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The StinkSorround

The StinkSorround footdom girls pictures

We arranged a simple game in our studio: whoever arrives last, must smell the stinky feet of all the other girls! Anna, Clarissa, Esther and Lorena was there in time, but Rosie was late, as she always is. So she had to take the place of the victim, she got her mouth taped, her hands tied and she had to submit her nose to the sweaty soles of 4 girls! They took of their shoes, neither one had socks within, so the stink unleashed was overwhelming. And from that very moment there was not a second chance for Rosie to breathe fresh air, the eight soles totally surronded her face, no matter which direction she tried to escape, they kept coming from all angles, totally burying her face underneath. Rosie had to inhale a mixture of four different footstinks, some cheesy, some vinegary but all reeking just too bad! And there was one extra kinky addition to her already unpleasant situation: Anna and Rosie never met before this scene! So Rosie’s very first impression of her was the moment when she had to lie defenseless on the floor and let her push her smelly soles into her face with the aid of three other girls, while I was recording! How humiliating for her! After they had enough, they simply leave her there without a word, they don’t care about releasing the poor girl at all.
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Inhaling Emily’s Soles

Inhaling Emilys Soles footdom girls foot domination pictures

Emily’s running shoes are a beast, they instantly drench her feet within with the matured stench of her previous joggings. Given these sneakers, her synthetic socks and you can guess how Candy felt, when she learned, that she has to smell them for more than 10 minutes! We had to tie her up to ensure she won’t try to fight the stink destroying her lungs! Her arms taped to her chest she lied helpless under Emily’s chair and her sweaty-stinky smothering has begun! Emily thoroughly rubbed her reeking socks into her suffering face and made her fill her lungs with the putrescent, humid stink of her socks! Candy tried to dodge the feet pushed against her nose, but she had no chance to escape at all! She had to inhale just as she was told to! Later Emily took off the socks and gave Candy the opportunity to suffer the smell of her bare soles! Of course, all the sweat was rubbed into her face again! Miserable and defenseless, Candy gave up fighting the stink and let the sweaty soles cover her face and breathed the stink underneath as a good little girl!
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The Sweat Discipline

The Sweat Discipline footdom girls pictures

Goddess Candy is doing her regular workout, she’s just about to finish, when she realizes, that her sluggish slave forgot to bring in her towel. She loses her mind in vengeful anger, she shouts the head of her lazy slave off and teaches her a lesson. If no towels present, the Goddess will use her tongue to remove the sweat of the workout! She orders the slavegirl to lick every drop of the salty sweat off her divine soles, constantly shouting at her, calling her names and humiliating her. The slave almost cries in the neverending torrent of verbal insults, the penetrating stink of Candy’s soles just make her situation harder. No chances left, she must lick the Goddess’ hot soles clean as been ordered to! However, she can’t even do such a simple task, so Candy makes sure, she learns how to lick her soles for good: she makes her stick out her tongue, press it hard against her soles and then lick it from the heel to the toes for 100 times! Of course, the slightest failure means extra licks on those perfect soles! When the slavegirl finally reaches the 100th lick, she gets an other task: since there is still no towel in the room, she must lick Candy’s sweaty armpits clean, too! She kneels next to the Goddess, opens her mouth, and licks that smelly, salty juice out of Candy’s armpits, just until she wants to use her!
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Foot Filled Mouth

Foot Filled Mouth footdom girls pictures

Dorothy has to suffer a serious throat training! She lies unbound on the floor, as an experienced slave, she has to restrict herself to stay down and keep her hands behind her back at all times. Her trainer, Clarissa had her Superstars on for a long while without socks to ensure great dose of salty sweat for the slave. She takes them off and puts her stinky feet onto Dorothy’s face and makes her smell her soles. Even they reek badly, Dorothy soon learns, that the vinegary stink of Clarissa’s feet is the least she has to worry about! First, she has to lick all the sweat off her soles, then the throatbusting begins! Clarissa orders her to open her mouth and relentlessly rams her feet into the slavegirl’s throat! She makes her suck her foot as if it were a huge cock, then literally fucks her mouth with it to find out how deep her throat really is! She also shoves her heel into her mouth, expanding it as wide as possible. For the whole session Dorothy suffers on the edge of throwing up, which she knows she’s not allowed to do. The only thing she can do is to swallow it back in misery before opening up her mouth to Clarissa’s feet again!
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Candy Unleashed

Candy Unleashed footdom girls pictures

Candy is helplessly hogtied on the table and is about to be tickled by her little sis Elsa! As the cruel fingers begin their work on her soles, Candy’s face almost instantly turns red with big veins throbbing on her forehead! She laughs, screams, shouts and thrashes herself like crazy. She tries everything possible to ease her suffering, but she cannot protect her exposed, sensitive soles! Elsa uses a brush, too, which seems to be the ultimate tool of torture! As evident from her previous tickle scenes, there is nothing sensual or funny in foot tickling for Candy, it’s pure agony instead! However, Elsa hasn’t been a pro with the ropes, so Candy actually manages to free her hands, which makes the girls’ fight even more exciting! A very unique and ultra-hot clip for the tickle fans!
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The Toesuck Experiment

