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Monthly Foot Domination Archives: May 2016

Cleaning Princess Feet

This slave is happy because Princess Halle is home. Not only because he gets to adore and serve her again which gives him purpose in life, but also because it means that after a long barefoot walk her feet will need a thorough cleaning. So like a good man he lies on the floor and licks, licks her soles, toes, everywhere to get her feet as clean as they were when she left earlier in the day.

Cleaning Princess Feet foot domination pictures

He Put Her Foot In His Mouth

Parker’s feet are particularly filthy today, so the logical thing for her to do is to shove them as deep into her slaves mouth as she can. He almost chokes on numerous occasions but she could care less as she keeps jamming them in there making him clean all the filth. ‘That’s so fucken pathetic’ Parker comments as he struggles to get both her and Brooke’s feet into his mouth. ‘Suck’ Parker then demands because there is more filth to be cleaned, and his tongue does his best to remove it all from Parker’s feet while at the same time massaging Brooke’s.

He Put Her Foot In His Mouth foot domination pictures

At Her Heel & Toe

At Her Heel & Toe foot fetish pictures Valentina tries on the nice shoes that she got as gifts in the mail to Bill. He likes the ones that ‘show the most toe’, as she takes very good care of her feet. Wanting to seduce him though and knowing he’s a foot man, she takes them off completely and he shlurps and licks he beautiful, painted digits.

Lana’s Personal Gym

Lanas Personal Gym foot fetish pictures Lana has the third floor of the warehouse apartments all to herself. She’s asked the landlords if she could put in an impromptu gym there, and they said yes. No one else knows about it yet and she’s enjoying the downtime, doing stretches and hitting her favorite yoga poses. No one else knows, that is, except for her boyfriend! He decides to pay her and her adorably sexy feet a visit that they’ll both deeply enjoy!

She’s Been Thinking About You

Shes Been Thinking About You foot fetish pictures Zaya comes home from school and comes on to Bill, her boyfriend. She tells him that she’s been thinking about his big cock all day and wants to eat his dick right now. The man just loves her feet, and with reason! Her painted white nails make her the hotest shit around and gets him to cum on her soles.

Val Dodds and Ashley Adams Foot Sucking and Fucking

Val Dodds and Ashley Adams Foot Sucking and Fucking foot fetish pictures

Val Dodds has a new assistant Ashley Adams. Ashley can’t seem to get her work done right so her new boss is going to have her start and the bottom and work her way up. She means the bottom of her perfect feet. Val makes Ashley lick and suck each toe before moving up to licking and fucking her pretty pussy. All in a days work! Read more »

Saya Song Hot Asian Footjob

Saya Song Hot Asian Footjob foot fetish pictures

Saya Song wants to go hiking but her shoes always hurt her feet. Her man is more than happy to make her feel a little better. Her perfect little pussy makes his cock hard and she strokes it was her toes. That perfect footjob leads to him filling her holes with his cock. She can’t wait to have his load all over her feet. Read more »

Anny Gets Her Feet Dirty and Has Boyfriend Lick Them Clean

Anny Aurora is making her before a peanut butter sandwich the old fashioned way. She is crushing peanuts with her feet. Her boyfriend gets too hungry and eats the peanuts right off her perfect toes. Then she strokes his cock with those creamy feet before they fuck. He gets so turned on he has to blast his load all over her feet.

Anny Gets Her Feet Dirty and Has Boyfriend Lick Them Clean foot fetish pictures

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