feet: it’s up to Candy, and her alone to decide the source of the aroma, Rosie has to inhale them all! Goddess Candy has great fun playing with her desperate victim, frightening her and making her say how she lover to be footsniffer. She even makes her hold her breath a few times, of course, with the cheesy stink of her feet in her lungs! At the very end, Candy makes her suck the sweat off her big toes, just for the sake of total humiliation.
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Big Soles, Hot Wax

Big Soles, Hot Wax foot fetish pictures

Esther gets a huge dose of hot wax on her big soles. As time passes by, so does her strenth and endurance, the burning drops feel more and more painful. Great close-ups of her tormented feet!
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Smelly Soles

Smelly Soles foot fetish pictures

Amazing Candy and Elsa have a little fun in the studio – with their perfect feet right in your face, of course! They take off their stinky shoes and inhale their smell, while you can gaze at their charming socks. They sniff each other’s, too, and just laugh at how stinky their shoes are. I’ve asked them to get their smelliest shoes on with synthetic socks for this event, just to ensure an authentic, stinky experience for them! They go on smelling their socks and reveal their heavenly smooth, perfect bare soles. They try to dominate each other in a funny foot-wrestling, which means twenty A-class toes constantly wiggling right in the cam!
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Sweet Pink Crush

Sweet Pink Crush foot fetish pictures

Gorgeous girls Candy and Elsa destroy a cake with their incredibly pink, beautiful soles. Their luscious toes eliminate the pastry in no time and their perfect feet get totally covered with it’s mess. They never stop giggling as the sight of their wiggling toes and tempting soles drive us crazy! No cake ever can be as enticing as the one drenched by the footsweat of these wonderful girls!
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Worship in Anguish

Worship in Anguish footdom girls foot worship pictures

Lorena demonstrates what foot domination means according to her dictionary! She terrorizes Rosie with her socks and bare feet, rubs them into her face and makes her smell and lick them. She shoves her long toes into her mouth and doesn’t leave the poor girl a minute of peace!
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Regular FootService

Regular FootService footdom girls foot worship pictures

Foot worship is highly addictive. It is an incomparable, second to none experience for a girl to get comfortable in a chair, kick off her smelly shoes and have a living floormat under the chair, who is obliged to lick all the sweat off her soles, no matter how stinky they are. In fact, the more foul the smell, the more humiliating this act is for the footlicker and the higher the self-esteem boost is for the reciever. After a few occasions, every girl becomes addicted and soon they start to miss the sensation of a caring tongue on their soles. Between our sessions, the girls regularly text me about how sweaty and stinky their feet are, and how cool it would be, if someone licked them clean. Of course, that’s more than enough for me, to arrange a shooting immediately! This time Dorothy gets her regular sweat removal service. She takes off her shoes, rubs her sweaty feet into Clarissa’s face and orders her to submit her tongue and lick those perfect soles clean!
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Rosie’s Weak Spots

Rosies Weak Spots foot fetish pictures

Since Rosie’s last tickling clip became so popular, we decided to take her suffering to a whole new level! She got tied up in our infamous foot torture pentagram and her tickling began! Her sensitive soles came first, but after a few minutes, her exposed armpits got were terrorized, too! She screamed and shouted like never before! She even begged to stop, but we were not in our merciful mood! Clarissa’s cruel little fingers tickled the hell out of Rosie’s soles and armpits, switching a couple of times between the two spots. She finished her torture with the brush on her soles, a kinky ending of a relentless tickle session!
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Foot Worship Extasy

Foot Worship Extasy footdom girls foot worship pictures

Lorena is a wild, 18 y/o girl with a size 9 (40 EU) feet we’ve been just introduced by her friend Esther. When she learned of our fetish studio, she was immediately keen to join! She is just about to finish high school, yet she has already got some foot fetish experiences and she is totally into it! More precisely, she gets extremely turned on by foot worship and utterly enjoys the privilege of getting her soles licked! To show our appreciation, she got two enthusiastic footlickers for her first time! Rosie and Clarissa licked her soles thoroughly and passionately, while she watched them relaxed with a satisfied smile. However, excitement came by each lash of their tongue and soon Lorena was all nasty, moaning in rapture!
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Facial Steam Bath in Candy’s Foot Sweat

