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Monthly Foot Domination Archives: September 2014

Smell Natalyas Feet

Sweet russian Mistress Natalya orders him to worship and smell her Heels and bare feet. She sits on him and he hast to smell her feet again and again…. she also smotheres him with her smelly soles…

Smell Natalyas Feet foot worship pictures

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Massage Parlor Foot Job

Massage Parlor Foot Job foot worship pictures Juliette March gets more than she bargained for when she books a massage. Her handsome masseuse seduces her by rubbing her feet and sucking her toes, and she returns the favor, giving him a foot job and blow job, rubbing his cock with her oil-slick arches, wiggling her toes on his cock and balls and taking a load of cum all over her feet! Read more »

Fantasy Footjobs 16

Fantasy Footjobs 16 foot fetish pictures

The kind of lotion she uses isnt cheap. In fact, some people might call it outrageous, but you dont mind shelling out for her because it makes her feet so tender and soft. Yes, she loves rubbing her smooth heel and silky arch with that fragrant cream. So much so that when she gives you a foot job, it feels just like fucking her pussy. But how they feel is only half the situation. Shes kind of a performer and knows how important it is to look good; which is why she carefully cleans and paints her toes.

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Hot Latina femdom darling Camila and her slave

Even if you are not into feet fetish, one thing is for sure you are going to love the way Camila is using her soft toes and making this dude suck them all night long. Her large boobs are in the center of attention no matter what she is doing and most of the time she is touching her hard nipples, twisting them and squeezing, especially if her lover is doing a good job sucking her feet. Foot slapping is her favorite part of the day and the fact that she can do whatever she wants to a guy is making her slippery vagina even wetter. That is what this stud has noticed as well and that is why he let her do things that he could only dream about? Femdom is Camila’s favorite word and the fact that she can be in control is something that can make everyone very horny. Her goal is to make her slave cum real hard and to learn his place and she damn sure knows how to accomplish that. He better does what she says, or else he is going to end up hurt.

Hot Latina femdom darling Camila and her slave foot domination pictures Hot Latina femdom darling Camila and her slave foot domination pictures Hot Latina femdom darling Camila and her slave foot domination pictures Hot Latina femdom darling Camila and her slave foot domination pictures

Sweaty Legs and Unpolished Toes

Sweaty Legs and Unpolished Toes foot worship pictures Emma Haize is hot and sweaty, her long legs gleaming in the sauna. Christian wants to lick the sweat from between those toes and worship her wet arches. Emma runs her little piggies all over his hard cock and gives him a wet foot job he won’t forget with her wiggly, unpolished toes. Christian cums hard all over those peds. Read more »

Choking her slave with her feet

The time has come for delicious femdom princess Indira to show what she can do and why there are so many slaves who are willing to lick her toes. This babe looks great, that is the reason number one, she is super sexy and always in the mood to show what she can do and how easily she can put her tongue to use. The fact that she loves to wear sexy lingerie is making her even more interesting to watch, but the thing that guys love the most about her is that she is into foot slapping. There is something super sexy in the way that she is choking them with her feet and talking dirty while she is doing it on the floor, most of the time? This blonde chick knows that she looks even more attractive with her sunglasses on, and that is why she doesn’t have much time to take them off. Rubbing her nasty vagina through sexy orange panties against her slave’s penis is what makes her nipples rock hard as well, and that is what she is doing after nasty foot worship action on the floor.

Choking her slave with her feet foot domination pictures

Pretty Pedicure Turned Deep Lesbian Foot Fuck

Pretty Pedicure Turned Deep Lesbian Foot Fuck foot worship pictures It began as an innocent pedicure. Tired from working on her feet all day, Juliette March took her aching tootsies to the salon for some pampering. One look at Ariel X, though, and she asks for the “foot special.” Ariel is no stranger to foot pervs like Juliette. She sees the lust written all over those toes and immediately sets about washing them into horny desperation. She widens her toes with a spreader and then, using her incredible strength, Ariel sensually massages Juliette’s arches, ankles and tight calves until Juliette’s cunt gets so wet that she has to explore it with her own hot feet. Those wet, wiggling toes scrunch and wrinkle underwater at the sight of Ariel’s perfectly toned body and the slut special truly begins. Ariel slurps the sweat from this horny client’s toes and Juliette returns the favor– then fucks herself with Ariel’s feet. They take turns stuffing each others cunts toe-by-toe and licking pussy until the entire salon is a devastated, foot-orgasm mess. And to think, this was only the first half of the package… Read more »

Sweaty Sauna Feet Fuck

Sweaty Sauna Feet Fuck foot worship pictures Emma Haize thought she was going to just relax post-workout in the sauna…until Missy Minx walked in. One look at those perfectly polished red tootsies tiptoeing across the room, though, and Emma knew: she had to fuck Missy’s feet. Missy lets Emma give her aching soles a much needed massage. Soon the steam rises and the girls can’t help but sniffing each others arches and slurping the sweat off their toes. Sucking turns to fucking as they take turns filling their pussies with feet and rubbing their hungry clits with all 20 of their wiggly toes. Emma finishes off the massage with a toe-scrunching pussy licking and Missy returns the favor by letting Emma ride her cock as she strokes her sticky soles. A filthy feet foray for these two sweaty sluts! Read more »

Taste of Goddess Sandra’s sweat

While she is having a cup of coffee and a cigarette after a long walk, Goddess Sandra always wants to treat her waitress with a little extra. This time it’s the scent and sweat of her feet. She spent all day in her high heel shoes and there is plenty of both. Slave girl will have her nose and mouth full!

Taste of Goddess Sandras sweat lesbian footdom pictures

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