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Feet Licked for the First Time

It’s always a thrill to see a girl getting her soles licked for the very first time in her life. Our lovely 18 y/o Nancy was no different. When I’ve told her, to have her Superstars on for a while with no socks before shooting, she could not believe, that someone will smell or lick her feet for real. She obviously haven’t even imagined a situation like this before! However, by every motion of Clarissa’s tongue, she loved it more and more!

Feet Licked for the First Time lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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A Treat for the Soles

Elsa enjoys her feet being worshipped more and more, yet she still can’t deal with the situation without laughter. A girl kneeling at her sweaty feet, smelling a licking them clean – that’s so weird, she has to laugh at it constantly.

A Treat for the Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Slave-jumping on the bed

When Mistress Amanda feels the need to trample some slave, she always makes it interesting. It’s time for the slave to go on to the bed and get ready for her high heel boots. If he thinks the bed will make it easy on him – he is very, very wrong…

Slave jumping on the bed foot domination pictures

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Sweaty Expectations

When it comes to sweatening her soles, Candy leaves nothing to chance! She wrapped her feet in plastic foil, and put up her plastic boots, too. Her feet were literally bathing in their own sweat! She rubbed her wet soles into Clarissa’s face, and wiped all the salty sweat into it! However, after while, she ran out of the divine juice. I suggested her to wrap her feet again with Clarissa’s face, but soon I learned, it’s not an easy go. To prove this, she ordered me at her feet, and ask her footgirl the divine soles on my face instead. She made me inhale the stink of her feet, which, under the wrap was smothering and mesmerizing at the same time.

Sweaty Expectations lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Serve my Soles

Wow! Our newest foot Goddess Nina performs an incredible slave training on poor Clarissa! Not kidding, this girl is totally kinky! She makes the slavegirl kiss her shoes, then grabs her neck and stuffs them into her face for inhalation. A few sniffs from her well-worn, stinky socks, then takes them off to begin an endless foot worship session! No matter how hard Clarissa tries, she just can’t match up her Mistress’ expectations. She repeatedly gets her head grabbed and pushed into Nina soles to lick. And with each time doing so, Nina gets more and more turned on. Obviously, she takes great pleasure humiliating her toe-sucking slave!

Serve my Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Out for a Worship

Rosie is more and more into getting her soles licked in public, so we got out again to get the tempting sweat of her feet removed by Clarissa’s tongue! She sets her mood by smelling Rosie’s hot stinky feet, filling her lungs deeply with the vinegary scent. Those sweaty soles call for a devoted tongue and our footgirl knows her job!

Out for a Worship lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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What Goes Around

Finally, the time has come for Candy to obey our house rules: every model has to taste all the other’s sweaty feet, there are no excemptions! Dorothy longed for this day, since she has been humiliated every time, she came in a pair of thick socks already worn for over a week. But she failed to give Candy a hard time, she even liked the strong smell of her feet! With a playful smile she inhaled Dorothy’s sneakers, stinky socks and bare feet before she licked all the salty sweat off her soles!

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Taboo 18 12

Taboo 18 12 foot fetish pictures

Ashton Pierce and her stepbrother are getting ready for a family dinner. She needs his help to get dressed. Shelby Paige is a naughty stepdaughter. She blackmails her stepfather to play with his cock. Ezmie Lee wants to give her boyfriend the best foot job ever. Fortunately, her stepbrother loves them and gives her a lesson. Willing and ready 18 year olds do exist.

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Barefoot Blonde Darryl Hanna Fucking

Barefoot Blonde Darryl Hanna Fucking foot fetish pictures Blonde barefeet chick Darryl Hanna sits on her lover face while Kelli Kalen sucks him off.

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Playful Aruna

Playful Aruna foot fetish picturesWhen Airx has a bad day, it is only his lovely girlfriend, Aruna Aghora who can cheer him up. The playful and naughty girl loves to tease her beloved, arousing him with her feigned reluctance before she gives him everything. Her mouth, her pussy and her beautiful feet, finishing the game with a fantastic footjob.


Piercing strong, vinegary stink. Acid sour, salty sweat. A cruel foot down throatdeep. Which is the main cause of retch? Dorothy can definitely tell. Her young, 18 y/o throat gets devastated by brutal attacks of Candy’s merciless feet. Her soles build up a putrid sour stench with incredible amount of sweat just in about 20 minutes in these shoes. She wore them for hours long. Not to make the slave smell or lick it. Her throat is to be stuffed, the sweat is just the intubation lubricant.

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Foot Femme Fatale

Foot Femme Fatale foot worship pictures
Paige Turnah, official foot fetishist, sexual predator and full time femme fatale. If someone, she exactly knows how to tie a guy around her fingers… or more precisely her toes. She simply adores the feeling of an erect cock between her naked soles, she loves when hot cum rolls down on her feet, and she loves to turn down their mesmerized preys after. Haven’t we mentioned she is a cruel mistress?

Everything for the client

Everything for the client foot fetish picturesAdriana should get the employee of the month title… damn, she should even deserve it for the full year. Why? Because the brunette beauty is not afraid to put each and every of her talents into work to convince a client or a business partner, using her hot pussy, kissable mouth and agile, silky feet.

Desk Foot Fucking Ryder Skye

Desk Foot Fucking Ryder Skye foot fetish pictures Hot babe Ryder Skye gets her beautiful feet cumhosed after fucking on a desk.

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Rosie’s First Time

Welcome our newest model, 18 y/o Rosie! Still a schoolgirl, she has never experienced foot worship before. Never ever! It’s hard to believe, that those charming soles have never been licked, but there is a first time for everything. She knew her feet were sweaty and stinky and even asked us, whether she should was them before the scene, of course, we said definitely NO! The whole point is the sweat of her soles, I’d never let any model do that. She just shrugged her shoulders, and was like ‘well, good luck’. When Clarissa’s tongue touched her soft soles for the first time, she knew, this is something we should do again and again! The girls never met before, so I guess we found the best way to start a good friendship!

Rosies First Time lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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After School Worship

Rosie liked her first foot licking experience so much, she came back for an other dose of sole pleasures! This time she came right after school to give Clarissa’s tongue a sample how salty her beautiful 18 y/o feet get during her education!

After School Worship lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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