The FloorGag

Poor 18 y/o Dorothy is tied to the floor and gets her most abusive footgag session ever! Clarissa adopted a new habit: she wears her sneakers sockless in the extreme summer heat! This day was no exception, her feet had literally rot in her shoes! However, the fetid stink is the smaller challenge Dorothy has to face. After a few sniff, Clarissa orders her to lick the sweat off her soles then, makes her open her mouth and stuffs her foot into it as deep as she can. Dorothy almost throws up, but she has to hold it back for ten long minutes!

The FloorGag lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures
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Breath control with my feet

Now I’ll control the slave’s breath with my feet. First I’ll try in nylons – then switch to bare feet! I press my feet on his face hard – and as long as I want! Once my feet are just above his mouth and nose he’ll submissively smell and lick them!

Breath control with my feet foot domination pictures
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So You’re into Feet? – Bill Bailey & Kara Faux

So Youre into Feet?   Bill Bailey & Kara Faux foot fetish pictures Kara Faux is a footsie babe and a sexy step-sister that Bill Bailey is trying to console after a dramatic fight. He bashfully confesses that he always had a thing for Kara’s sexy toes. She then proposes a bargain, he gets to play with her feet, and she gets to play with his cock. Watch this sexy scene unfold as Bill devours and kisses Kara’s feet from heel to toe. She applies her nimble footwork to give him a serious footjob. Then, Bill gives her cunnilingus while she wraps her toes around his shaft. While sucking on her toes, he fucks her pussy and then finally unleashes his sperm unto her feet for a POV cumshot finish.

Smile to the Camera

Candy Blade loves the suffering face of her footslave so much she decided to record her humiliation on camera! In her old sneakers and well worn socks she sits on the table, her slave Clarissa at her feet waiting orders. She must kiss her Mistress’ shoes and lick the bottoms. There is no time to hesitate, no chance to escape! She must take off Candy’s stinky shoes, hold them up to her own nose while Candy records the whole scene! She has to face the camera no matter her Mistress never stops laughing at her! What a humiliation! But that’s just nothing compared to the follow up! Clarissa must deeply inhale those sweaty socks, until that sour stink fills her lugs up completely. Candy even orders her a few times to hold her breath while keeping the stink within, until her lungs burn! There is no relief, just the stink of Candy’s socks again! Clarissa must remove them, take them into her mouth facing the camera and has to keep them there while she goes on sniffing Candy’s naked feet. To qualify for an Oscar, Clarissa must stick her tongue out, and get ready for all the sweat of Candy’s soles!

Smile to the Camera lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Worshiping her Toes – Anita Bellini & Thomas

Worshiping her Toes   Anita Bellini & Thomas foot worship pictures Anita Bellini has the body of a goddess, slim toned skin and small natural breasts. Thomas naturally bows down to worship her glory by kissing and caressing her feet and tender toes. The foot worship continues until both are sufficiently aroused to begin another holy ritual. As Anita slowly gives Thomas a footjob through his jeans, he leans in to lick her wet pussy. Soon Thomas’ fly is unzipped and Anita is fondling his dick with her naked feet. Watch some incredible flexibility as she manages to give him a deepthroat blowjob while simultaneously wrapping both her feet around the base of his throbbing shaft. The final cumshot dribbles onto her tender toes, completing Thomas’ offering to the goddess.

These Feet Were Made for Fucking – Renato & Doris Ivy

These Feet Were Made for Fucking   Renato & Doris Ivy foot fetish pictures Your burning feet fantasies will be stoked by this latest update starring the beautiful Doris Ivy. Watch her slowly reveal her sexy feet, massage them, tease them and hold them up close so you may enjoy every last centimetre of them. One lucky Renato gets to taste them and have them wrapped around his stiff cock, before pounding away at her tight pussy. If that wasn’t arousing enough, he ends it by painting her superb feet with his semen!

Worship her Lordship – Toby & Kiara Lord

Worship her Lordship   Toby & Kiara Lord foot worship pictures Kiara Lord is that perfect natural blonde; endowed with ripe large natural breasts and a sexy bubble butt. She toys with a new package when Toby arrives to present one of his own. She’s happy to oblige her man, but only if he worships her feet sufficiently. He bows down to oblige, and kisses each foot with a sensual tenderness that makes her purr softly in response. Things get heated, and soon the platinum queen is giving our Toby an intensely erotic footjob. Watch this scene unfold, as Toby hammers Kiara’s wet pussy while she teases him slowly with her toes, and the soft soles of her feet.

