Foot Worship

The FloorGag

Poor 18 y/o Dorothy is tied to the floor and gets her most abusive footgag session ever! Clarissa adopted a new habit: she wears her sneakers sockless in the extreme summer heat! This day was no exception, her feet had literally rot in her shoes! However, the fetid stink is the smaller challenge Dorothy has to face. After a few sniff, Clarissa orders her to lick the sweat off her soles then, makes her open her mouth and stuffs her foot into it as deep as she can. Dorothy almost throws up, but she has to hold it back for ten long minutes!

The FloorGag lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures
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Absorb the foot smell

Absorb the foot smell foot domination pictures My slave will now absorb the smell of my feet. His mouth is kept shut with tape to make sure he can only breathe through his nose. I make him inhale my foot odor and laugh at the pathetic foot slave!
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Serena’s barefoot domination

Serenas barefoot domination foot domination pictures A lucky guy gets dominated by Lady Serena and her bare feet. She pus his face under her soles and she wants him to lick. She tramples his face under her sweet bare soles and she loves it. What a sweet, dominant Foot Femdom Girl!
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Soft, Young & Delicious

Anna and Elsa just can’t take foot worship seriously! Once their young soles are licked, they can’t help giggling and laughing as long as it lasts!

Soft, Young & Delicious footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Felicia’s Business Side

Felicias Business Side foot domination pictures Felicia is coming back from a long business meeting downtown and it seems like she needs some attention on her feet after a couple of hours with her feet inside her high heels shoes! she makes her slave bow down on his knees, and she wants him to obey all of her instructions as a good loser slave! She first makes him take her shoes off, and she wants him to put his nose right in between her big toe, and her second toe! She wants him to take some deep breaths in her feet, and just enjoy the smell! Felicia also thinks that her feet should be cleaned so she makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants him to lick the bottom of her feet from heel to toes! She also wants to feel his wet tongue right in between each of her toes! Felicia also wants him to take some deep breaths inside her shoes so she just hold them on his face with her foot while he is taking some deep breaths inside her shoe! Another amazing clip!
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Licking boots

Licking boots foot domination pictures Today the slave has to clean my latex boots properly until they’re shining like new ones. He’s constantly licking, but this unbelievably stupid jerk stuck on one single area of my boot. After I gave him the instruction to also care for the rest of my boots, his tongue still keeps running back to that one area again. What’s your fucking problem to understand me, you stupid son of a bitch? I’ve never had a slave so bad at licking boots like him! Clearly a reason for punishment. His face suffers from my hard face slaps – then he shall get his ass out of the room! Now it’s your turn. You can’t be worse than this miserable loser. Start licking, slave – come on! Yeah, you can play your dick while you lick my boots. I’ll coutn down from 30 and at ZERO you’ll jerk off straight onto my boots!
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Breathtaking Moments – Mistress Gaia

Breathtaking Moments   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I want to relax a little… So I decided to bring my slave from his cage and use him as my footstool. I have him bound and on the floor. He is going to remain beneath my feet until I decide what I’m going to do with him. He’s not to speak, and I have warned him I will punish him severely if he tries. I place my feet over his face and mouth, making sure he understands that I he is going to experience some breathtaking moments. As I look down on him I decide to have some fun. It’s so amusing watching his pathetic gasps as he continually tries to escape from under my feet. He is totally helpless, and I’m going to make sure he suffers. I’m sure I did detect a murmer from him, making his severe punishment inevitable. Perhaps the plastic bag is going to come in very handy…
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Foot slave pampers my nylon feet

Foot slave pampers my nylon feet foot domination pictures I’m sitting in the office and rest my sexy legs on the table. I order the slave to massage my nylon feet – and of course he has to smell and kiss them as well. I guess they smell pretty bad judging by his face and his hesitation – but this isn’t going to get him anywhere – he needs to continue to pamper my nylon feet!
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Our Footlicker Slut – Mistress Gaia

Our Footlicker Slut   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I’m with the other mistresses, and we have been walking around barefoot in the yard to get some sunshine. We come back into the dungeon and our feet are dirty. What better way to have them cleaned is to use our four slaves. We have one each to use as our foorstool, while the other slut is given the task of putting his tongue to good use, and lick our feet clean. He gets a bit too lazy, so we give him some footslaps to help give him some incentive to pay attention. He has to continue to sniff, and lick all our feet until we tell him to stop. We are then going to decide what to do with our footstool slaves. Perhaps we will allow them to share in the pleasure of some whipping…
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Go Toe To Toe… – Violette Pure & Lutro

Go Toe To Toe...   Violette Pure & Lutro foot fetish pictures Pretty blonde delivers a nice fetish foot fantasy to her man. She takes his cock between her feet and rubs it softly and sensually. She lets him suck and lick her perfect feet before she proceeds to a nice blowjob and spreads her legs wide to receive his massive erection.

