Foot Worship

The FloorGag

Poor 18 y/o Dorothy is tied to the floor and gets her most abusive footgag session ever! Clarissa adopted a new habit: she wears her sneakers sockless in the extreme summer heat! This day was no exception, her feet had literally rot in her shoes! However, the fetid stink is the smaller challenge Dorothy has to face. After a few sniff, Clarissa orders her to lick the sweat off her soles then, makes her open her mouth and stuffs her foot into it as deep as she can. Dorothy almost throws up, but she has to hold it back for ten long minutes!

The FloorGag lesbian footdom footdom girls pictures
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Dirty Feet Humiliation

Dirty Feet Humiliation foot domination pictures Miss Serena prepares her feet for her footslave today. She walks around at the backyard with bare feet and walks through the dirty part of the ground and looking forward to the following foot worship session. Then she starts using the young of her footslave. He has to clean her dirty soles and dirty toes with his worthless tongue and she enjoys the game …
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Extra part jogging sweat

Extra part jogging sweat foot domination pictures Today I took some additional rounds on my path, so that the sweat got soaked into my socks and the shoes deeply. You’re already waiting impatiently and devotedly for my arrival, hoping that I’ll allow you to sniff my dirty, sweaty shoes! Of course you have to!! It’s your abject passion, isn’t it.. I have somethign more in common – after all, my sweaty socks deserve some appropriate treatment, too! And last but not least you’ll also have to spoil my stinky feet. I’ve prepared your humiliation task very ambitiously, so you will appreciate that by exploring every single inch of the sweat source to make a detailed report!
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Soles Born to Be Licked

It’s pretty hard to even think of how lucky Candy really is: whenever she takes off her socks, there is a tongue ready to lick her perfect soles. It’s a pure pleasure for anyone at her feet to caress these divine wonders, to deeply inhale their scent and sample that salty taste of their sweat. Her soles a literally born to be licked! She just takes her lazy time on the sofa, while Clarissa, totally devoted, worships her feet with utmost servitude.

Soles Born to Be Licked footdom girls foot worship pictures

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Lick My Shoes & Worship – Mistress Gaia

Lick My Shoes & Worship   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I arrive home to attend to some business and make a few phone calls. As I have another meeting to attend, I’m only staying for a short while. My slave has been doing his chores, and has been in his corner waiting for me to arrive to inspect his work. I notice he’s a little tense and shaking, as usual he’s probably forgot to do something and I’ll have to punish him. As I don’t have time now, I’ll get him to clean my shoes before I go back out. I sit at the table and summon him over to lie on his back and be ready for me. While I’m working, I want him to make sure he gets his tongue licking. Although I completely ignore him, there are a couple of times when I have to warn him to make sure he gets that fucking tongue of his going and licks the soles properly. Also, my beautiful stiletto heels. Eventually, it’s time for me to leave for my appointment. I get my slave to kiss my shoes, and crawl back to his corner. I will inspect his chores on my return. For his sake he had better not have missed anything. I so enjoy hearing him squeal…
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Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet foot fetish pictures It’s great to go on a trip. Every day, slaves serve Martina’s daily life. The slave worships the feet of a mistress, swears to suck every toe, and feeds all the feet of the goddess into the throat. The goddess of barefoot slaves to trample on body weight, it is too true too happy.
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My human foot stool

My human foot stool foot domination pictures While I’m comfortably sitting and smoking, my slave has to play my personal, comfy foot stool! He has to develop his abilities as a foot stool and get better day by day. Part of that is a skill to totally stand still – except when I, his mistress, want him to move! Furthermore he shall kiss my high heels whenever I stick them to his face! Well done, well-behaved footslave!
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Goddess Dannie nylon foot gagging

Goddess Dannie nylon foot gagging foot domination pictures Goddess Dannie black stocking foot gagging, heel and toes gagging, foot smelling worship, face slapping.
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Goddess Ice black stockings high heel humiliation

