Foot Worship

The FloorGag

Poor 18 y/o Dorothy is tied to the floor and gets her most abusive footgag session ever! Clarissa adopted a new habit: she wears her sneakers sockless in the extreme summer heat! This day was no exception, her feet had literally rot in her shoes! However, the fetid stink is the smaller challenge Dorothy has to face. After a few sniff, Clarissa orders her to lick the sweat off her soles then, makes her open her mouth and stuffs her foot into it as deep as she can. Dorothy almost throws up, but she has to hold it back for ten long minutes!

The FloorGag lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures
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Schoolgirl Footworship

Schoolgirl Footworship footdom girls foot worship pictures

Shooting with barely legal, 18y/o girls is always fun, but having two actual schoolgirls, who show up in the studio on a regular weekday after class to perform a foot worship scene is a really special thrill. Neither of the girls had finished high school at the time of shooting this scene! According to our house rules, no regular model can get away without experiencing the submissive side of foot worship. Even though Esther has already suffered the stink of Rosie’s feet before, this is the first clip of her submiting her tongue to the game! And she did one hell of a job here! Before doing this, she threatened us that she might throw up, because she is overly sensitive to bad stinks and Rosie is notorious for wearing the same pair of socks for multiple days. Eventually there was no throwing up, and even though she was grossed out through the entire clip and suffered every second of it, she did an awesome, utterly submissive and obedient foot cleaning! No small, fake licks, she used her full tongue, and pushed it hard against Rosie’s sweaty soles for slow, big licks from the heels up to the toes. She licked the sweat out from between her toes, and sucked on them, too! She had no other option anyway, Rosie can be really degrading and humiliating when she demands her feet to be worshiped!
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Under Bratty Soles

Under Bratty Soles foot domination pictures

Dorothy does again, what she loves the most: stomping her footslave into the floor! First in her red VANS, then barefoot, she tramples, kicks and stomps the footboy with no mercy at all. She jumps on him, stands on his throat and slaps him with his shoes, too. Her only goal is to be as painful, as possible. Her slave can’t take a beating like this, he cries out loundly in pain and behaves like a pathetic beginner.
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Foot Filled Mouth

Foot Filled Mouth footdom girls pictures

Dorothy has to suffer a serious throat training! She lies unbound on the floor, as an experienced slave, she has to restrict herself to stay down and keep her hands behind her back at all times. Her trainer, Clarissa had her Superstars on for a long while without socks to ensure great dose of salty sweat for the slave. She takes them off and puts her stinky feet onto Dorothy’s face and makes her smell her soles. Even they reek badly, Dorothy soon learns, that the vinegary stink of Clarissa’s feet is the least she has to worry about! First, she has to lick all the sweat off her soles, then the throatbusting begins! Clarissa orders her to open her mouth and relentlessly rams her feet into the slavegirl’s throat! She makes her suck her foot as if it were a huge cock, then literally fucks her mouth with it to find out how deep her throat really is! She also shoves her heel into her mouth, expanding it as wide as possible. For the whole session Dorothy suffers on the edge of throwing up, which she knows she’s not allowed to do. The only thing she can do is to swallow it back in misery before opening up her mouth to Clarissa’s feet again!
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My boot licking slave

My boot licking slave foot domination pictures

I want to go to a party tonight – but my boots are still dirty. Good thing to have a slave to change that. It’s his destiny to clean my boots – to be my personal boot licking slave. He has to clean every dirty spot with his tongue and he looks so ridiculous!
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Skanky Feet – Jillian Janson & Dylan Snow

Skanky Feet   Jillian Janson & Dylan Snow foot fetish pictures Sexy Jillian Janson really likes a pair of high heels her friend with a giant dick brought home so she decides to not only offer him her wet pussy but also to pleasure him with her feet.

Pretty Feet – Kristof Cale & Lilu Moon

Pretty Feet   Kristof Cale & Lilu Moon foot fetish pictures Sexy Lilu Moon is excited to show her feet skills to her man. She wants him to worship them as much as he worships her perfect body … the shortest road to a perfect orgasm for Lilu is through her toes!

Little Toes – Lutro & Alexi Star

Little Toes   Lutro & Alexi Star foot fetish pictures Stunning babe Alexi Star is all hot and ready to share a foot fantasy with Lutro. The cute brunette quickly gives into Lutro’s tender foot caresses and starts craving his cock deep in her tight and wet pussy.

Fantastic Feet – Kristof Cale & Tiffany Tatum

Fantastic Feet   Kristof Cale & Tiffany Tatum foot fetish pictures Beautiful babe Tiffany Tatum is waiting for her man in sexy lingerie. She’s all warm and eager for a nasty fuck on the couch. She wants to caress Kristof’s cock with her nice feet and make him cum so hard.

Of Feet And Hands – Renato & Alecia Fox

Of Feet And Hands   Renato & Alecia Fox foot fetish pictures Pretty blonde Alecia Fox spends a little time with Renato. This gorgeous babe offered her nice feet and her sweet pussy to her very lucky man. They share a very sensual fetish moment together that you will enjoy watching.

Craving Her Toes – Lutro & Kira Parvati

Craving Her Toes   Lutro & Kira Parvati foot fetish pictures Lutro and the svelte starlet Kira Pavarti are getting hot and heavy together. Kira exposes her perfect feet while walking down the corridor. Each step makes Lutro crave her sweet pussy and those feet are just driving him crazy. He can’t wait to suck on those pretty toes. And that is the first thing he does once he gets a hold of her. They then go to the bedroom where Kira removes her panties, showing off her pink pussy. She begins to stroke Lutro’s cock with her pretty feet before sticking it in her mouth. Lutro then inserts his thick member in her slit. He pulls out right before cumming and Kira gives him the last strokes with her foot making him jizz all over her cooch.

