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Monthly Foot Domination Archives: December 2017

Submission to Zoey’s Soles

Submission to Zoeys Soles footdom girls pictures

Introduced by a mutual friend, Zoey applied to model for our project. When she took her shoes off, the looks and smell of her soles were so convincing, that we scheduled a video right to the next day. She’s got incredibly long toes, yet perfectly proportional feet with huge, tasty soles. Clarissa got the chance to serve them, to inhale their vinegary stink and to lick all the sweat off. Zoey was given a free hand to use her just as she wanted to. She order her to take off her shoes, breathe in the stink of her sockless soles, give them submissive kisses, suck on her long toes and of course, lick all the salty sweat off the soles!
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The taste of a hiking day

The taste of a hiking day foot domination pictures

Today my slave’s going to learn the taste of a full day of hiking. I put some toast in my warm socks in the morning and then put on my hiking boots. The hike was quite hard with some steep ascends – which made my feet sweat quite a lot – and the taste of the bread will be quite intense as well. My slave arrives too late this evening and I’m not amused that he kept me waiting. After the loser took off my hiking boots he has to smell them of course and get a first impression of what’s to come! Then I take off my sweaty socks and the bread is so soaked in my sweat it even sticks to the socks – disgusting! I spit on the bread a few times – then make the slave eat every single bit. In the end I make my sweaty hiking socks into a mouth gag for him – that he’ll have to wear for the rest of the day!
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