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The FloorGag

Poor 18 y/o Dorothy is tied to the floor and gets her most abusive footgag session ever! Clarissa adopted a new habit: she wears her sneakers sockless in the extreme summer heat! This day was no exception, her feet had literally rot in her shoes! However, the fetid stink is the smaller challenge Dorothy has to face. After a few sniff, Clarissa orders her to lick the sweat off her soles then, makes her open her mouth and stuffs her foot into it as deep as she can. Dorothy almost throws up, but she has to hold it back for ten long minutes!

The FloorGag lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures
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Lick them Over Again

Lick them Over Again lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Esther and Lorena were so crazy about their footslave training clip, they came back soon for an other round on that joyride! This time both girls came with no socks within their shoes to ensure a sickening taste for their big soles. The slavegirls, Clarissa and Rosie are totally disgusted by the very first lick, but they have to clean all the salty sweat off the soles of their Mistresses. No pauses allowed, they have lick the foul smelling feet just as they’re ordered to!
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Dirtlicker Slave

Dirtlicker Slave footdom girls foot domination pictures

Candy walked barefoot around the neighborhood, her gorgeous soles got filthy and dirty. She orders the footboy down on the floor, kneels in the armchair and demands her soles to be cleaned by looser’s tongue. Candy constantly disgraces and humiliates him, makes fun of him and footslaps him but he just keeps licking her soles and eating off all the dirt as he’s been ordered to. An obedient slave, the footboy knows that licking the filth off the Goddess’ soles and swallowing it all is his only purpose, however, she is not happy with his performance at all.
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Stinky & Tasty

WOW! I just can’t believe my own eyes! Our incredibly beautiful, young Elsa worships her own tasty soles with passion no words can describe! When she told me, that she’s up to a scene like this, I insisted to use her regular workout shoes and the very socks she wore for the last time in the gym. She’s been wearing these cheap shoes in the gym exclusively for like two years now, you can guess what a stink they have! Combined with a pair of sweaty, dirty socks they’re a perfect tool to impregnate her feet with a strong, foul stench within minutes! However, she wastes no time smelling the shoes or her socks, the point of this clip is enjoy the touch of her own tongue on her soft, young soles! A must for Elsa fans!

Stinky & Tasty footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Smashing Kiwis

Smashing Kiwis lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Clarissa and Sue destroy a pack of kiwis under their bare soles and splash the green juice all over. When the fruits are smashed to pulp, they lick it off each other’s feet.
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Frostbitten Feet

Frostbitten Feet foot fetish pictures

Wow! Even though I knew Clarissa’s feet are quite good at enduring freezing cold, this performance of hers totally blew my mind! We shot this clip on one of the coldest days of January, in an icy temperature of -8 C (17F). She took off her boots and socks with a great smile on her face and submitted her tempting soles to the freezing snow. She walked up and down on a snowy path in the forest taking slow steps most of the time to maximize the freezing effect on her soles. She even buried her feet in the snow showing no mercy to her vulnerable feet! Frostbite came fast upon her toes, her whole feet turned to red, visibly suffering from the subzero temperature. Even though her feet hurt really bad, she kept smiling that playful smile throughout the whole clip. However, this session was no joke, it took 4 days for her poor toes to fully recover from the frost damage. The clip is completely uncut.
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Hot Wax for Hot Soles

Hot Wax for Hot Soles foot fetish pictures

Dorothy has too tempting and too perfect soles for her own good. They constantly drive us crazy about making them suffer. Unfortunately for her, they’re sensitive enough to make her a perfect victim of foot abuse and fortunately for us, she always submits herself anyway. She is tied with ropes to the floor, her feet tied together at her ankles and rised to the height of easy reach. Her tormentor covers her soft soles with blue wax and makes sure that the flames burn close enough to her feet so the hot drops have no time to cool before reaching her skin.
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Sweaty Tickling Time

Sweaty Tickling Time foot fetish pictures

This clip is from the back of an old hard drive, shot one and a half years ago. It was an incredibly hot summer day, we were out looking for a place to shoot an outdoors tickle scene, something new, as all our previous foot tickling clips where done indoors. When we found the perfect spot, tied Rosie up and took off her chucks for the scene, we found her socks soaked with her sweat and unbearably stinky. So, to make her torture even more kinky, we put her shoes right under her face! She had no chance but to take huge lungfuls of her footstink, of course, just when her whole body was not twitching from the tickling. She had no time to complain, Clarissa made sure she’ll laugh the whole session through!
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MummyWrapped FootSmeller

