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Memorable Foot Threesome Porn

Memorable Foot Threesome Porn foot fetish pictures Lana Croft and Nautica Thorn give their man a sinful footjob and get their toes licked in this threesome.

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Thanksgiving FEMDOM Foot Affair

Thanksgiving FEMDOM Foot Affair foot worship pictures James Riker is a nasty little foot slut and at Thanksgiving dinner he can’t help but notice his soon to be sister-in-law’s gorgeous feet! He sneaks away to the bathroom but gets detoured by his fiance’s sister’s closet of pantyhose and shoes. Lorelei had a sneaking suspicion and catching James jacking it all over her clothes was not a surprise! This dirty little foot slut is going to get the thrill of his life being made to worship, suck and clean all of Lorelei’s perfect toes, make her cum and get a teasing, torturous foot job then left there tied up in her pantyhose for his fiance to find! Read more »


Simone is always agressive, and Ester and Natalie wanna change the rolles. They tied her up with the tape and made her smell their feet. Simone is almost crying but girls dont stop. Simone is trying all to escape, but she cant do anything. Rope is around her hands and Esther has no mercy. She is putting her feet all over Simones face making her to smell all the toes. After they over controlled Simone, girls are becoming harder on her, pulling her hair and geting their feet under her nose. Natalie and Esther are sure that Simone will like the foot smell but she is desperate.

SMELL THAT FEET 4 foot domination pictures

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Busty Feet Maiden

Busty Feet Maiden foot fetish pictures Busty milf Carly Parker gets her shaved pussy and sexy feet worshipped in this foot fetish porn movie.

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After training

Goddess Jessica likes the sweat to be removed from her socks and feet very thoroughly! Her old, worn out “Lacoste” sneakers leave dirty marks on her white socks! Something like that can irritate Goddess Jessica very much!

After training lesbian footdom pictures

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Let me see your tongue on my boots!

Slave girl Alena is at her Mistresses disposal at all times for anything they need. This time her job is to clean and polish their boots and carefully wash their tired feet after that.

Let me see your tongue on my boots! lesbian footdom pictures

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Lesson 2 (proper sole and insole cleaning)

For all those who are wandering how to satisfy Goddess Victoria’s very high criteria when it comes to cleaning her dirty and sweaty sneakers. Precise and, above all, useful lesson for all the bitches who dream of being Goddess Victoria’s slaves. The knowledge procured through these lessons can significantly increase the chance that one day, in the sea of slaves, Goddess Victoria selects you!

Lesson 2 (proper sole and insole cleaning) lesbian footdom pictures

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Sweaty feet duo

Goddess Sandra and Goddess Bianca haven’t seen each other for a while. It’s a perfect time to catch up and Bianca has planned something to make the evening even more enjoyable. She calls slave girl to work on their dirty shoes and sweaty feet while they relax. Guided by Sandra’s and Bianca’s strict orders she will completely clean the dirt and sniff in all the scent from their sweaty feet!

Sweaty feet duo lesbian footdom pictures

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Boot Clad Feet

Boot Clad Feet foot fetish pictures Slutty lady Miss Bunny takes off her sexy leather boots and later receives a sinful foot worship.

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My Female Pedicure Slave

This whore will let me use her for anything. I just got done making her clean my kitchen while me n Princess Chanel made fun of her right to her face, telling her how UGLY she is! And she just takes it and says “Yes, Princess” and tells me how BEAUTIFUL I am! (Like, DUH!?!) And now I am making her give me a pedicure! Slaves work for me and save me money! LOL! (Not that I ever pay for my own pedicures anyway, but now I have the convenience of at-home service!) Not to mention the FUN of being able to treat a SLAVE like SHiT as it does my toes! Those Asian ladies don’t even know what you’re saying when you can them a stupid cunt for messing up! This stupid bitch at least speaks english…lol. I start by making the whore lotion up Princess Chanel’s legs. She does WHATEVER I say…I love it! I even spit in her mouth a few times…she loves me so much…just like male slaves. I think I like female slaves better though because they are more useful…this slut does a pretty good job on my toes even though it took her for-EEEVER! So what do I reward her with? What any good SLUT craves, I guess- a good dildo shoved into her mouth! LOL! Seriously, this fucking slutty slave bitch literally BEGS for my dildo in her mouth that I use every night! LOL! Its like the best-tasting lollypop in the world to her because its been in MY pussy! ;) It’s only like the last minute or so of the video, but it is SOOO funny to watch me shove that dildo into her mouth like she’s such a slut and me and Princess Chanel laugh our asses off at her while she just kneels at our feet and takes it like a whore…and we totally talk down to her throughout the entire video..

