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Mistress Mia’s massage preparation

Before the massage of her body Mistress Mia demands her feet to be worshiped in the proper way. Sometimes she likes it to last longer than the massage itself.

Mistress Mias massage preparation foot domination pictures

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Four long summer days (wash my stinky socks) tutorial

In her famous course Goddess Victoria has a new lesson for all online bitches. She explains in detail what’s the right way and which techniques must be used to wash her dirty, smelly socks so that the job is done at top quality!

Four long summer days (wash my stinky socks) tutorial lesbian footdom pictures

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Salty Addiction

We were hanging out at a local pub, discussing some possible new stuff, when Dorothy admitted, that she started to develop some kind of an addiction to the salty juice that Candy sweats on her soles and if once let to worship her soles on her own way, she would never forget it. I was turned on just by hearing a girl actually like licking the soft soles of another, so urged to back inside and shoot a proof of it immediately. Upon arrival Candy layed on the sofa, kicked off her hot sneakers and waited giggling for the enthusiastic tongue to caress her perfect soles! Dorothy kept her word: she liked and kissed Candy’s gorgeous feet with utmost pleasure – for them both!

Salty Addiction lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Sunday Service

Each Sunday starts with a visit to the gym for Candy, to keep her hot body fit. She never brings spare socks with her, she takes all the sweat home within her sneakers. The time back home is more than enough for the fresh sweat to mature, into a strong, lung-burning stink. Her soles taste sour and salty: a treat for the tongue of her footslave! Upon arrival, Candy just sits down and watches one of her favorite band’s gig on TV, while her devoted slave licks all the tasty sweat off her soles.

Sunday Service lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Feet Heat

Feet Heat foot fetish pictures
It is hard to resist to the temptation of Aletta’s majestic curves, and David doesn’t even try it. The horny man devotes his full attention to the beautiful diva, exploring her tender, silky body with his cock, from feet to mouth and back, but today enjoying the slender toes the best, and in the end, spraying his load onto them.

Admitting interest

Admitting interest foot fetish pictures
Alan knew well that her good friend, Riley was always into foot fetish. It took some time for him to admit his own interest toward feet, but when he did, it was unavoidable for the two to try their mutual interest together. And what has happened after? A sexy babe, a hard cock and lot of foot worship…

Cars, Wax and Footsex

Cars, Wax and Footsex foot fetish pictures
You know what is better than having a pretty car in your garage? When you have a smoking hot girl to wax that pretty car… someone like the hot bombshell Erica Fontes. But let’s get even further, and just imagine that girl ‘waxes’ your cock too using her beautiful feet, and all she asks for in return is a good hard fuck. Too nice to be true? Just watch!

Holiday Footjob

Holiday Footjob foot fetish pictures
Young footsie pro Jay Dee puts her slender feet and long toes into good use to celebrate the holiday. No school, no work, just fun makes her happy and when she is happy, she gets aroused. The real winner of her good mood is Airx, and of course us, who can watch her giving the best footjob ever.

Foot Fetish Daily 21

Foot Fetish Daily 21 foot fetish pictures

Foot Fetish Daily 21 brings you the new standard in foot fetish starring Kendall White, Danica Dillan, Kristina Bell, and Esperanza Diaz. This movie is a whopping 3 hours and 25 minutes so you’ll be sure to get plenty of action, and of course, sexy feet.

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Stiletto Goddess

Stiletto Goddess foot worship pictures
Nikita stiletto-clad feet pushed countless men into a sexual nirvana, and Danny is another prey who cannot stop himself to collapse on her knees and worship the godly feet. His kisses and tongue massage over the curve of the soles, hir lips close around the majestic toes, his fingers curl around the gentle heels. In return, the beautiful Nikita rewards his devotion with her slender feet around his cock, fullfilling the man’s desire about a mind-blowing footjob.

Morgan Live Toe Sucking

Morgan Live Toe Sucking foot fetish pictures Naughty pornstar Morgan Reigns gets her toes sucked and retaliates by sucking a cock dry live.

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All around the house

All around the house foot fetish pictures
Just a glance at Scarlett’s naked body led them to an intense sex throughout the house, starting from the bath and ending in the bedroom. Bill cannot help but fuck her beautiful feet, mouth, pink pussy all over the house, blindly stumbling from room to room while making love… finally covering her irresistible body with semen.

Foot Rubbing Victoria Sinn

Foot Rubbing Victoria Sinn foot fetish pictures Victoria Sinn has her beautiful foot sucked while she rubs a huge cock with the other.

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Outdoors cum in leather boots

Outdoors cum in leather boots foot domination pictures
Fetish Liza loves spunk in her leather boots.

Goddess Una first time at the Foot Cleaning Cafe

Goddess Una heard about the Cafe from her girlfriends and decided it’s time to visit it. She will test the slaves competence by making him work the whole nine yards. Starting with her sneakers and socks he’ll eventually get to lick clean her bare feet.

Goddess Una first time at the Foot Cleaning Cafe foot worship pictures

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Relax me into sleep

Tired of all day walking around the city, Goddess Sandra makes her girl slave lick her feet until she goes into a pleasant, relaxing dream.

Relax me into sleep lesbian footdom pictures

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