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Lick my dirty Chucks, LOSER!

Lick my dirty Chucks, LOSER! foot domination pictures Ahahah this was so funny. I mean how much more mud, dirt and filth can a loser like this swallow. More than you might think. LOL. Check out this clip and watch me getting my super dirty Chuck Converse cleaned by this piece of shit.
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Magali’s Feet After Work

Magalis Feet After Work foot domination pictures Magali is coming back from a long working day and it seems like she needs to rest her sweaty tired feet! Her good slave was already there, waiting for her in the room so she just comes and sits on his cock, to take her boots off to completely cover his face with her sweaty naked feet! They were so hot and sweaty! Her feet has been sweating inside her boots for ten hours without socks so, the smell was just totally sick! She takes pleasure to rub her sweaty feet all over his face, and makes him take some deep breaths in her feet. This loser slave is just totally addicted to her feet, so she also makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! Magali just loves to feel his wet and juicy tongue at the bottom of her soles after a long working day. It is so refreshing! She also makes him take some deep breaths inside her boots, because she knows that he loves the smell of them! Another great clip where Magali gets all the attention that she deserves on her lovely feet!
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Teased with Kittys Feet

Teased with Kittys Feet foot domination pictures Lady Kitty N. is teasing her footslave with her extreme heels and her bare feet. She wants him to lick and suck her heels and she fucks his mouth with her bare feet!
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He licks my dirty boots – or I’ll drive over him!

He licks my dirty boots   or Ill drive over him! foot domination pictures I take the slave to the parking lot, pull him out of the car and make him lie down in front of it – then I get back into the car and drive towards him. Of course the little loser is already afraid that I’ll just drive over him and crush him under the tire – but I’m not THAT cruel. I stop just as the front tire hits his shoulder, get out of the car and then make him lick the muddy soles of my boots. He struggles to swallow the massive amount of dirt – but as he’s still afraid to be overrun he tries his best. Will it be good enough?
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Lick my dirty feet

Lick my dirty feet foot fetish pictures Bitch Lady Kitty wants you to lick the dirt and mud off her sexy little feet. Are you ready to get on your knees and to clean her soles and toes with your tongue?
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Kitty N Foot Domination

Kitty N Foot Domination foot domination pictures Freestyle Foot Domination with Lady Kitty N. Its her way to tease a slave with her feet. She wants him to lick and sniff and she likes to trample him.
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A foot fetish fuck

A foot fetish fuck foot fetish pictures What a beautiful curvy babe has just started her new job and is already rising in the ranks, a part of that is due to those big natural tits and a sexy round ass, where of course they immediately ripped off each others clothes and got to fucking like a bitch. She take off her high heel shoes. Brings you this curvy beauty in an update, her huge boobs bouncing and swinging and pounding against that big butt as he fucks her deep, ending up shooting his load all over her stockings.

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YOU are Angelas Footslave

YOU are Angelas Footslave foot domination pictures You are leashed and its time to become Lady Angelas new footslave now. You are on your knees and she will tell you whats to do. You will worship and adore her heels and her bare feet now, thats your work for the next weeks.
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Dirty Feet

Dirty Feet foot domination pictures Along with Miss Amy, I make my feet really dirty in a bag full of mud that we brought from the outside. Just take a look at all that dirt on our naked feet, wow! That’s all a present for our laughing stock whom we call into the room. He doesn’t wait very long, but is adrenalized instead to lick our dirty feet asap! He crawls on all fours to his goddesses and starts with Miss Amys feet. He licks even the tiniest of all muddy fuzz, just like he’s never done something greater before… I have a fantastic idea: what about teaching him the piglanguage? Really- he grunts and squeaks like a pro!! Are you curious about how it’d be like to lick our tasty feet also? You can’t hide that boner in your pants! Start with my feet and then go over to Miss Amys feet, which that little pig prepared carefully for ya, you horny dirty skunk!
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Slave licks my disgusting dirty flip flops

Slave licks my disgusting dirty flip flops foot domination pictures The first few hot days of the year – and of course I had to wear flip flops immediately. But after merely one day they’re already all dirty and dusty – with some of last year’s dirt as well of course. I sit down on the barstool and order the slave to lick them clean. First he has to lick the filthy soles – then I take them off and make him lick the sweaty and dirty inside as well!
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Do You Like My Little Feet – Aaliyah Love & Karlo Carrera