Without Shoes… – Thomas Stone & Ornella Morgan

Without Shoes...   Thomas Stone & Ornella Morgan foot fetish pictures Ornella Morgan makes your dreams come true with a sensual foot fantasy. You’ll be charmed by her beautiful eyes and her perfect feet. She primes her man, Thomas Stone, with a long blowjob before she jerks his cock with her soft feet. Hard as wood, Thomas is now ready to take Ornella’s pussy.

Teddy Bears, Feet & Sex – Bill Bailey, Charity Crawford

Teddy Bears, Feet & Sex   Bill Bailey, Charity Crawford foot fetish pictures Charity Crawford needs some comfort and she is hugging her teddy bear. But what she really wants to hug is a thick cock; she wants to suck and please it with her feet before getting it into her 18 year old pussy. Bill Bailey shows up and provides all the charm and dick the cute brunette has been craving. And just like in a fairy tale it has a happy ending.

Acrobatic Foot Worship – Thomas, Darcia Lee

Acrobatic Foot Worship   Thomas, Darcia Lee foot worship pictures Acrobatic babe Darcia Lee is horny and as much as she wants her pussy filled with her lover’s cock, she also wants her feet worshiped. Watch her as she gets pleasured by lucky Thomas.

Foot Model – Max Fonda, Ornella Morgan

Foot Model   Max Fonda, Ornella Morgan foot fetish pictures Ornella Morgan is a gorgeous foot model. During a photo shoot session, she starts to get pretty horny. While her photographer Max is scrolling through the various shots of the day, she notices him glancing at her lustful body. No need for words she knows exactly how it is about to go down. She goes to reach him on the couch and straight up starts to tease him with her beautiful feet. With all this foot action the heat keeps getting hotter. Max and Ornella begin to have sweet raw intercourse right in the middle of the studio.

Snowed in – Max Fonda, Doris Ivy

Snowed in   Max Fonda, Doris Ivy foot fetish pictures On a snowy day nothing beats the feeling of staying in a cozy bed and getting kinky. That’s exactly the kind of day the cute Doris Ivy has in mind. Just relaxing bare foot in her home, waiting for the stud Max Fonda to come and please her. What a perfect wintry afternoon, she gets her beautiful feet worshiped by Max and her sweet pussy blessed by his cock. After a sensual bout of action, her gorgeous feet end up covered in a warm delightful load of jizzum.

Sneakers Femdom

Sneakers Femdom foot fetish pictures I love to wear my sneakers and im sure you love to worship my sneakers – right?! Yes – i will order you now to lick and sniff my sneakers. You have to lick the soles clean with your tongue and you have to sniff my feet odor inside my sneakers!
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Crushing in latex

Crushing in latex foot domination pictures Our slave could’ve been so lucky. He has the honour to eat cake with us. That means, he eats the cake from our naked feet or from our extremely hot latex plateau heels. On all fours the loser licks the cake anxiously from Lady Carmens foot soles and then from my plateau heels. While he licks between Carmens toes, I’m sitting on his back. He is the most miserable pony between all of my slaves, because he loses his grip! What a pitiful and useless loser! The result will be a hard punishment for this jerk. And I consider more than just one punishment!!!
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2 foot slaves humiliated at once

2 foot slaves humiliated at once foot domination pictures One of my online foot slaves gets a pair of my sweaty socks – and to make them extra smelly I put some plastic bags over my feet for a whole day. In the evening I call for another slave and take the plastic bags and socks off in front of him. The socks are wet and sweat-soaked by then – ready to be packed and shipped to the online slave. But of course my bare feet are sweaty and stinky as well – so I make the slave lick them clean. As you can probably tell by his face the smell is extreme this time – but he has no chance – he has to smell and lick them!
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