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Her Favourite Meal

…well, not really. In fact, these scenes are the most challenging for our little Clarissa. No matter how submissive she is, there are a few thing that freak her out. This can easily qualify to the top of the list. Luckily enough, her commitment to our project is strong enough to put her disgust aside and submit her mouth once again to Dorothy’s footfetish session. Even her feet are generally soft and smooth, Dorothy manages to scrape enough skin to mess up the poor girl’s whole face as well as good amount to swallow!

Her Favourite Meal lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Samples of Dirt

Last time, when we were out in the abandoned coal mine shooting the clip Stomped into the Ground, we just could not resist to take the chance to give Dorothy some extra job! Rosie and Clarissa walked around barefoot, then they got their dirty soles cleaned by her tongue! They just watch her with a pityful smile, how pathetic is to be the dirt-licker of the production?

Samples of Dirt lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Foot Fetish Initiation

Emily was really into showing us her perfectly shaped soles, however, she was a bit reluctant about them being worshiped at her first time. We used our own proven convincing methods: Clarissa gave her a sample of her soothing tongue all over her gorgeous soles, which we recorded on cam as a demo. In fact, this turned out to a flawless foot worship scene, as hot as Emily’s feet themselves!

Foot Fetish Initiation footdom girls foot fetish pictures

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Foot Worship 101

Foot Worship 101 foot worship pictures Learn about the sexual fetish of foot worship, from the ground up. Foot fetishism remains the world’s #1 body-part fetish. Mona Wales and Ruckus demonstrate how feet can be focused on for sensual and sexual pleasures. See how tops can dominate partners with their feet and direct them to engage in sensual foot-focused activities (massaging, licking, sucking toes, toe-banging and anal sex with the toes).

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Foot Worship 101 foot worship pictures

Foot Worship 101 foot worship pictures

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Foot fetish, anyone?

Foot fetish, anyone? foot fetish pictures
We don’t think we have to introduce the amazing Asa Akira to anyone, because millions adore her beauty, and when it comes to foot fetish, Asa is a name to mention right on the top of the list. She won’t fail her fans this time either, because the magic she does with her feet is over explanation. It is something everyone have to see, foot fetishist or not.

Officer Kinky!

Officer Kinky! foot fetish pictures
Officer Christiana Cinn is the jewel of the unit… though her methods are quite unique. She uses her body and feet more than her badge or gun. Her authority is earned not by the uniform but by the lack of it.

Kitchen accident

Kitchen accident foot fetish pictures
Ooops, what an accident. This couple was eating a slice of cake but in his clumsiness the guy dropped it on this hot babe Aletta Ocean’s legs. What to do know? After some apologies the obvious solution is to lick the cake off of those sexy thighs and feet. This turned the guy on so much he just couldn’t hold himself, and had to fuck the gorgeous bitch in her juicy cunt. Watch the couple lick, suck, and fuck each other in a sexy and steamy foot fetish scene, until that warm and sticky load of cum splashes onto those divine feet and cute little toes.

The Many Colors of Foot Fetish

The Many Colors of Foot Fetish foot fetish pictures
Alexis’ feet are beautiful and all those men who are able to appreciate a good footjob quickly fall in love with them, regardless of age or color. That’s how the girl’s hot black partner felt when he spent a full afternoon to worship and fuck Alexis’ slender white feet.

Leashed slave smells and worships sweaty feet

I put my slave on a leash before I take my stinky black sneakers off – and press it on his nose! He’s trying to get away from the stinky shoe – but thanks to the leash I can easily hold him in place. Next up are my stinky socks – after a full hot day in these shoes they’ve quite a flavour as well! I stuff one sock into his mouth before he gets to smell my bare feet. When I got enough of the foot smelling I make him lick all the foot sweat of my bare feet as well!

Leashed slave smells and worships sweaty feet foot domination pictures

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Foot Feed

Candy uses her divine feet to feed her footgirl with some cookies. She must it lick off her perfect toes and soles. These delicates mixed with her sweat are an honor to swallow!

Foot Feed lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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What would fit better in a slave’s portfolio than posing with her tongue sticked in between a Goddess’s toes? Candy orders her footgirl to inhale the stink of her feet and worship her divine soles while she takes some cool shots of the action. A bounch of sniffy toes always add to the value of a portrait, anyway.

Cheese! lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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A Comforting Tongue

A well trained, devoted tongue at her feet is essential for any Goddess. Gorgeous Rosie just relaxes, reads a book and has Clarissa to caress her tiny soft soles with her tongue.

A Comforting Tongue footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Royal Mistress
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