Karlie Brooks Loves Her Soles Sucked

Karlie Brooks Loves Her Soles Sucked foot fetish pictures

Karlie Brooks just got a new job at a massage place. Her new boss is going to show her the ropes, but gets distracted by her feet. She takes his dick between her feet for a footjob before letting him fuck her pussy. Read more »

Audrey Royal Gives Hot Footjob with Perfect Size 10s

Audrey Royal Gives Hot Footjob with Perfect Size 10s foot fetish pictures

Audrey Royal is trying out for a naked modeling shoot. Being middle eastern she is a rare girl on the adult industry. Her photographer can get enough of her perfect size 10 feet, and will do anything to touch them. Read more »

Lily Jordan Gives Epic Footjob

Lily Jordan Gives Epic Footjob foot fetish pictures

Lily Jordan is learning the ropes at the new massage place she started working at. Her boss gets turned on by her petite size 5 feet and has to taste them. Read more »

Samantha Rone Strokes Hard Cock With Toes

Samantha Rone Strokes Hard Cock With Toes foot fetish pictures

Samantha Rone and her boyfriend have been out for the day and her feet hurt from her sexy pumps. Once her boyfriend starts massaging her feet something else gets pumped, and she strokes his hard cock with her toes. Read more »

Amethyst Banks Lovely Size 10s Covered in Jizz

Amethyst Banks Lovely Size 10s Covered in Jizz foot fetish pictures

Exotic Amethyst Banks is playing with her pussy and has her lovely size 10 feet in heels. Little does she know her boyfriend is watching and cant wait to taste those toes. Read more »

Slave eats crushed cake off my feet

I’ve brought a small cake for the slave – but of course he doesn’t get to eat it like a normal person – he’ll eat it from my feet – like a slave deserves! I crush the little cream filled cake under my bare feet and make him lick and suck the crushed foot off my toes and foot soles. He should be thankful to get something to eat at all – and for getting to eat it off my feet even more!

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Freudian Slip – Heather Vahn & Ryan Driller

Freudian Slip   Heather Vahn & Ryan Driller foot fetish pictures Heather Vahn lets it out that she’s been horny for Ryan Driller for a while, but he’s not surprised, and is more than happy to engage in a little footsie fun with the total babe. The busty brunette moans with pleasure as he licks and kisses her toes all over. She strips off her clothes and shows off her huge tits while he licks her pussy. She loudly cries with pleasure while sucking her own fingers as he brings her to climax with his cunnilingus. She returns the favor and goes down deep throat on his raging cock. Soon they get to pounding away, and she takes his dick while riding his dick cowgirl style. Her bubble butt bounces up and down as she comes hard. She tantalizes his balls with a sexy footjob, and then he explodes all over those teeny sexy toes.

Her first experience using a foot slave

My friend Virginia was totally psyched when I told her about the great pleasure of having a personal slave – and let’s be honest – every woman should have a male servant at her command at any time! I brought her over and told her to wait in the armchair while I went to get the slave. He has to start by kissing her sexy high heels – then lick them clean as well. Before I take off her shoes I make him kiss and lick mine as well – then it’s time to worship Virginias bare feet. She quickly isn’t satisfied by just getting her feet kissed – and shoves her toes into his mouth – making him suck her toes one after another. And of course he has to lick her foot soles as well. While he’s at it he obviously gets to kiss and lick my feet as well. I’ve a gut feeling we’ll see Virginia using the slave more often in the future.

Her first experience using a foot slave foot domination pictures

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The foot slave’s payment is due!

Obviously being my slave isn’t for free – and it’s time for the slave to deliver his next payment. I sit down on the couch and make him rub my feet before demanding the first money – but he can’t be serious! He hands me a 20 Euro bill – what am I going to do with that? Buy a pack of cigarettes? I’ll show him what 20 Euro are worth to me! I grab my lighter, light the money on fire and use the burning bill to light my cigarette – then just throw it into the ashtray to burn completely. Then he’s more cooperative and hands me 300 Euros – that’s better! I make him kiss and lick my bare feet while I continue to smoke my cigarette.

The foot slaves payment is due! foot domination pictures

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Sugar Daddy Seduction – Lea Lexis & Damon Dice

Sugar Daddy Seduction   Lea Lexis & Damon Dice foot fetish pictures Lea Lexis wants to give her sugar daddy Damon Dice a Christmas treat, and she knows just the trick – a fancy little foot-job in front of the fireplace. She gets him hard with her tantalizing toes, and then lets him suck on her feet while his dick gets harder. Soon she sits down in his lap and rides his raging boner. Then he licks her pussy with a vengeance while she giggles with glee. He fucks her doggy style and spanks her ass. Eventually Damon gets so excited he needs to explode, and he bursts out his juices all over her sexy feet.

Teen Foot Massage

Teen Foot Massage foot fetish pictures Emma Brown lays back on her couch as her boy toy slowly massages her legs and feet. This sexy petite teen is so horny she rushes to undress him and immediately begins going down and giving a hot deep throat blowjob. The brunette’s sexy brown eyes stare right into the POV camera as she sucks him off. He’s a nice guy, and returns the favor, eating her out, fingering and licking that pussy like a pro. These lusty teens soon start banging right on the couch, and he gushes like a geyser right into her pussy for a creampie finish.

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