Goddess Ice black stockings high heel humiliation foot domination pictures Goddess Ice wore black stockings and high heels sat on the stairs stretched out her feet to insult the slave, she ordered the slave to lick the soles of the shoes, and they were spitting on the face of slave. Her heel was inserted into the slave’s mouth and stirred. Then she took off her high heels and ordered the slave to lick and smell her nylon feet, she thrust her toes into the slave’s mouth and humiliate the slave. The slave groan debauchery, the goddess stepped on the slave’s crotch and wiggle her feet, the slave became more contemptible wretch.
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Shoes and foot cleaner

Shoes and foot cleaner foot domination pictures As a dominant woman I use men for whatever I want. I can treat them like shit make them eat dirt and humiliate them as it pleases me. I make this loser male worship my shoes and clean the dirt off of them while I’m sitting on him. Lateron I even allow him to worship and kiss my naked sweaty and smelly barefeet.
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Gasping For More – Mistress Gaia

Gasping For More   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures I have my slave in a stressful position. He is hooded, and on a bench with his arms and feet bound in chains. I have made sure his head is well back and ready for my pleasures. I have some phone messages to attend to, and I’m going to make him worship my feet while I’m working. If he doesn’t do a good job he’ll be punished. I begin with him licking my feet. Then I decide to have some fun with him. I want to see how long he can last without air. So some foot smother should do nicely. As I press down hard on has face he can’t breathe, and begins to wriggle and squirm. Of course he can’t escape his bondage, and I’m going to continue making him suffer. It’s time for some more breathtaking moments, as I use hand over mouth smother. His gasps for air get more desperate as I tighten my grip over his mouth. I so enjoy seeing that look of panic in his eyes as he tries to get free from my hands. Eventually, I have to go out and will leave my bitch chained and helpless. However, when I return I have another breathtaking treat in mind that will leave him gasping for more…
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Smothered under sweaty feet

Smothered under sweaty feet foot domination pictures Lady Samantha takes off her high heel sneakers and sport socks after a day at the fair and starts smother him under her bare sweaty feet She controls. His breathing with her bare soles and her powerful toes!
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Gothic Queen smothers him under feet

Gothic Queen smothers him under feet foot domination pictures Gothic Mistress Absinthia takes off her boots, after she lets him worship her soles and smothers him under her bare soles. There is nothing better like getting smothered under a gothic queens bare, perfect soles!
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Coffee Break Sandal Licker – Mistress Gaia

Coffee Break Sandal Licker   Mistress Gaia foot domination pictures My lazy slave has been pissing me off all morning. I can’t get him to do anything without fucking everything up. He has to lick my sandles while I enjoy a cup of coffee, and decide what punishment I’m going to give him. For sure he’s is going to suffer for his disobedient stupidity. Maybe I’ll tightly mummify him in clingfilm? That should keep him quiet. It’s better than my shoe licker bitch deserves…
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Suck Our Heels!

Suck Our Heels! foot domination pictures The title of this clips says everything. Me and Mistress Zahra take turns bullying this ugly beta male. Most of these slaves have a thing for high heels. We know this of course and take advantage of his pathetic weakness. We have him down on his knees, worshipping, licking and sucking on those amazing goddess heels. We demand him to suck harder! We want him gagging on it!! Loser. LOL.
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Crushed under Lady Samantha

Crushed under Lady Samantha foot domination pictures Lady Samantha caught you behind the pillow, you little tiny victim. She puts you on the floor and starts to crush you under her heels. She tries to flatten with her ass and with her feet, with sitting on you and trampling. She takes off her heels an and finish you under her bare feet. The last thing you will see is her bare dominant sole!
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You must lick my boots

You must lick my boots foot domination pictures You’ve heard right! You have to lick my boots, piggy! Escaping is not an option for you here… when I want something, you have to go along with my command unconditionally! Start licking – and don’t forget about the mud on my heels and the soles!
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Faceslapping with sweaty feet

Faceslapping with sweaty feet foot domination pictures Miss Serena wants him to lick her sweaty sneakers… yes lick the dirty bottom of the shoes, you can already smell sweat of her feet? He takes off her sneakers and slaps his face with the shoes and orders him to smell her sweaty feet. She rubs her warm, smelly bare soles on his face. She also slaps his face wit her sweaty feet and orders him to smell again…
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