Feet And Fuck – Ariana Marie & Codey Steele

Feet And Fuck   Ariana Marie & Codey Steele foot fetish pictures Hot babe Ariana Marie wants to please her man Codey Steele. She knows how to take care of his cock with her feet, working it until it’s rock hard! Then it’s time he puts his thick shaft to work, drillin the hottie until she’s moaning and cumming like there’s no tomorrow.

Lacy Toe Tease – Kristof Cale & Ornella Morgan

Lacy Toe Tease   Kristof Cale & Ornella Morgan foot fetish pictures The ravishing babe Ornella Morgan is caressing her stunning feet. While looking at her pretty toes she’s thinking of her lover Kristof Cale. She knows how nuts he can be for her feet so just to tease him she puts on some cute lacy socks. As soon as she joins him, he starts kissing and licking her gorgeous toes. Ornella then begins to stroke his throbbing cock with her feet. Kristof then goes on by drilling her soft pussy with his rock hard shaft. The luscious redhead then gets on top of him for some hot cowgirl action. She switches back to jerking his rod until he releases his warm seminal drips all over her exquisite foot.

Piercing High Heels, Crushing Bare Soles

Piercing High Heels, Crushing Bare Soles foot domination pictures

Cruel Goddess Candy Blade tortures her slave by trampling him in her needle-thin high heels. The slave has to suffer extreme pain, he begs her Goddess to stop his torment but his cries are just fueling Candy’s kinky lust. She mercilessly deepens her heels into her victim’s belly and chest, leaving painful marks all over his skin. After 8 minutes she takes off her shoes and gives her slave a hard time with her bare soles. Fast steps into his guts, crushing jumps on his body, breathless throatstanding and walking tip-toe on his belly: Candy makes sure the slave does not have a moment of peace under her divine feet!
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Serving her Charming Soles

Serving her Charming Soles lesbian footdom foot fetish pictures

In a lazy afternoon a hot 19 y/o blondie enjoys her gorgeous, salty soles being licked. Nothing special, just divine soles sensually worshipped by tender licks in utmost servitude!
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The StinkSorround

The StinkSorround footdom girls pictures

We arranged a simple game in our studio: whoever arrives last, must smell the stinky feet of all the other girls! Anna, Clarissa, Esther and Lorena was there in time, but Rosie was late, as she always is. So she had to take the place of the victim, she got her mouth taped, her hands tied and she had to submit her nose to the sweaty soles of 4 girls! They took of their shoes, neither one had socks within, so the stink unleashed was overwhelming. And from that very moment there was not a second chance for Rosie to breathe fresh air, the eight soles totally surronded her face, no matter which direction she tried to escape, they kept coming from all angles, totally burying her face underneath. Rosie had to inhale a mixture of four different footstinks, some cheesy, some vinegary but all reeking just too bad! And there was one extra kinky addition to her already unpleasant situation: Anna and Rosie never met before this scene! So Rosie’s very first impression of her was the moment when she had to lie defenseless on the floor and let her push her smelly soles into her face with the aid of three other girls, while I was recording! How humiliating for her! After they had enough, they simply leave her there without a word, they don’t care about releasing the poor girl at all.
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Inhaling Emily’s Soles

Inhaling Emilys Soles footdom girls foot domination pictures

Emily’s running shoes are a beast, they instantly drench her feet within with the matured stench of her previous joggings. Given these sneakers, her synthetic socks and you can guess how Candy felt, when she learned, that she has to smell them for more than 10 minutes! We had to tie her up to ensure she won’t try to fight the stink destroying her lungs! Her arms taped to her chest she lied helpless under Emily’s chair and her sweaty-stinky smothering has begun! Emily thoroughly rubbed her reeking socks into her suffering face and made her fill her lungs with the putrescent, humid stink of her socks! Candy tried to dodge the feet pushed against her nose, but she had no chance to escape at all! She had to inhale just as she was told to! Later Emily took off the socks and gave Candy the opportunity to suffer the smell of her bare soles! Of course, all the sweat was rubbed into her face again! Miserable and defenseless, Candy gave up fighting the stink and let the sweaty soles cover her face and breathed the stink underneath as a good little girl!
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The Sweat Discipline

The Sweat Discipline footdom girls pictures

Goddess Candy is doing her regular workout, she’s just about to finish, when she realizes, that her sluggish slave forgot to bring in her towel. She loses her mind in vengeful anger, she shouts the head of her lazy slave off and teaches her a lesson. If no towels present, the Goddess will use her tongue to remove the sweat of the workout! She orders the slavegirl to lick every drop of the salty sweat off her divine soles, constantly shouting at her, calling her names and humiliating her. The slave almost cries in the neverending torrent of verbal insults, the penetrating stink of Candy’s soles just make her situation harder. No chances left, she must lick the Goddess’ hot soles clean as been ordered to! However, she can’t even do such a simple task, so Candy makes sure, she learns how to lick her soles for good: she makes her stick out her tongue, press it hard against her soles and then lick it from the heel to the toes for 100 times! Of course, the slightest failure means extra licks on those perfect soles! When the slavegirl finally reaches the 100th lick, she gets an other task: since there is still no towel in the room, she must lick Candy’s sweaty armpits clean, too! She kneels next to the Goddess, opens her mouth, and licks that smelly, salty juice out of Candy’s armpits, just until she wants to use her!
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