The FloorGag

Poor 18 y/o Dorothy is tied to the floor and gets her most abusive footgag session ever! Clarissa adopted a new habit: she wears her sneakers sockless in the extreme summer heat! This day was no exception, her feet had literally rot in her shoes! However, the fetid stink is the smaller challenge Dorothy has to face. After a few sniff, Clarissa orders her to lick the sweat off her soles then, makes her open her mouth and stuffs her foot into it as deep as she can. Dorothy almost throws up, but she has to hold it back for ten long minutes!
The FloorGag lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures
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Her Tender Sole – Mr. Pete & Alex Grey

Her Tender Sole   Mr. Pete & Alex Grey foot fetish pictures Alex Grey is looking smoking hot at a photoshoot, and Photographer Mr Pete cannot contain himself. He soon gets up close and personal with the petite blonde, and she is down on her knees blowing him hard. Her deep throat mastery nearly makes him explode, but this photo session isn’t over yet. Grey switches over to her nimble toes, and gives a footjob to her lucky man. Soon Mr Pete is pumping away at Grey’s dripping love canal, while he savors the taste of those sexy toes. Foot fetish cannot ever get hotter than this! POV cumshot special on her feet.

Painful footwear show

Mistress Anna has been searching for her sub high and wide in her mansion. His cage was open and empty, the torture room deserted… She was so angry when she finally found him in the wardrobe, sniffing and licking her shoes. She didn’t show it though – still cold as ice, she ordered the fucker to get down on the floor and accept the roughest trampling treatment imaginable. See his punishment here!

Painful footwear show foot domination pictures

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Sunday Service

Each Sunday starts with a visit to the gym for Candy, to keep her hot body fit. She never brings spare socks with her, she takes all the sweat home within her sneakers. The time back home is more than enough for the fresh sweat to mature, into a strong, lung-burning stink. Her soles taste sour and salty: a treat for the tongue of her footslave! Upon arrival, Candy just sits down and watches one of her favorite band’s gig on TV, while her devoted slave licks all the tasty sweat off her soles.

Sunday Service lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures

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Sissification and trampling

Some say that male housekeepers are no good and it looks like this bossy beauty can certify it. Her slave always leaves her house in such a mess that she decides to swap him for a slavegirl – by sissifying him! Watch her put a tiny skirt and a wig onto him, paint his lips and *** him into washing the floor. Jeez, she will get so angry when he fails to perform even after gender transformation.

Sissification and trampling foot domination pictures

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Oil and heels

Erica’s shapely legs and feet look so heavenly that her young boy toy really wants to worship them. At the same time, however, they bring him more pain than he has ever experienced before. The blond domme’s spike heels sinking in the soft flesh of his body, her toes penetrating his mouth almost making him choke… All that totally breaks him in – but also excites him to the point of no return!

Oil and heels foot domination pictures

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Licking domme’s sweaty toes

Lara is back to her spooky dungeon after a morning jogging session, her shoes and socks dirty and smelling of her sour sweat. Perfect for a quickie foot domination training with her filthy worm of a slave! Watch her push the guy down on the soiled cold floor absolutely naked, make him lick the soles of her sneakers and then gag him with her athletic socks so hard he almost chokes on them!

Licking dommes sweaty toes foot domination pictures

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Hot blonde trampling

Terribly afraid of the Mistress’s whip, this sub drops down on the floor at the mere sight of this tool of torture. That’s exactly what domme Isabella Clark needs! Watch her step on the fucker sprawled under her feet – first in her high heels, then barefoot… Oh yeah, she knows all the right spots to step on to make the worm understand that whipping is far not the worst that could happen to him.

Hot blonde trampling foot domination pictures

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Elena Koshka Foot Massage Leads to Footjob

Elena Koshka Foot Massage Leads to Footjob foot fetish pictures

Elena Koshka’s feet really hurt. She wants her boyfriend to massage them. He does it so well and it turns her on. She asks him to suck on her toes, and he is more than happy to. She strokes his cock with those perfect feet, and fucks him until he cums all over her feet.

