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Monthly Foot Domination Archives: January 2016

Smoking Barefoot Redhead Brat

Love redhead bratty chicks? Girls smoking? Flawless shaped 18 y/o soles? And what about using another girl’s mouth as an ashtray?

Smoking Barefoot Redhead Brat lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Under Six Feet

Esther, Nancy and Rosie team up to abuse slavegirl Clarissa with their soles! They take off their shoes and socks and shove their feet right into the face of the poor girl with no mercy! No matter how humiliated she feels, she has to lick all six soles from heels to toes!

Under Six Feet lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Sole Worship Session

It seems Emily really enjoys her divine soles being worshipped! After her very first time, she came back a week later to revieve another enthusiastic foot worship! I guess it’s the hands of fate at work, cause when she takes her socks off and those perfect soles are revealed, anyone’s first and only reaction would be to lick them as long as possible!

Sole Worship Session footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Bared Feet

Bared Feet foot fetish pictures
Kittina’s feet are beautiful both with and without stockings and she is aware of it. She also has a similarly perfect radar to find feet loving guys. Guys like Mugur who would do anything for sexy feet like hers.

Bad student

Bad student foot fetish pictures
Lexy Little is supposed to study hard at home. She has required readings to do but this naughty little girl finds the book too boring… and starts to play with her pussy instead of reading! That’s when her French teacher arrives… Lexy is blushing and she tries everything to make his teacher stay. Yes, she even starts to flirt with him, and we all know what this leads to… Footjob and fucking!

Delicious Foot Fetish

Delicious Foot Fetish foot fetish pictures
Candee Licious is a wild babe that loves new experiences. She teases her man with her beautiful feet by rubbing them against his cock and stroking gently. She gets him hard and they fucks him until he cums.

Sexual arsenal

Sexual arsenal foot fetish pictures
Is there anything sexier when a woman’s whole body turns into the source of pleasure? From her kissable lips through her lovely breasts down to her wet kitty and warm ass, and most importantly those stockings-clad feet… yumm! Mia Malkova is quite aware how to turn her body into a sexual arsenal! Just watch!

Seductive Feet

Seductive Feet foot fetish pictures
Beautiful blonde Vinna Reed teases with her perfect legs clad in fishnets. She will have her feet worshiped, and will return the favor by giving a hot footjob. Nothing equals the pleasure of feet!

Office Mischief

Office Mischief foot fetish pictures
There are office rules and ethics people usually try to keep… but Janice Griffith is not one of them. When she first met with her new colleague, Bill, she knew that it has to be more than a mere work relationship. She was right. In the end of a long day their relationship reached further… a few feet further.

The Foul Stench

How awful can the stink of Candy’s feet be after jogging in cheap sneakers? How badly can they reek? It’s Clarissa’s time to find out! As the weather getting more and more sunny, these jogs produce more and more vinegary sweat within Candy’s shoes and their stench gets more fetid day by day. Since Clarissa started to hesitate when it came to foot smelling, we arranged scene to carve in her mind that this foul stench is the real thing she signed for to inhale! I even asked Candy to skip all kinds of pedicure for a while to make her feet stink even more! Poor Clarissa strives for a while before she accepts her position as the ultimate inhaler!

The Foul Stench lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Anna’s Worship Team

Elsa and Clarissa team up to give Anna’s soles a fancy worship. As Anna’s 18y/o feet are extremely ticklish even when being licked, the whole things turns to to continuous laughter. While Clarissa tries a more sensual approch, Elsa relentlessly exploits Anna’s weakness.

Annas Worship Team lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Tasteful Huge Soles

Rosie brought one of her best friends, 18/yo Esther into action! Once she found out she’s modeling for us, she wanted to show her feet, too! And for the first time ever, she gets them worshiped! As Rosie’s soft tongue touches her big soles, both girl laugh out loud and keep laughing throughout the scene.

Tasteful Huge Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Stinky Long Toes

Rosie is tied under the chair again, this time it’s her friend Esther, who makes advantage of her helplessness! She takes off her worn shoes and smelly socks to wipe all the sweat of her soles into Rosie’s face and even her hair, to make sure she can smell the stink of her feet even after the scene is over! Rosie has to inhale the smell of Esther’s feet deep into her lungs, no matter how hard she tries, there’s no escape from the stink!

Stinky Long Toes lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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