My Female Pedicure Slave lesbian footdom pictures

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Foot Worship: Forbidden Cougar Foot Fetish Featuring Julia Ann

Foot Worship: Forbidden Cougar Foot Fetish Featuring Julia Ann foot fetish pictures

While her husband is hard at work Julia Ann, everyone’s favorite MILF house wife, is home working hard too but baking adorable little cupcakes isn’t her only talent. Julia Ann happens to have the most beautiful tootsie pop toes with an arch to die for and this sexy cougar knows how to use them! Each week when her husband leaves for work her 18 year old neighbor comes by with another excuse to assist Miss Ann in her domestic activities and each time he’s completely seduced and dominated by the power of her feet then made into Miss Julia Ann’s dirty little foot slut! Watch as Julia Ann seductively entraps him into her kinky world of ped perfection, foot worshiping, foot massage, toe sucking, taboo foot sex and the hottest footjob milking all his filth from his balls! Demanding foot worship administered by a legend!

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Hot and sweaty sneakers

It’s summer time and the heat is unbearable. Today was almost 38 degrees and Goddess Victoria spent it all in her sneakers without socks. When she came home she took the sneakers off and ordered her personal slut to wash and freshen her feet with her tongue!

Hot and sweaty sneakers lesbian footdom pictures

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Esther was a bad girl and Simoned is bored. Rain is falling all day and she needs something warm on her toes. Best thing for them is Esthers tongue and little Esther dont mind. Feet are her favorite candy…

FOOT SLAVE 1 lesbian footdom pictures

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Beautiful femdom mistress Lorena in action

This guy had no idea that you don’t have to be in the BDSM dungeon or basement in order to play foot worship games. Lorena is about to teach him a lesson in toe sucking and he better gets ready to put his hurricane tongue to use. At least she hopes that it is a hurricane tongue and that he knows what he is doing in order to make her totally horny and happy. She looks even more attractive while wearing her sexy sunglasses and that is what makes him even hornier and his cock super hard. All the time, this dude was thinking about banging that sweet tanned round butt, but the truth is that he is not going to have sex tonight, that is for sure. Maybe if he does a good job pleasing her and licking her toes, but it is a long shot. Lorena is showing off her amazing tanned bottom which is more than ready for some spanking and pounding, but too bad she is not ready for that at the moment, but her only goal is to get off after some foot sucking, all night long until the morning.

Beautiful femdom mistress Lorena in action foot domination pictures

Amanda’s game

The time has come for horny femdom darling Amanda to show what she can do with her sexy toes, and these pics speak more than a thousand words. She has just met this dude and he was intrigued when she started talking about the foot worship games. He wasn’t that sure that he knows what she is talking about, but as soon as he came to her place, it was clear to him. Amanda wanted him to get naked, and this dude thought that he is going to get lucky, but licking her toes is not what he had in mind, that is for sure. She has soft feet and little toes which are made for licking, and since she was more than horny, there was no time for her to take off her lingerie at all and reveal those nice little boobies and sensitive nipples made for twisting and spreading all night long. Her twat was getting totally wet and that meant one thing, that she is about to get off soon, and this dude noticed it. He started licking even faster and in the end he became a fan of foot slapping and licking?

Amandas game foot domination pictures

Worship her feet

Kamilia looks sweet and innocent but look a little closer? She is one of the most popular femdom ladies on the internet and even though she is a petite honey, the truth is that she loves toe sucking and licking, and there is nothing that is going to stop her from that intention to reach an intense orgasm as soon as possible. She’s got small boobies and hard nipples which are getting even harder when a guy like this one is using his tongue to suck and lick her feet all night long. Kamilia just needs to tell him to open his mouth and he is going to do what he is told. The interesting part is that there was no time for her to take off her bra at all and show off those peaches to him, but when she does that, his pecker is going to get even harder in no time, that is for sure? Her legs are made for spreading and that is what she is going to do in this gallery, while playing with his long pulsating boner and making sure that he has some fun as well.

Worship her feet foot domination pictures

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