Elena Koshka Foot Massage Leads to Footjob foot fetish pictures

Tiptoeing in the Garden – Ben & Lou

Tiptoeing in the Garden   Ben & Lou foot fetish pictures Lou and Ben take full advantage of a summer day at the vineyard. Ben let’s his appetites be satisfied to the fullest, most namely, for those sexy toes that Lou presses onto his waiting member. With a little foreplay, having dipped a foot into the water, these two dive head on into an outdoor sex session for the ages. Watch their natural grace as two perfect specimens get the animal out of their souls all over the grass.

Foot Worship – Logan Pierce & Lily Jordan

Foot Worship   Logan Pierce & Lily Jordan foot worship pictures Logan Pierce wants to show his hot girlfriend Lily Jordan that she’s his favorite. So he whips out his dick for her to have the pleasure to gag on it, then he gets on his knees and worships her feet. Once tension builds up, he sticks his fat 8 inch cock in her tight pussy and slams her hard until he cums all over her feet.

At domina’s feet

No, his Mistress’s high-heeled shoes don’t look like a thing of fashion and not much like footwear to this poor skinny slave. They look much more like a kinky torture tool! Just see these spike heels sinking in his bony body as the Domme walks over him… Yes, he’s hurting just as much as he seems to be! No wonder that the foot worshipping session that follows it feels like a blessing for him.

At dominas feet foot domination pictures

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Tasting domme’s toes

Ever heard about transformer furniture and how convenient it is? Well, it’s high time Mistress Shakhti showed you hers! This objectification video shows her fooling around with her boy toy – trampling him as if he were a floor rug, then turning him into a comfy armchair. Hey, he’s even got built-in foot massage system – watch him lick the domme’s little toes humbly in the course of the training!

Tasting dommes toes foot domination pictures

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Double foot domination

The high heels of Linda and Laurentia are what their slave loves the most. Yet they are what he fears the most too and that’s not for no reason. No words can describe the pain that he feels when the dommes get down to trampling him. Their stiletto heels sink in his soft flesh like needles almost making him break into tears. What a wimp he is! Time to shut his twisted mouth with some bare feet…

Double foot domination foot domination pictures

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Foot fetish relaxation

This strict business lady will make her slave work real hard to get the right to get trampled by her delicate heavenly feet. She will make him understand that even being her floor rug is an honor that has to be earned. Watch her ram her feet into his mouth, making him suck on her delicious toes and lick her soles, reveling in the flavor of Her Majesty… This pathetic asshole is good!

Foot fetish relaxation foot domination pictures

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Massage for slave

Even though the pink pussy hiding between the legs of this young Mistress looks like the most delicate flower in the world, her slave will feel nothing but pain and humiliation when it lands on his face. Well, it’s no surprise – he just can’t expect a tender treatment while his oral skills are so bad. He needs to practice really hard until he feels that his eyes are about to burst from asphyxia!

Massage for slave foot domination pictures

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Shower Of My Affection

Shower Of My Affection foot fetish pictures Chad makes his way to the shower, only to find Elizabeth Jolie waiting for him there already. When he exclaims that he wants to shower alone, this only spurs the lady further to make him want her. Soon she is on her knees giving exactly the kind of convincing argument that a man needs to hear. Nimble with her toes, she also knows a thing or two about using her feet to make her man hard. Watch as Liz Jolie cries with pleasure as Chad kisses her feet, and soon pumps her full of his energy. One last touch of her souls is all he needs to shower his affection all over those sexy feet.

Suzy’s Hot Heels

Suzys Hot Heels foot fetish pictures Suzy Rainbow loves to parade around wearing her sexy new high heel shoes. Mugur goes crazy for them, and adores her perfect little feet. The worship session turns into very hot sex that brings them to complete ecstasy.

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