The Toesuck Experiment footdom girls pictures

It’s time for a special challenge! The question is: can someone’s nailpolish literally be sucked off her toenails? Clarissa has 15 minutes to find this out and remove Candy’s pink nailpolish just by sucking her toes!
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Abused Little Footslave

Abused Little Footslave footdom girls pictures

Rosie has to face yet another humiliation by the abusive duo Candy & Emily! They degrade this poor little girl once again, they just can’t laugh enough at her suffering! They’ve spent their day sockless in their VANS shoes, their feet are hot as hell and reek a strong vinegary stink. They take the shoes off and order their slave to smell that hot, damp air coming from the insides. Her hands tied back, Rosie has no choice but to smell the stinky shoes shoved in her face! Candy and Emily rub their sweaty soles into her face and make her smell their hot, stinky feet, too! Every time she tries to evade their feet, they grab her head and push it back to their soles! She’s at the edge of crying, but the bratty girls just don’t care, they just laugh at her agony! Poor little Rosie has to open her mouth and put her tongue to work, she has to lick all the salty sweat off the girls’s soles and swallow their sweat! They make her suck on their perfect toes, too, no matter how disgusted she is!
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Four Soles Treat

Four Soles Treat footdom girls pictures

Our gorgeous foot Goddesses Anna and Elsa get their pink, soft soles worshipped! Those delicate, smooth soles just love Clarissa’s enthusiastic tongue! The girls just can’t help laughing their brains out while their feet being licked. I think I’m overly jealous and strongly regret not casting myself in the slave role. Those soles are way too hot!
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Hard Licking Labour

Hard Licking Labour footdom girls pictures

It seems Rosie just can get off her suffering streak! This time her duty is to submit her servile tongue to Esther’s huge soles, deeply inhale their strong stink and clean off all the salty sweat! Esther orders her to smell her black socks first. Upon the initial sniffs she realizes how badly they reek and freaks out in total disgust. But Esther doesn’t give a fuck about her suffering, she takes the socks off and makes Rosie lick her feet, and they stink not a bit less! Even she can’t help loathing and constantly sruggles not to throw up for the entire scene, Rosie keeps licking Esther’s feet with submissive obedience, she presses her whole tongue hard against her soles, cleanses them from heels to toes and removes all the salty sweat!
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Pampered Pink Soles

Pampered Pink Soles foot fetish pictures

Dorothy applies lotion on her soles and massages them gently.
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Pay to lick my boots

Pay to lick my boots foot domination pictures

Those greedy eyes who are in love with my dirty boots… you’re allowed to lick them clean, slave! But nothing’s for free, you have to pay huge money for it! Give those sexy, green bank notes to your mistress and you can start. Of course you try your best after you’ve paid so much money! Clean every space I’ve shown you. And in the end I’ll reward you for your thoroughly work with a surprise!
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Simona’s Foot Humiliation

Simonas Foot Humiliation foot domination pictures

Simona likes to humiliate this loser slave all the time, but she especially loves to do it after a long day with her feet inside her sneakers! She makes him bow down on his knees, and makes him take her sneakers off to make him sniff her socks! The smell was really intense, but she just takes pleasure to rub her sweaty socks all over his face while chatting on her cell phone! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! She wants him to lick and taste all that sweat from her socks! Simona also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and covers his nose with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her toes, and also makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants them cleaned! Simona also takes some pictures of her slave while he is licking her feet and sucking on her toes! She is threatening him to send all those pictures to her friends if he is not doing his job right!
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Cassandra’s Funny Game

Cassandras Funny Game foot domination pictures

Cassandra loves to make fun at her slave all the time, because she thinks it is so easy to make him do whatever she wants! She wants to play a little funny game today and this game is called: Shut up and sniff! She just makes sure her slave agreed to play this game, then she makes him takes her sneakers off to make him sniff her sweaty white socks! She is planning to watch a full movie is this position so her slave will have to deal with her sweaty socks and feet in his face for over an hour! She just takes pleasure to rub her sweaty socks all over his face, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Cassandra also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and smothers his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! This clip with Cassandra is actually in her native language, and the full version of this clip is actually fifteen minutes!
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Double Weight Flattening

Double Weight Flattening foot domination pictures

Candy and Emily have a great time trampling the footboy. First in shoes, then barefoot they stomp him into the floor. Huge jumps, tip-toe trampling, bodywalking, hard stomping, facestandings, all full weight on hard floor, performed by two exceptionally gorgeous beauties with perfect feet!
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Shinejob footdom girls pictures

Dirty boots are simply not up to girl’s standards, but outdoor activity does some inevitable filthy effects on footwear. Cleaning them with a cloth is total bore, having an other girl to lick the dirt off is much more fun! In this fashion, Clarissa enjoys a sunbath and a cigarette, while Dorothy, on her knees licks her dirty boots shiny, swallowing every bit of the filth her tongue gathered.
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Rosie Hogtied & Tickled

Rosie Hogtied & Tickled foot fetish pictures

Hogtied and totally helpless, Rosie gets her soles tickled by Esther with bare fingers and a brush. Even the slightest touch makes her laugh like crazy, it’s the brush, what makes her suffer really big time!
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