Do You Like My Little Feet   Aaliyah Love & Karlo Carrera foot fetish pictures After a night out with Karlo, Aaliyah Love is feeling sore on her feet. They get home and decide to rest for a while as Karlo notices her sexy feet. Aaliyah is very happy that he likes her toes so much that he wants to suck on them. Sexy Aaliyah smiles and moans at the pleasure of having her feet licked. His hard cock throbs for her tight wet pussy. Karlo pounds his big cock deep in her pussy then Aaliyah jerks him off till he cums on her toes.

A Treat For Her Feet – Nesty & Max Fonda

A Treat For Her Feet   Nesty & Max Fonda foot fetish pictures Blonde nymph Nesty is having a chill and relaxed afternoon, her feet feel stiff and her libido is on the rise. Enter the hung lover Max Fonda with the only goal of pleasuring his blonde goddess. Kissing and foot caressing ensues opening a gateway for intense lovemaking where the sexy feet of Nesty become erotic altars and her love nest gets filled with Max’s sexual obelisk.

Choking & Foot Gagging Punishment – Mistress Gaia

Choking & Foot Gagging Punishment   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures Today, I asked my friend to assist me with a punishment. This slave has been dissobedient and didn’t clean my shoes properly. So he’s going to have the opportunity of cleaning them now. I’m going to make sure that tongue of his is busy. If not, he’ll be whipped into obedience. We begin by getting our slut to lick and clean our shoes. Of course we have to use the floggers to give him some incentive to obey. He’s making a lot of noise. So perhaps there’s a good way to shut him up. We remove our shoes and begin to get him to lick our feet. Then it’s time for some footgagging, I want to see him choke as I shove my foot down the back of his throat. I so enjoy that gargling sound he makes as he tries to breathe. The poor slave seems so be having some difficulty coping with both mistresses. That’s not going to worry us, as we continually flog him, and stuff our feet into his mouth. His pathetic moans for oxygen only make it worse for him, as we continue to enjoy our footgagging pleasure…
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Chastity Footjob

Chastity Footjob foot fetish pictures New red pedicure, naked oily feet ready to be worshipped and pleased! What a JOi, can you imagine licking my candy toes, my sexy soles (you have water in your mouth already watching..) … in chastity!! Did I sayd you will be allowed to wank your pervert cock? This is NOT necessaty trust me! My holy feet are most important then everything!!! you are such a lucky bastard, just enjoy! Trust me you will get the most sextiest Chastity Footjob Ever!
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Squirm & Eat My Fruit – Mistress Gaia

Squirm & Eat My Fruit   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I have my slave on the floor, hooded with his hands tightly bound behind his back. He’s going to have the luxury of sharing in my dessert. I happen to have some delicious strawberries that I’m going to enjoy. As he wriggles beneath me I get him to kiss and worship my feet. Then I begin to eat my strawberries. I make sure that I have enough of a mouthfull to share with my slut. As he squirms on the floor I spit out the fruit and order him to eat it. I also place some fruit under my beautiful red shoes, crushing the strawberries. My messy slut has to lick my shoes clean or he will be severely punished. He is so lucky, It’s not everyday a slave will be allowed the delight of crushed fruit from under the feet Mistress Gaia…
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Six Feet In His Face

Six Feet In His Face foot domination pictures At the beginning the slave seems to be kinda happy when six divine feet meet his ugly face. That’s one of the nice things.. but he’s so wrong, ’cause the Mistresses are able to beat his face with their feet as hard as they can do with their hands. He has to play their games and guess who’s foot is on his face, just by smelling it! But he fails ruefully and receives some more faceslaps by their feet! Mistress Blackdiamoond wants to make it perfect and tries out facestanding. Her whole weight is balancing on his head and his neck! Lady Chanel and Miss Amy join in and squeeze the loser’s head. The humiliated slave is completely committed to their brutal feet and has no control over what’s happening to him. Who knew that he’s even a nice piece of sports equipment!
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