MummyWrapped FootSmeller lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

In our latest clips we abused Rosie’s nose and tongue with stinky feet pretty hard, she has to have her revenge sessions. Since they are so scrace, she always makes them as kinky as possible. This time she had Candy under her chair, wrapped in black plastic from ankles to shoulders, totally helpless. Rosie takes off her old VANS and puts them onto Candy’s nose, to give her samples of the coming nasal torture. Even though Candy knew she was about to smell really stinky feet, the first sniffs shocked her. No escape now, no turning back! Rosie put her feet right into her face and ordered her to take lungfuls of her disgustingly stinky socks! She wore these socks for days long, in putrid reeking shoes just to make her suffering bad enough to remember! Candy tries to hold her breath, but Rosie keeps her feet under her nose until she inhales the cheesy stink. Later, Rosie takes off the damp, stinky socks to reveal the next stage of punishment: her sweaty, foul smelling, unkept bare feet! She skipped pedicure sessions for a while to make her soles even more punishing. With her toes covered in sticky, sweaty sock fuzz and toejam in between, the bare sight of her feet is pretty dreadful, and they smelled really bad, too! Wrapped like a mummy, Candy couldn’t defend her pretty face from the sweaty soles assaulting her nose, no matter how suffering it was, she had to keep smelling them.
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Barefoot on the Chilling Snow

Barefoot on the Chilling Snow foot fetish pictures

The third brave girl of this winter, Emily takes off her Ugg boots and comforting warm socks to expose her perfect soles to the painful touch of frozen snow! She walks around barefoot on snowy path in the forest and shows us her frosty-red toes and soles. I guess even her could not tell wether this experience was great fun or cruel torture, as she loudly suffers from how her feet hurt, but goes on freezing them in a playful mood.
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Esther’s Bare Soles

Esthers Bare Soles foot fetish pictures

Esther kicks off her shoes and plays with her bare feet, showing off her long toes and big soles.
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Facebox Footworship

Facebox Footworship lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Thumbs up for Sue, who really was the hero of the day! It’s not only she took the submissive part of this clip, but accepted to be locked in the facebox, despite being claustrophobic! Rendered helpless, she had to breathe in a few lungfuls of the stink of Clarissa’s feet before being made to lick her sweaty soles and suck her toes.
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Pumpkin Footplay

Pumpkin Footplay foot fetish pictures

Halloween is over, time to use your jack-o’-lantern for something else. Like using it as a foot play tool and putting toes in its mouth, as Clarissa did.
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Esther’s Soles in Tickle Torture

Esthers Soles in Tickle Torture foot fetish pictures

Esther’s helpless soles are exposed to evil tickling fingers and a brush of torment! She lies hogtied on the floor and suffers big time as Rosie tortures her ticklish feet.
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The Taste of Clarissa’s Soles

The Taste of Clarissas Soles lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Finally! Emily agreed to submit her tongue to Clarissa’s smelly feet, so we could make this clip! She inhales the stink of her socks and breathes deep from her bare toes first, then starts to lick her soles and suck on her toes. Despite her long resist, Emily seems to enjoy this foot worship as much as Clarissa does.
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Anna’s Facebox Fun

Annas Facebox Fun lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

This time Anna checks out our foot fetish toy, the facebox. We locked Clarissa in, for Anna to enjoy a new style of domination. She orders Clarissa to smell her socks, the stink of her feet and to lick her soles from heels to the toes!
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Foot Worship Behind the Scenes

Foot Worship Behind the Scenes lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

Back in summer, we had long shooting schedules with Candy and Rosie, filming foot fetish action 4-5 days a week. It would happen sometimes, that the girls stayed for a sleepover, had some drinks and fun all night. On one of these occasions, we happened to shoot a video early in the morning, a spontaneous, unique clip. We’ve had a couple of beers before and spent the night in my old room (yes, my bad for the total mess) talking and watching our old stuff. The girls made more and more jokes about how stinky Candy’s feet are and how willing Rosie is to smell them anywhere, anytime. The constant tease had it’s effect, I quickly set up a few lights and turned the camera on. Rosie began to smell Candy’s vinegary soles and stinky shoes, while they never stopped having fun. After filling her lungs with the smell and had her face rubbed into the salty soles, Rosie gave them chilling licks, removing all the sweat with her tongue. No script, no roles, no fancy set, just two young girls who shamelessly joke about sweaty soles and footsmelling, and truly love to be foot fetish models!
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A Dreamgirl’s Soles

A Dreamgirls Soles foot fetish pictures

The title tells it all: this clip is a chance to gaze the divine beauty of Elsa’s perfect hot soles, no more, no less! She starts sitting on the sofa, kicks off her flip-flops immediately and shows her wonderful soles, slightly dirty from the dust catched by her sweat. After one and a half mins, she stands up, and shows what it would be like if she crushed your face with her gorgeous soles!
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