Facial Steam Bath in Candys Foot Sweat lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

We were evaluating our latest scenes in the FeetExtreme HQ with Candy and Rosie, watching clips where Rosie has been the slavegirl or performed off-screen duties. Candy was sporting her sweat-enhancing plastic boots, with no socks, so her feet were bathing in their own salty juice. I can’t help it, the sight of her vivid pink toes underneath the steamy plastic always brings kinky thoughts to my mind. There is only one thing in the world better than watching foot fetish clips together with the very girls featured in the videos, and that would be recording yet an other one meanwhile! Candy is always supportive to these spontaneous ideas and her soles are always ready for the camera! However, Rosie wasn’t that happy with the role we intended for her, but her aversion just makes the scene even better! With her hands tied, she had to lie on her back on the floor and suffer Candy’s ultra-sweaty, hot soles on her face! Candy’s soles were dripping wet as she took off the boots and she rubbed them thoroughly into Rosie’s face, every last drop of the smelly juice! All the dirt her feet catched up within the boots sticked to Rosie’s face immediately. She freaked out in disgust, but was not allowed to protect her face, she had to endure the utmost humiliation! And the best is just yet to come: she had her head wrapped together with Candy’s feet, sticking her sweaty soles right onto her face! From this moment on she had no chance but to inhale the vinegary stink of Candy’s feet, the humid air she was breathing was all made up of the sweat of Candy’s soles! And they continued to sweat more and more, right into the pores of Rosie’s face! Candy kept rubbing her feet into the poor girls face, laughing at her all the time. In the end, she lifted off the wrap and wiped the remaining sweat to her victim’s face, to make sure she will sport the smell of her feet for the rest of the day!
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Pink Soles Parade

Pink Soles Parade foot fetish pictures

Wow! Candy and Emily show off their flawless pink soles at the same time! They kick off their VANS shoes, put their divine feet on the table, and then you have 11 minutes to witness the total perfection, incarnated into the soles of these two Goddesses! If you are a solemaniac, this one would be your favorite!
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How to Train your Dirtlicker

How to Train your Dirtlicker foot domination pictures

Goddess Candy Blade shows how she trains her mud eating footslave! Out in the woods nearby, on an open, public, muddy dirtroad, she lays her slave in the mud, takes off her flip-flops, gets her feet totally dirty and the training begins! She tramples all over him, covers his face with the dirt off her soles and makes him lick huge mouthfuls of mud off her soles, which he must swallow on command! To enhance his humiliation, she splashes water into his face and mouth, what he has to swallow or spit, according to Candy’s orders. Every time her feet get somewhat cleaner, she steps into the muddy puddle again and makes this loser suck the dirt off her toes again and again! In the end, she kicks him into the puddle, and stomps his sorry face into the mud.
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Vinegary Nasal Treat

Vinegary Nasal Treat foot domination pictures

Sniffing beautiful girls’ cute and lovely feet? Everyone would be willing to join that ride! So was the footboy, too. But natural born Goddesses Candy and Emily readily show, that it’s all about their supremacy, nothing else! You may take a few whiffs from the divine odor of their soles or crave just to touch them, you sample the joyful taste of their sweat or lick their soles until your tongue drops off: it’s all up to their mood! So they start to play with the footboy, kicking his head and rubbing their feet into his face. It doesn’t matter, that the rotten undertones of a synthetic socks enhanced vinegary foot aroma is not he was after. He must smell just as he was told, take as deep breaths and as often as the two Goddesses want him to. Or just not to breathe at all…
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